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Okay, I probably made Nami a bit too skittish in here, but this like right after she joined the group (After Buggy Arc) and so I made her very cautious around Zoro and Luffy. So I'm thinking about making this into a series where every crew member gets a look on the Captain and First Mate's relationship their thoughts and such, and I'll probably make a prologue to it on how Zoro and Luffy got this close when I'm done. I'll also probably make revisions on this later since I have no beta, and decided to type this up in less than fifteen then posting it. Yay for late night writer impulses.




Nami was very, very, VERY cold. Even though she was in the tiny little cabin on the small boat, it was basically the same temperature in there as it was outside at the moment. She cursed the Straw Hat Captain for taking the blanket earlier for a 'tent' he wanted to make.

Maybe it was a plan… maybe they're planning on making her freeze to where she couldn't move anymore, and then throw her overboard! Or maybe even try to take advantage of her while she's vulnerable! Luffy seems too honest and pure to do such a thing… But Zoro, he's scary enough to do something like that!

The orange haired girl frowned from the thought process, but she was still cold damn it! Getting up she opened the door to the small cabin and shivered as a breeze hit her. Peering out into the night, she spotted a big lump sitting up against the railing of the small boat. Sticking out of the lump of blanket was some spiky green hair.

She could just steal the blanket back, wouldn't be that hard, she is a master thief after all! A loud snore from the mass confirmed that the man was asleep, it would be so simple! An evil grin spread on the girl's face as she quietly tip-toed her way to the snoozing swordsman. Ever so gently, she grabbed the corner of the blanket and pulled on it carefully-

"Na, meat…"

Nami about dived overboard right then and there as the sudden sleepy voice of the Captain came from the 'Zoro Blanket lump'. But her hand only jostled a bit, causing the blanket to slide off of the rest of the green haired man's face into his lap. But the other thing that occupied the man's lap is what shocked Nami the most.

There was Luffy, face buried in Zoro's neck; the latter had his chin on top on the younger's head. The Captain had his left arm around his First Mate's waist, while the other lied on the santoryu user's thigh, clutching the precious straw hat. The other male had his legs crossed around Luffy, trapping the raven-haired teen to himself, and a tan arm around the boy's mid section, while the other arm held onto his swords.

It was an odd sight indeed, but even Nami had to admit that it was very endearing and actually rather cute. The thief couldn't help but watch them, a pang of longing in her heart… After all, who doesn't wish that they could be held so protectively and lovingly as the swordsman was with the rubberman?

"Are you done?"

Nami yet again about dived overboard, but this time while shrieking. The baritone voice startled her, making her heart jump into her throat keeping her from yelping as she took a few steps back. Her deep brown eyes met one tired, half lidded steel colored eye.

"Well?" He implored, rather irritated with the woman's staring.

"Well, uh, I-" She began, not really knowing what to say, but was cut off by a yawn by the meat-lover.

Ocean blue eyes opened half way; he turned his head so he could look at Nami, half consciously. Said woman unintentionally shivered as another gust of wind hit her. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around herself, trying to retain heat.

The two other occupants of the boat regarded her for a moment before Luffy turned back to bury his head back into Zoro's neck, his voice muffled by tan skin:

"You can have the blanket back, Nami. I have a Zoro blanket!" She could practically hear the grin in his voice.

With a small smile, Nami came up and picked up the blanket from off the two, and wrapped it around herself.

"Thanks, goodnight." She told them before turning to head back to the small cabin. She could hear Luffy's soft snores start as she opened the door. Looking back, she was able to witness Zoro giving Luffy a small kiss to the top of his head before putting his chin back on its original resting place and pulling the boy closer to him then closing his eyes for the night.

Nami smiled before shutting the door quietly; settling herself in for some shut eye as well. While doing so though, her mind went back to a previous thought she had about the two.

'Well, now I don't have to worry about them trying to take advantage of me!' A light giggle escaped her, and a smile spread on her face.


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