This is a collection of drabbles that just tell a little of what happened to the characters after the story. It's missing some characters, but I think I got all the main ones. Couldn't think of anything for Bingley and Jane, though.

Lady Catherine returned home to deliver the unpleasant news to her daughter. Together, Anne and her mother strove to plot a way to end the marriage, but by the time even a vague idea began to form, Darcy and Elizabeth had married. Knowing she could not have Darcy, Anne married a young man of considerable fortune, but having no estate of his own.

The man, Mr. Percival Hamilton, was the second son of a duke who had earned a very impressive fortune in the war. After a close brush with death, he decided that the military life was not for him, and decided to settle down. When he stopped at the inn in Kent, the last thing he expected was to fall in love, but that is exactly what happened. His heart skipped a beat when he first saw her lovely figure in a phaeton. After that, the inn where he had stopped merely temporarily became as a second home to him, as he courted the lovely Anne de Bourge.

She resisted his attentions for months, until an accidental slip informed her of his wealth and connections. It was not long after that slip that wedding bells were heard to ring in the Hunsford church.

Mr. Hamilton was so in love, that even knowing his bride did not love him could not ruin the ecstasy that came from being able to declare to the whole world that the beautiful creature standing next to him at the altar was his. His wife. His love. His Anne.

Mr. Bennet soon discovered that he found little solace in his study now that his daughters had married. There was no Elizabeth walking in unannounced at any hour of the day. No Jane peeking in to wish him a very cheerful good morning. He even missed Lydia's deafening noise, for without it, there seemed little reason to hide in his study at all.

With a sigh, Mr. Bennet stood and walked to the door, hoping to find some amusement in the eerily quiet house. Stepping through the door, he nearly ran into Mary who was sneaking in from the front door.

"Mary? Where have you been at this hour?" Mr. Bennet could tell by her clothing that she had been outside.

"Sketching." Her father looked to the supplies she was holding and was quite surprised to see that they were in fact drawing supplies. He frowned. None of his daughters could draw. Mary misinterpreted the expression.

"Lizzy used to take long walks in the morning nearly every day, but I am not allowed to go into the yard alone?" He could only start at such an outburst from his normally silent daughter.

"You misunderstand me. I was merely confused as I did not know you could draw." Mary blushed and turned away.

"I like to draw; it gives me a sense of peace."

"Where did you get the supplies?"

"In Meryton. I do walk there with my sisters some times. And as I do not waste my pin money on frivolous fineries, I have enough to buy what I need." Mr. Bennet was impressed at the sense she showed.

"Will you show me some of your pictures?" Talking with Mary assuaged much of his earlier loneliness. He was loathe to have it return. Mary blushed again and stammered that the pictures were created for her eyes alone. With much convincing, she finally relented and Mr. Bennet waved her into the study.

The first painting Mr. Bennet saw impressed quite a bit. It was a picture of Longbourn, but the background seemed to be a grayish-purple in color as though a storm was brewing. Two separate clouds hovered over each side of the house, expelling both rain and lightning.

The rain from each cloud lashed sideways, each drop seemingly involved with its own skirmish. Huge gusts of wind battled together in the middle. The lighting blot from each cloud met in the middle with a terrific clash. From the light of that encounter, two small figures could be seen near the door of Longbourn.

Mary looked over his shoulder at the painting. "This is my representation of one of mama and Lizzy's fights. I painted it after Lizzy refused Mr. Collins." Mr. Bennet examined the picture again and began to laugh. It began as a light chuckle, but soon grew into a strong laugh that seemed to shake his whole frame.

"So it is," he said amusedly. "This is quite well done. Might I see another?" Mary didn't have to be asked twice.

"Richard?" Lydia rolled over in their bed on a morning not long after their marriage. Richard smiled down at her.

"Yes, my love?" Richards smile faded slightly as he saw her upset look.

"Why don't your parents like me? Do they think I'm not good enough for you? Do they see me as an unpleasant connection? Or is it my rather abrupt nature? Do you…" Richard smile was gone completely as his wife's concerns poured out like the breaking of a dam. He kissed her gently on the forehead in the way she always loved.

"My parents haven't gotten a chance to know you, really know you. If you remember, I too thought you rather coarse when we first met. It was only after spending more time with you that I saw your good heart." Lydia looked away from him and down at the bed covers as if they held the meaning of life. Her silence set pain through his heart. "They as well as many others are wondering at the marriage simply because they all thought I must marry an heiress. They cannot see that we love each other enough to forgo some of those meaningless luxuries that they depend on."

"But, they must think I am unworthy of you, I can't help thinking that myself." Richard gently placed one of his calloused hands on her chin and pulled her eyes back up to meet his.

"You are in no ways unworthy of me, in fact, I consider you my superior in many ways." He paused but continued as his curiosity urged him on. "Why are these questions appearing now?" Lydia looked down again.

"I thought that if you family look down on you for marrying me, you might realized what a mistake you made, and I love you too much to ever contemplate losing you." Tears pooled in her eyes at the thought. Her husband wrapped his arm around her, allowing her the comfort of his strong arms. Lydia hid her face in his chest and sobbed. When her tears had subsided, Richard answered all her fears.

"Even if my family were to threaten to disown me, I would never regret that I married you. I love you with every fiber of my being. Whatever the consequences, I shall be forever happy knowing that you are by my side and together we can work out any problems." Lydia pulled her face away from his now soaked nightshirt and moved her lips up to his in a passionate kiss. They were together and, no matter what happened, that would always be enough.

Darcy paced outside the door where his wife was giving birth to their first child. It was painful to him knowing his wife was in pain, but being able to do nothing about it. He barraged the servants with questions as they exite

d the room to fetch something, but he gained little information. The servants all seemed to think him a nuisance at the present time, though none of them would voice that opinion.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the midwife informed him that he could enter the room. Quickly complying, he entered the room to see Elizabeth smiling at him, cradling the small bundle that was her child; their child.

He walked over to her and looked down on the beautiful sleeping face. She was beautiful, the image of her mother. Suddenly, as if sensing his presence, the girl opened her eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of purple, just like her mother's.

"What shall you name her?" The midwife asked curiously. Mr. and Mrs. Darcy looked into each other's eyes and spoke unanimously.


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