No Day Is Complete Without Coffee

Stella smiles to herself as she waits for the jug to boil. Leaning with her side up against the cabinet, she toys absentmindedly with her hands, twisting them slowly while her thoughts race. There is a faint chattering sound from the television set beside her and then footsteps. She glances towards the door. "Hey, Lindsay."

"Hey," the younger detective replies. "How's it going?"

"Great, you?"

"Yeah, not bad." Lindsay retrieves a mug from the sink. "Coffee?"

"Just waiting on the water," Stella says, nodding towards the jug.

Lindsay smiles softly and joins her, pressing her back to the bench and clutching the mug in front of her. "So," she says.

Stella grins. "How's your case coming along?"

"Oh, you know."

"I don't actually," she teases.

"Ha. Funny, Stel." Lindsay shifts slightly and places her mug on the counter. "It's going okay, I suppose. We're getting there."

"That doesn't sound too positive?"

"It is. I guess I just wish it was over already. It's been a long day," Lindsay explains, nodding as she finishes talking. "How about yours?"

Stella smiles. "I don't mean to brag but it's gone extremely well."

"Yeah?" Lindsay grins.

"We got the guy who did it – Trent Smithson – and Flack found the girl in time to save her life. He just took her to the hospital now and Danny's getting trace to confirm."

"That's great! Maybe you guys can lend a hand when you're all finished up." Her eyes sparkle slightly.

Stella shakes her head in amusement as she turns to the now boiled jug. She sets about preparing the coffee, collecting Lindsay's mug and setting it alongside her own. "Dream on, little one. When this is done, I'm outta here."

"Oh, that's right," Lindsay says. "You've been here since, when? Three in the morning, was it?"

Stella throws a look over her shoulder and then resumes pouring into their mugs.

"Mac told me."

"Oh," Stella says. "Yeah. It was actually two, but semantics. I'll be glad to get out of here for awhile."

"By the sounds of it, you deserve it," Lindsay adds. "You're getting as bad as he is with staying here at all hours."

Scoffing, Stella hands Lindsay a mug. "I don't know about that. See, if I was Mac, I wouldn't be going home after this case wraps up."

"True," Lindsay grins. She takes a sip and then holds out the mug slightly. "Thanks, Stel."

"No problem."

They move to one of the tables and sit down with their drinks. For the next few minutes, they don't talk, choosing instead to watch the news station while they consume their coffee. The news brings up nothing of particular interest, for which Stella is glad. Enough times in the past, a reporter had put their nose where it didn't belong and wreaked havoc with a news piece.

"And we fly free today," Lindsay jokes when it's over.

Stella smiles appreciatively and takes the last sip of her coffee. She sets the empty mug down on the table in front of her. "Well, that's me done," she says.

Lindsay drains the rest of her coffee. "Me too. Time to get back to it." She stands and takes both of their mugs to the sink, rinsing the first of them under the tap. "I'll catch you later, Stel."

"See ya, Lindsay," Stella replies. She raises one hand in a small wave. "Good luck with your case."

"Thanks," Lindsay says.

Stella leaves as she is washing the second mug and hums to herself on her way back to her office. Her day has been long too, she decides while she dials Danny to check in, but she has seen through plenty worse.