This feels quite weird, my first fan fiction published… I always thought the first one would be for GetBackers or Kusatta, but it seems destiny put Brainy and Superman in my path (and I couldn't be happier about it XP).

The inspiration for this story appeared in my mind late at night when in bed (Why some of my best inspirations come in that time?). And was started after 1am today (Yep, I guess night is my best moment as a writer),

Before starting with the story I would like to thank PriestessOfNox for the idea of Brainy being both mechanic and organic. It'll certainly help me to develop chapters in a better way.

If someone in the story is out of character, or if I made mistakes spelling certain words (I'm new in some terms used) don't doubt on telling me (mistakes make us improve).

Reviews, opinions and suggestions will be highly appreciated :3

… … oh… right… DISCLAIMER: Legion of Superheroes belongs to its respective owners.

Beyond Logic


He couldn't understand it, he simply couldn't.

Several days had passed since Superman got involved with Alexis, and even though she had been spending her last nights in prison, certain green legionnaire couldn't seem to focus his thoughts out of the days when she and the man of steel would 'date'.

Brainiac 5 had simply been unable to decipher the cause of his obsession with those thoughts tormenting his mind.

He knew it was out of him to have been disappointed when Superman cancelled their patrol, even more weird was what he felt when the young kryptonian promised to take the next two patrol shifts with him.

But there was something else, something that had caused the coluan to fear for his sanity; a feeling that appeared when Superman broke his promise.

Brainy didn't have troubles remembering that felling, after all, he had been feeling it more than often since that day.

It was illogical that he had waited until the last minute to ask Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad to take the shift for that day, but he simply couldn't help himself but to wait, hoping that Superman would keep his word.

Not long after confining himself into his lab, Brainiac Five felt like if something hurt deep inside of him at the thought of Superman being with Alexis.

The feeling didn't even disappear when the hero from the past returned and tried to apologize.

Brainy didn't know why, but that feeling made him both sad and angry. He felt horrible just by remembering how it made him act rude and disdaining towards Superman's offer of another shift

Even now he still had problems to control himself from acting like that towards the kryptonian.

The simple thought of those days with Alexis made him… jealous?

Could it be?

Could that horrible feeling controlling him be what they call jealousy?

Confusion surrounded the young coluan as he realized more of what was behind that feeling.