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Jubes and I were in the kitchen, having a midnight snack. We needed it. Logan had made us both run ten kilometres through forest and then have a session in the danger room today. But I was way fitter than I had been before, so I was kind of thankful to Logan's full-on health regime. Now I knew how Kitty, Bella and Rogue had gotten those bodies.

"So there's these new pair of heels I want," Jubilee said in between bites of her huge beef, Swiss cheese and salad sandwich, "and Logan won't lend me the money. Ugh."

Logan was actually a really awesome guy. He had about four 'adopted' daughters – me, Jubes, Kitty and Rogue – as well as his niece, Bella. Plus the fact it was absolutely hilarious how Storm had him completely whipped.

"Jubes, you've got plenty of high heels," I pointed out.

She rolled her eyes at me and stuffed the rest of her food in her mouth. Half Asian, Jubilee (or Jubes, as she preferred) had a slim build and short black hair that she sometimes spiked up. We often wondered how she could eat so much and not get fat.

"Ange, twenty isn't plenty," she told me primly, a bit of lettuce hanging from her lips.

I grinned and kept eating my macaroni.

Logan stumbled into the kitchen several minutes later, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Shouldn't you lot be in bed?"

Jubilee looked outraged. "In bed? Of course not! We're seniors! We are training to be a part of the X-men! Why should we be in bed, h-"

She never got any further, because suddenly the alarms went off.

"Crap," said Logan, adding a few more choice swear-words onto the end of his single-word sentence.

I was suddenly very glad I was wearing a tank-top and track pants. Imagine me fighting intruders in pink flannelette pj's.

"You know what to do," Logan grunted. "Make a sweep of the eastern section of the grounds."

I put down my bowl of macaroni with a sigh and pulled my hair back into a ponytail.


After being injured, there is nothing better than being wrapped in the arms of a shape-shifter.

And I'm talking about Paul, in case you were wondering. Gee. Leah's like my sister.

We were laying on my bed, with the door open – Charlie's policy until I left home but I didn't care – and I was wrapped in Paul's arms.

"Have I ever told you how brave you are?" he asked me softly.

I pretended to think. "All the time, because you're an angel," I said eventually.

He grinned at me and kissed the tip of my nose. "That's right. I'm your beautiful sex-god angel and I will always be here for you. Would you like me to wear a towel and a wreath in my hair while I hold a jug of wine for you to drink?"

I laughed and played with one of his large hands. They were broad and warm, with rough calluses on the fingers and palms. "You really think I would drink a whole jug of wine?"

"Hmm, I don't think so. You aren't supposed to mix alcohol and drugs together. Speaking of drugs: would you like more painkillers?"

Since I'd been to the hospital, Dr Cullen had prescribed me a bunch of painkillers and anti-bacterial drugs. Of course he'd been more interested in Leah's scars, which had not completely healed away.

They remained on her skin: three raised lines that went from her left shoulder and across her back to her right hip. There were more scars – a bite mark on her inner right thigh and a single thick scar running down her left forearm – and they too had remained. No one knew why. Apparently shape-shifters healed from everything – even wounds inflicted by vampires, so long as they didn't have venom in them.

Leah shrugged it off, saying she looked even more kick-ass than before. She even took a photo of the scar on her forearm and texted it to both Logan and Kitty. Logan had replied with wtf how did that happen but looks sik ;) and Kitty had sent back WHAT BASTARD DID THAT TO YOU! Are u ok tho? Love u babe xoxo. Leah had laughed and decided to ring Kitty, who had been feeling pretty down about the situation with Jake. She was still downstairs talking to Kitty – using my home phone, no less.

"Nah, I'm fine," I said.

There was a howl from the forest next to my house. Paul listened intently and then nodded, grinning at me.

"That was Embry. Probably telling Leah to get her arse on patrol."

I could only recognize Paul and Leah's howls when they were in their wolf forms, but the others just sounded the same to me. I yawned and my eyelids seemed to get heavier.

A door shut below as Leah made her way out of my house. I yawned again.

Soon I was asleep.


"-oh shit," Jubes swore, tripping over a branch and nearly falling to the ground. I rolled my eyes while Beast chuckled quietly.

"Don't laugh," she continued, rubbing her ankle. "I never laugh when people fall over."

I briefly remembered when Jubilee had buttered the second floor landing, and Logan had fallen down an entire set of stairs. Jubilee had gotten the entire thing on film, of course, and had thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

"Whatever, Jubes," I dismissed.

We made our way across the grounds of the mansion, invisible as I used my power to bend light around us. We patrolled for five minutes, growing increasingly uneasy.

"This isn't right," Beast began. "Something had to set off the alarms..."

Jubilee's shrill scream shattered the silence like a stone through glass. I whipped around to see her being dragged away by a large black creature that looked like it had come straight from some sort of horror movie.

"Jubes! JUBES!"

Beast went down next to me, struggling as another one of the creatures raked at him with deadly claws. I could only stand there, watching as Jubilee screamed.

She threw out a hand and I began to run towards her, spurred on by the frantic gleam in her eyes. And then I was falling forward as something incredibly heavy pounced onto my back and snarled into my ears. Blood trickled onto the ground as I feebly stretched out a hand.


That was it. She was gone.

I screamed.


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