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Much to my surprise, one afternoon almost two weeks later, I heard a car on the dirt drive. "Char? Are the boys back?" "It's not Peter's truck hon." She was moving around, I could hear her, and then, "And they're not due for another four hours. You can't be missing him that bad." I giggled, "No, I'm fine. That's definitely a car here though?" I hopped down the stairs to the living room, joining her by the window, "Yes Bella. It's definitely here. Why don't you go see who it is honey?"

A familiar blonde head poked out from behind the dark tinted door first, and then I threw myself at the body it was attached to, "Rose! I had no idea you were coming!" She kissed my cheek, and looked at me, "Bella, you look beautiful. I don't know why everyone is so worried about you." I had to act quickly so I didn't broadcast my reaction to all around me, leave it to Rose not to beat around the bush. "So who convinced you I was hardly surviving?" She hugged me, "Nobody. I just decided I hadn't heard enough from you lately, and took it on myself to come see how you were." She grinned, "That, and Carlisle was threatening to come. I figured you might prefer me."

I hugged her to me, sharing a simple thought only with her, "Rose...you have no idea how much I've missed you." She smiled at me, taking my hand, "Well...come on then, show me round. Em's finding the boys. He's got gifts, but I promised I'd let him hand them over." I smiled, "Char's inside, tidying the lounge. Wait til you see our room!" Rose laughed and followed me inside. This was a long overdue and very welcome surprise.

We were laying on my bed later, Rose playing with my hair as we talked and talked, when I heard Jasper from outside, "Darlin'? There's somebody else here to see ya." I giggled with delight as I raced down to meet Emmett, who swept me into his arms and ruffled my hair, "Hey Bells. Did Rosie spoil my surprises?" I giggled, "No...she did real good." He smiled as he put me down, "Come on...no way they have you talking like them already." I giggled again, feeling giddy with happiness. Th warmth and love I felt in the room had nothing to do with Jasper's gift, it was just so nice to have my family around me. Jasper smiled, "Now you listen up good varmint...y'all ain't gon' be fussin' with my woman fer long if y'all keep pickin' bout the way she's talkin'." I giggled, he was being ridiculous.

Emmett's big bellow filled the room as he threw me over his shoulder and took me out front to the car, setting me down on the roof, "Now you stay up there. No peeking." I smiled, it was nice to be surrounded by the contagious laughter and happiness of Emmett. He tossed me two big square boxes, poorly wrapped, "Rose let me do those ones. They're just from me." He grinned, proud, "Just me." I looked at him as I pretended to shake them, "Can I open them in polite company?" He laughed, "Aw Bells. Y'know I'll never buy you anything bad like that." He looked through the window at Rosalie, "She might...not me." I blushed again, gently unwrapping the first box, "Em...this was a good job." He beamed, leaning against the car beside me and making me smile that he was almost head to head with me. I pulled out an envelope, "You put this in that big box?" He shrugged, "I didn't want you to guess." "Guess what? That you wrote me a letter?" He blushed, "Bells...I do NOT write letters. Open the envelope." I gently prised the seal open, pulling out two tickets, "To?" "Jesus Bells...what good is a surprise if I have to tell you every part? Just read them." I peered down at the tiny tickets, "Madison Square Garden Presents...OH my god. EM...did you...you didn't...oh my god." I flung my arms around his neck, dangling from the roof of the car to hug him. He'd given me four tickets to a basketball game at MSG. Obviously he and Rose would be coming with us. "I love this. Thank you." "Yeah...well...you just keep an eye on that husband of yours. It's not a buffet." I giggled, "He's gonna have your ass so bad later." Em shrugged, "Probably. I'll take it like a man."

I giggled, picking the second box up, "Are there tickets in this one as well?" He shook his head, "Nope. You'll probably like this one better. Well...I hope, anyway." Inside the first box was a second, then a third, and finally, the fourth, which was a small, flat square box. I recognised the blue of Tiffany, and looked at Emmett curiously, "Em? You went to Tiffany?" He beamed with pride, "I did. I didn't even tell anyone I was going." He smiled, "Except mom. I needed her to tell me how to find it." I smiled, prying to box open and feeling a tear spring to my eye as I saw what was inside. "OH...Em...I love it." I gently took the charm bracelet from the box, and held it in the light so I could see what was hanging there already, Emmett's big finger pointed to each one, "That one? Well...obvious." It was a bear charm, whcih made me smile. "And that one...well...I took liberties a little. The crest is a charm from Mom and Carlisle." I smiled, "And the...Emmett? Is that an ambulance?" He laughed, "It is. So you don't forget about your human time." I giggled, holding my wrist out so he would help me fasten it on. He lifted me off the roof, pushing me towards the house, "Rose has some from her and Alice...and...Ed...well...there's a couple more at the house when you get home."


Watching Isabella outside with Emmett was a refreshing scene. As much as I knew she was happy here, I wanted her to feel like she could go home if she wished. I knew she was missing Charlie; I'd found her looking through the pictures in her cell phone only a few nights before, having an alone moment with tears in her eyes. When Rose called and said they were coming to visit, I couldn't have been more enthusiastic.

I smiled when I saw her enthusiasm for the bracelet, Rose had revealed the secret gift just before their arrival, giving me just enough time to choose and order my own addition. It awaited her in our bedroom, where I had another surprise in store as well. She beamed as she wandered back inside, holding up her wrist, "Look guys! Em chose it all by himself." Rose smiled, "I have some gifts for you as well."


That night before Jasper came to bed, I lay against the pillows, my arm up in front of me, watching the charms dangle on the bracelet. Apart from the three charms it had come with, it now had a small crystal ball charm from Alice and a pretty heart charm from Rosalie. Jasper appeared then, holding a small box of his own, "You didn't think I wasn't in on it as well?" I smiled, sitting up and crossing my legs, "I kind of hoped I could use something else of yours tonight." He laughed, kissing me, his hand lingering on my breast as he sat beside me, "Darlin'...I think that could be arranged. Now do me a favor. Open your gift so I can be done with the wondering."

I started to open the box as I smiled, "Wondering?" "That you might hate it." "I could never...Oh Jasper..." I was speechless. Inside the box was the most beautiful, perfect charm. A tiny, diamond studded white gold background represented the sword in Orion's belt. I felt my eyes fill with tears of joy, and held out my bracelet and the charm, "I love it. Thank you. Please..." He reached to fasten the clip, and then pushed me back onto the pillows, gently unbuttoning my jeans as he did so, his lips gentle on my neck and then my jaw line, "So darlin'...how about you thank me for my gift?" I giggled and blushed as my hands clawed at his shirt, trying to free him of it as his mouth closed over mine. This was going to be a very good end to what had been an incredibly good day.