Wonders of Life

Summary: Bella is moving forward in her life after 3 years. She now understands that she does not need Edward in her life to be happy. Although a little play time with another wouldn't be harmful. Would it?

Rated: M

Pairing: Bella/Jasper

Chapter 2: What the Hell

Well, Peter had me get on the back of his bike. I questioned his motives at first but then I said "what the hell I am only going to live once." Ok here I am getting on the back of a motorcycle with a human drinking vampire. I must be nuts, but hey I'm having fun. I have not had this much adrenaline running through my system since Jake. I flinch at the memory.

(Flash back)

We have been dating for a few months, Jake and I, and we were going to Port Angeles for some time to ourselves. We stopped to get some pizza at a little pizzeria. We were waiting for our waitress and just talking away like we always do when he leaned over and gave me such a tender kiss. Someone cleared their throat, Jake pulled away and looked up to see a beautiful tan girl with long black wavy locks. "What can I get for you guys?" she said. Jake just sat there and stared at her.

"Well hell at least we brought my truck Jake, think you can catch a ride with your new toy?" I said with a snarky smile. He just nodded like a dog following a snausage treat, drool and all. I walked out and started up my truck.

"OOOH I fucking new better than to go out with that god damn motherfuckin imprinter. If he wouldn't have begged and begged for me to go out with him I wouldn't be in this stupid situation."I yelled to myself sitting in the driver's seat of my truck. I refused to cry over any man and Jacob FUCKING Black is no different. I started to pull away and noticed his jacket he left. I rolled down the window and chucked it at the front door of the pizzeria. "Here you go Jake, have a nice life." I said as I watched it fall to the floor.

(End of Flash Back)

When I was done reminiscing Peter started to talk. "So where ya from small fry?"

"I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but up till 4 years ago I have lived in Forks, Washington." He simply nodded his head. "So where are we going Tex?" I asked.

"Well, first off the names Peter not Tex, Small fry. And second, we are headed to my home only about 20 miles southeast of here. I have a few friends in from out of town, but since we don't sleep I figured you could use one of the beds and get some rest before you head out again. Don't worry small fry me and my girl aren't gonna hurt ya we only drink if we have to and it seems to be your lucky day." He said.

"Ok what about your friends from where ever?" I said with slight worry. "Oh no need to worry about them darlin' they don't drink from pretty little things like yourself." She said with a smile. I started to worry when he said that. Just then we pulled up to a cute little cottage style home, with the most beautiful scenery that I've seen in a long time. We hopped off the bike, and I waited for him to put the bike in his garage. That's when I seen a flash of yellow then noticed a female vampire standing next to me.

"Peter, hun, when did we start ordering take out." She said as I gulped and then the last thing I heard was Peter saying "Hell Char, I thought we could spice it up a bit, what do ya think darlin'?" then everything went dark.