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Here's the sequel, guys. This chapter is kinda slow, but things will pick up pretty fast, after this.

This is about two weeks after Bella, Mutant, chapter 20.

Prologue: The Bad Things

They say that bad things happen in threes.

And they were damn well right.

You want to find out why I say they were right? Fine. Let's backtrack a bit, to when I woke up.

Sleeping in on Saturdays had become something of a routine to me. So I was very pissed of when my cell phone started ringing at bloody nine in the morning. Especially seeing as I had only been asleep for five hours.

"Eh." I grumbled as I grabbed it off my bedside table and flicked it open, "Whasit?"

"Bella, it's Angel." He said nervous. Why the hell would he be nervous? It didn't make sense.

"Uh-huh. Can you ring back?"

"We need to talk. Now."

I sat up in my bed, and pulled the sheets towards my shoulders with my spare hand. "Shoot."

"I think - maybe we should - take a break."

Realization hit me like a ton of bricks. He was breaking up with me.

"You're breaking up with me." I whispered.

He sighed. "Yes. I know it's sudden, but-"

"Why?" I snapped.

"Bella, try and understand. We never see each other anymore, you're always with those guys from La Pool or wherever."

"La Push." I hissed, "And you think I'm cheating on you?"

"What else am I supposed to think?" He paused, "I'll ring back later."

" You know, I never figured you would be the type to do a fifteen second break-up." I snarled, " And no, don't bother ringing back." I spat, "Goodbye." I hung up, and put my phone beside me on the bed. I needed to get out, I realised, and hastily threw on a pair of jeans and an old jacket.

I ran downstairs, and Charlie grabbed my shoulders.

"What is it, Bells?" He asked.

"Angel broke up with me." I looked away, "I need to take a walk."

Charlie narrowed his eyes. "Walk where?"

"The forest, Dad. I need to think about some things."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'll be back."

Without waiting for his reply, I strode to the back door and sprinted into the trees, my joggers making a muffled sound on the thick carpet of pine needles. I jumped over logs, ducked under branches, eyes filling with tears.

It was just an act. A snide voice in my head commented, he never liked you. Rich guys are always like that, playboys, players, you weren't good enough for him.

"SHUT-UP!!!!" I screamed, and skidded to a stop, "HE ISN'T LIKE THAT!!!"

But he just broke up with you. He thought you were cheating.

"I'M NOT!!!" I spun around, eyes closed, "NO!!!" Tears were leaking out of my eyes now, dripping down my cheeks.

He will move on. A model, an actress, who knows?

"Fuck. Off!" I snarled, and drawing my fist back, allowed it to smack into the trunk of a pine tree with a satisfying Smack!!! It went numb, and I raised my other hand, punching the tree twice.

Who would want you? Scarred, hardly what you would call pretty. Pale, too. Tans are all the rage.

My hands were throbbing, I let them drop to my sides and turning around, sunk to the ground, leaning against the tree.

Perhaps it was something in my brain, or instinct, but I knew someone was approaching.

"Bella." Edward whispered, and walked towards me.

I clenched my fists, and bolts of pain shot through my right hand, causing me to look down.

I had fractured at least one finger on my right hand, it was swollen and crooked. My knuckles were raw, and the bark had left deep scratches, blood welling up in them as I watched.



Vampire attracted to my blood.


"Stay away!" My voice cracked, and he frowned.

"I want to help you, Bella."

"No!! Stay away from me!!" I tried to place a force field around myself, but it died out. Did anyone ever tell you that when some mutants get emotional, they can't control their powers?

At that moment a small breeze swept past me, towards Edward.

Carrying the scent of my blood.

His reaction was instantaneous, eyes suddenly focused on my hands as his muscles tightened. I could see the bob of his throat as he swallowed, and swore mentally.

I tensed, and managed to muster enough force to send an energy wave towards him. He saw it coming, and dodged to one side, landing on a boulder in a crouch.


The first movement was so fast I could hardly track him as he leapt towards me, and I rolled to one side as he pushed me with all his strength.

I went flying threw the air, and yelped in pain as a branch whipped across my back, rough bark catching in my jacket, tearing my skin.

