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"Another bottle, Benn!" Shouted the very drunk Captain of the Red-Haired Pirates.

Benn just rolled his eyes before complying to his superior's request. The First Mate only sighed when the soul remaining hand belonging to the man snatched the bottle from his grasp before Shanks viciously ripped open the top with his teeth and began chugging.

"Shanks, you're going to lose all your teeth doing that." Admonished grey-haired man.

Shanks replied by belching loudly in his face, successfully blowing out the cigarette that occupied Benn's mouth.

Well, had occupied.

Benn spit that out along with some bile that came through his throat via gag reflex acting up from the horrible smell that came out deep within the Captain's insides.

Bright emerald green eyes stared drunkenly at his First Mate.

"Imma beh fine! Bhenn!" The man spluttered in his drunken speech before taking another swig from the grog bottle.

The pirates had yet again found another small island out on the Grand Line, a nice spring island with flourishing grass, a fresh water river and a lovely pine forest. This rarity of an island was instantly invaded by the pirates as a drinking area.

"Captain! CAPTAIN!" Yasopp burst through the hubbub of the drinking crew to get to the red-haired man.


Said man turned his head, swayed lightly before falling onto his side, peering intently at Yasopp.

"Whatchya ya want? A dawggy?" Shanks asked, before giggling inanely at his obviously hilarious joke.

The father of a well known liar blinked, considering the idea.

"Well, having a dog would be interesting- NO!" he shook his head fiercely "-MATTER AT HAND! 'Hawk-Eye' Mihawk is here! He has something for you, sir!" The man reported.

Shanks stared at him…

And stared.

Yasopp blinked a few times before looking over his shoulder, then back to the staring man.

He moved around nervously.

"Uh, Sir?" He asked quietly, unsure of what to do.

Then, a large grin broke out on Shanks' face, and he began to army crawl (an incredible feat for a one armed man) towards Benn.

"MIHAWK'S HEEERRREEE!" He cried out giddily before he began to climb up his First-Mate's pant leg (with much protesting and struggling from the other) till he was on the man's back.

"Mush!" He ordered, looking forward determinedly.

Benn looked over his shoulder at his captain and gave him a deadpanned look before grabbing the red-head's leg and threw him off his back.

There was an explosion of dust when the man hit the ground, but the Captain only laughed.

"I am not a mule." Benn snarled before dragging the completely wasted and giggly man by the leg down towards the coast.


Mihawk didn't know what to expect when he landed on the island. Anything could be going on with the Red-haired pirates on an island drinking, it was always a surprise.

So he was definitely wasn't expecting an angry Benn stalking towards him with a happily singing Shanks behind him being dragged by the leg.

"I'M BRINGIN' SEXY BAAAAACCCCCKKKK!" Came the off key verse of a random song that had once been locked away in the man's head.

Now it was out for the world to hear in his horridly off tone drunken key.

Mihawk's left eye twitched.

The swordsman also did not expect Benn to toss the drunkard to him like a rag doll. He instinctively held out his arms and grabbed hold of a cheering Shanks who simply latched on to him like a rabid spider monkey. Legs wrapped around the Shichibukai's waist and the singer arm around his neck.

They ended up falling over into the dirt.

"I don't even want to see him until he's sober." Benn growled out before leaving.

Any other members of the crew out in that area seemed to follow the First Mate's lead and left the vicinity as well.

Shanks grinned down at the man holding him, pink flushed face and green eyes hazed as he looked into piercing; glaring yellow eyes.

"Whoops! You fell over! HA! Ya drunk or sumthin'?"

Mihawk was proud of himself for resisting the blatant need to throttle the man.

"No. I had come here to give you some news, bu- Wha- UMPH!" He was cut off abruptly by Shanks suddenly scrabbling all over him to sit on his stomach before bouncing on his 'seat'.

"STORY!" He announced, throwing his arm up in the air.

If looks could kill, Shanks would have imploded.

"No." 'Hawk-Eyes' ground out, and had some satisfaction to see that man's face fell.

"Aw, how come?"

"You are unable to comprehend much at the moment."

Shanks gave the man a blank stare, Mihawk felt a headache coming on even though his point was proven.