As I hit the ground, as graceful as a sack of potatoes, I must have hit my head on something, a boulder, log or maybe a tree trunk. That much was obvious as my vision faded to black, pinpricks of light dancing at the corner of my eyes.

A sharp pain in my right arm.

Another bolt of pain.

And another.

And then I heard a scuffling noise, and a loud THUMP!!!!

Growls, as loud as thunder and ten times as menacing. A long Howl, sending tingles up my spine with its haunting melody.

A Wolf.

I heard snapping, and a feral growl. I tried to open my eyes, and succeeded.

A massive grey wolf - smaller than the others I had seen before - was shielding me, baring fangs longer than my forearm. Edward was fast, but this wolf was faster, becoming a grey blur as it lunged forward at the vampire.

I had seen the guys phased before, but this wolf was a whole lot more menacing. Its lips were pulled back in a fierce snarl, and its body was tensed, ready for action. I could see the muscles rippling under its coat as it moved.

The wolf was a metre in front of me, towering over my prone figure. Edward had dropped into a crouch, and would jump forward, only for the wolf to snap at him, driving him back.

His coat was badly torn, and his skin had a myriad of cracks running over his chest. Obviously, wolves had strong teeth.

I heard another growl, deeper and more menacing, and a silver wolf stalked out of the trees, accompanied by a russet wolf.

Paul and Jake.

Jake lunged at Edward, who dodged his charge and smashed into the unknown grey wolf, sending it skidding backwards. Paul snarled, and then crashed into Edward, who was thrown over a log.

The grey wolf got up uncertainly, a gash on its right shoulder issuing blood. Its dark eyes narrowed, and with a harsh growl, it jumped through the air, and over the log, attacking Edward once more. He jumped up, kicking the grey wolf in the chest, and I thought I heard the crack! of a bone breaking.

I shuffled backwards, and looked down at my right arm. It was covered in dark blood, dripping from three crescent shaped marks on my forearm.

Bite marks.

He had cut through some big veins, this much I could tell as blood dripped onto the ground. I held the injured side of my arm to my jacket, pressing it to the thick fabric trying to stop the bleeding.

The grey wolf was shoved backwards by the force of Edward's kick, and Jake jumped into its place. Edward was losing, and badly. A chunk of flesh was missing from his shoulder, and another from his chest. Realising he was outnumbered, Edward fled. I don't know what happened after that, as I blacked out.

I was on the verge of waking up from unconsciousness. I could hear electrical equipment, and a babble of voices. I could feel the I.V. needle in my arm. Why would I have one of those?

"Sit still, please." Calm, patient voice, must be a nurse.

"I'm fine! Deal with Bella or whatever her name is!" A female snapped back, somewhere on my left.

"Leah, chillax." It was a deep voice, but young. I recognized it as being Jake's.

"I swear, if one more person tell me to chillax, I'll friggin rip their-"

"I'll take it from here, nurse." It was a musical voice, deep and smooth. A males.

"-head off, and it won't be pretty!!" I heard the sound of a door opening and closing, the nurse must have left the room, I realised.

"Don't touch me, leech!" The female continued.

"If that is what you wish." Someone moved closer to me. Was I laying on a bed?

"She's waking up." That was my father. Where was I?

I opened my eyes to see Charlie sitting in a chair next to the bed I was laying on.

"Dad?" I croaked.

"Yeah." He replied, "What on earth happened to you?"

"I told you what happened, didn't I? It was a leech, one of his I might add." I turned my head to the left, and looked at the girl sitting on the other bed in the room. She was tall, wearing a tank top and jeans, and holding a white swab to her right shoulder, blood staining through the thick material. She had copper skin, short black hair and dark eyes that could only be described as dangerous. Sitting next to her was Jake.

"Edward." I heard a familiar deep voice snarl, and Paul strode into the room, wearing only shorts.

"He isn't mine, as you put it." Carlisle returned, and the female snarled.

"Leah!" Jake warned, and she looked at him.

"Okay." She growled, and removed the swab from her shoulder. "See Doc? I told the nurse I didn't need stitches." She taunted as he looked at her shoulder wound.

"You can regenerate." Carlisle murmured, "Is that just you, or can all shape-shifters heal that fast?"

"All of us." Jake grumbled .

I turned back to Charlie. "Edward found me. I had a cut on my hand and… he bit me!!!" I raised my right arm, which was heavily bandaged. "Tell me I'm not gonna become a vampire." I said to Carlisle.

"You aren't. Vampire venom is ineffective on mutants."

"Oh, good. Where am I?" I asked.

"The hospital." Jake told me, "Doc got us a private ward."

"You okay?" Paul queried.

"No, I'm fine." I replied sarcastically, and then looked at Carlisle. "What the hell happened to me, doc?"

He sighed, and sat on the edge of my bed, earning murderous glances from Leah, Jake and Paul. "Well, you know that Edward bit you on your right arm three times. You have two fractured fingers on your right hand, the rest are very swollen and bruised. Your back has a large scrape across it, and deep muscle bruising. You also have a minor concussion." He paused, and I gestured for him to continue. "And you lost a fair bit of blood. But, you are allowed to go home tonight."

I nodded, and he stood up, smiling regretfully at me.

"I'm sorry, Bella." He whispered, and walked out of the room.

"Well." I said, breaking the silence, "That's a new record for me. Bitten by a - what was it you called them?" I asked Leah.

She snorted. "Leeches."

"Yes. Bitten by a leech three times." I breathed in deeply, and pulled the IV out of my arm.

"Should you be doing that?" Jake asked.

"Probably not. But I want to go home." I swung my legs out from under the sheets, and looked for my shoes.

"Here." Leah said, and grabbed them from the floor, holding them out to me.

"Thanks." I pulled them on, and then Charlie helped me get up. "And seriously, I owe you my life, He could of killed me. If there is anything you ever need, don't hesitate to ask me." I told Leah.

She cocked her head, dark eyes serious. "Maybe we should hang sometime. I can't exactly have human friends anymore, so I get pretty bored with the pack."

"You wound me!" Jake gasped, and placed a hand over his heart.

"It'll heal." She rubbed her shoulder, which had a pink, shiny scar decorating it. "We all can."

"It's a pity you can't." Paul remarked to me, "Otherwise I could take you cliff diving."

Charlie turned around slowly and fixed him with a glare. "You will wait until Bella is better." He growled, and Paul nodded.

"I think it'd be awesome if we hung out or something." I added, to Leah, and she nodded.

"Cool. I might drop round." She said, and Charlie got up.

"C'mon Bells, let's get you home." Charlie said.

I was lying on the lounge on my back, head hanging off the edge, watching the TV upside down.

The news was on, and the reporter was, well … reporting.

"Today, a company called Worthington labs revealed that they have developed a 'cure' for mutants that suppresses their powers, rendering them normal."

My jaw dropped, and my eyes widened.

"No way." I growled. Angel's dad owned a company called Worthington labs. "Dad, you better get in here." I yelled, and Charlie walked in from the kitchen. He sat next to me, and watched the TV intently.

"They've developed a cure." I informed him, "Apparently it makes our powers fade or something."

He nodded slowly, and then the picture on the screen disappeared, to be replaced with a mans face.

"We will not take the cure." Magneto boomed, "We have the right to fight! Join the brotherhood, my fellow mutants, and we will wage war on the humans!!"

"Fuck no…" Charlie whispered.

"They wish to make us sheep, to be guided by their hand!!! Will you stand for this, mutants?" He paused, "Will you allow them to do this?! Stand by me!!! Fight them!!!" He roared, and the TV reverted back to the news station.

"We have had some technical difficulties." The reporter simpered, but I wasn't paying attention.

"Well." My dad said, sounding thoroughly unimpressed. "That makes things difficult."

"You don't say." I turned myself so I was sitting correctly, and looked at him. "This is bad for us, isn't it?"


"Well then," My voice trailed off as I examined my right arm, which was covered in bandages, "We'd best hope I heal quickly."

And that was my day, the three bad things being Angel breaking up with me, Edward attacking me, and Magneto declaring war on humanity.

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