"You are not sober." He tried again, and this time some intelligent light came into the deep green eyes.

"So… Story when I'm sober?" He processed, suddenly finding the cross around Mihawk's neck fascinating.

"Yes." A black brow raised at the sudden behavior.

Shanks stared at the cross for a few more seconds before grinning wildly.

"Kay. Sober when I wake up, night." He sprawled himself over Mihawk, startling the man.

"No- wait! Get off of me first!" Mihawk definitely did not plead right there. Nope.

But, the red head was already snoring into the pale man's neck.

Now, Mihawk will admit the having Shanks sprawled out on him was perfectly peachy (Since no one was around watching them). However, Kokutou Yoru was still on his back, making laying there with the extra weight extremely uncomfortable. It also kept him from rolling over or sitting up…

He very much resembled a turtle on its back: utterly helpless.

Letting out an exhausted sigh, Mihawk removed his hat; wrapped his arm around the snoozing man's waist and placed the hat on Shanks' back. Then, with some effort, he placed his other arm under the back of his head and over the handle of his great sword as a makeshift pillow.

Only thing to do now was follow the drunkard's lead.


When Shanks came to, he could only grin when he awoke to the sight of Mihawk's sleeping face… Scowl and all. Bringing up his only hand, he traced one of the interestingly shaped side burns. Looking up to the sun, he was going to assess the time-

-Till the light basically burned his eyeballs out.

Oh yes, that wonderful little thing called a hangover has struck again.

Groaning loudly, Shanks hurriedly slammed his face back into Mihawk's neck just as a headache attacked him ruefully.

Golden eyes snapped open at the sudden movement and noise.

"Go away sun…" He heard the red head whine pitifully.

The Shichibukai sighed as his back throbbed painfully, and the fact that he could no longer feel the arm under his head since it was dead asleep.

How grand.

"Shanks. Get off."

"Turn the sun off first." Came the muffled reply, but Mihawk had enough.

"Shanks. Off." He practically growled, and the man lifted himself off of him and sat off to the side.

He was pouting.

Quickly looking away from the large green eyes, Mihawk awkwardly arched himself up by using one hand (the one he could feel) and his legs before pushing himself onto his feet. Taking the sword off and sticking it into the ground, he twisted his back left to right, and a symphony of cracks and pops came forth from his spine.

He smiled at the relief he felt from that action and turned back to Shanks, who was now wearing his large brimmed, feathered hat... to Mihawk's annoyance.

"So, 'Hawk-Eye'-" He drawled on the nickname, and flashed the swordsman a grin.

"-What brings you out here?"

Mihawk retrieved the paper from his waist band and threw it to the awaiting man.

"I thought this would interest you."

Shanks opened up the paper and examined the picture, his pine green eyes wide with wonder and excitement.

Mihawk was quite satisfied as he watched a stream of blood come forth from the Yonkou's nose and a grin that spread along his face.


Shanks couldn't have been prouder.

They just kept on surprising him to no end. A day ago, if someone were to ask him if Luffy was ever going to get into a relationship, he'd would have probably said hell no. The boy just didn't seem to be the kind of person to get into something like, his innocence and naivety…

Yet this single picture proved that this was not the case!

Throwing back his head, Shanks belted out his laughter, ignoring how much it jostled his poor aching head.

When he finished, he put down the paper and used the back of his hand to wipe off the blood running down his face before grinning up at the Shichibukai, who simply raised a brow at him.

Getting up, Shanks walked a few paced so that he was barely a few feet away from the taller man.

"Well. There's now another thing Luffy and I have in common." He said before looking up just ever so much so that the hat shadowed his eyes as he peered into Mihawk's.

"And what would that be?" Mihawk asked carefully, and Shanks almost laughed when the man took a small step back.

Matching his steps and even closing the space between them, Shanks brought up his hand and placed a finger on Mihawk's exposed chest before dragging it down languidly. He was rewarded with a shiver and the sound of hitched breath from the man from the action.

"We both seem to have a thing for scowling swordsmen."

Shanks was now quite determined to recreate the picture in the paper.


The Freakin' End