Timeframe: During Zero and Euphie's talk at the SAZ.

Summary: During the SAZ episode, Zero ask t have a private talk with Euphie. But thanks to the idiocy of two un-named Black knight's spies, their said talk was broadcasted all over the world.


"Are you sure doing this is alright? I mean, I feel like we're betraying Zero's trust." Spy Number 1 said as he crawls through the new SAZ building's ventilation system with a bag of surveillance equipment.

"Shut up and do your job. Intelligence said they are heading for the next room. We need to set up the surveillance equipment fast. You heard what Diethard said, everyone have the rights to know what Zero really thinks about this SAZ scam. Besides, we might even find out who Zero really is behind his mask." Spy Number 2 said, following his companion through the vent.

Spy Number 1 is still a bit skeptical but did what he was told. They needed to be fast. He could already hear both Zero and Princess Euphiemia talking in the other room. In their rush, they missed setting the equipment to the right frequency. So instead of sending the data to a private receiver at the Black Knight's hideout, it went to the building's PA system, thus making Zero and Euphiemia's private meeting quite public to everyone in the SAZ building. And since the rally is being broadcast live throughout the entire world, well, you could just imagine what the consequences of their little talk would cause.

As soon as Zero closed the door to the room, he rounded immediately to the other occupant and said in his most menacing voice, "What the hell were you thinking? Do you know the ramifications of this little plan of yours would cause not only to the Japanese people but every Number settlement under Brittanian Rule? Not to mention this little stunt of yours made most of my future campaigns obsolete! I won't be able to move against the Empire without compromising the other Japanese inside this Zone! You had just single-handedly made sure me and my Black Knights won't be making any plans against the Empire without turning out to be a terrorist!"

Throughout his complaints, Euphiemia remained silent. When he seems to have stop, she asked softly, "Are you done now?"

Zero rounded on her once again as he shouted, "NO, I'M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED! Not only would this plan of yours would put you in bad blood with the rest of the Empire but it would also put the world's entire political maneuvering into chaos! There would be those that would use your SAZ to gain power and profit. Others would destroy it to make a point. And let's not forget that this stunt of yours just put a huge target on your back! Do you realize how many people, Britanian and others alike, would send assassins to kill you? To destroy the SAZ, all they need is your death!"

Outside in the Stadium,

Most of the people attending the SAZ Rally suddenly jolted when Zero's angry voice came through the stadium's PA system. A few Britanian soldiers, including Suzaku began running towards the stadium building in defense of the princess but Guilford ordered them to remain where they are. He was given explicit instructions by Euphie herself that no matter what happens let her handle Zero.

Then, Zero's voice came through the PA system again after several minutes of ranting and said, "Tell me one good reason why I shouldn't just kill you right now and save you the trouble of capture from those who would definitely do so in the future?"

Suzaku gritted his teeth upon hearing a clink of a gun. He was just about to run towards Euphie's location to save her when her giggling voice is heard through the system saying, "Because you won't."

"Are you blind, woman? Don't you see that I'm pointing a gun right at you?"

"Sure you do. I bet it's not even loaded." Euphie's smug voice said.


Britanian soldiers started running while Guwein started moving to intercept. The battle would have started if Euphie's voice didn't come through the PA system once again saying, "Okay, maybe it's loaded after all. That dresser didn't do anything to you, you know."

Everyone sighed in relief for preventing battle to occur.

Zero's irritated voice came saying, "Its color offends me."

"It's pink."

"I know. Everyone knows pink is an evil color."

"Hey!" Euphies offended voice said. "I like pink."

"And it makes you an evil, evil woman." Zero's now smug voice replied.

"Fuck you, Zero."

"Such foul language, princess." His voice was smug and teasing. "Do you kiss Suzaku with that mouth?"

"Play his cards right and he'll be getting more than a kiss." The princess' voice was smug as everyone heard Zero's groan.

Everyone in the stadium turned their heads to the now red Suzaku. Some in disbelief. Other's in jealousy. While others in awe. Suzaku can't believe Euphie said that.

"Please spare me the details. I don't need hearing that from you." Zero said in an exasperated voice.

"Then you should stop your whining. It's irritating. Besides, don't you think we should start talking about other things beside my fondness of Suzaku?"

"Fine. We'll talk about that idiot later."

"He's not an idiot! He's brave, athletic, compassionate, and his heart is in the right place."

"And that's the problem. He lets his heart decide almost everything he does. He's a soldier. Battlefields are not a place to let your passion rule over logic. It would get him killed one of these days."

"Is that why you keep saving his life?"

"I only saved his life twice. His death would serve me no purpose. He is a living icon for the Japanese. He's a tragic prince who wishes to change a corrupt Empire from within. A soldier who detests bloodshed. A contradictory."

"And you are the same." Euphie's voice said sadly. "You wish for the same world but a different means to get there. You chose the bloodier, yet faster path. Suzaku's path is less bloody but it will take longer than our lifetimes. You would have preferred his path if you wanted but you can't. You couldn't afford to take the long path. Is it because of her?"

For a moment, there was silence. Then, everyone heard a hiss. Some doesn't know what it is, while others knew exactly what was happening. Zero had taken off his mask in front of the princess.

Zero, no Lelouch, dropped his mask in a nearby seat before turning his uncovered face towards his half sister. "Yes. Yes it is. Everything I did, everything I plan to do, is to accomplish a world where she could live in peace. If anyone is to live in a world where there is no war or conflict, it's her."

At Ashford Academy, the entire Student Council, including Nunnally and Sayoko, can't help but gasp at the reason behind Zero's action.

"You mean Zero went against the Empire just because of a girl?"

"Shut up, Rivalz. I think it's sweet. Imagine, to go though all that because he wants to protect his girlfriend." Shirley said in a dreamy tone.

"See, Nina, Euphimia-hime is safe and Zero isn't really a bad person so don't worry." The Council president said to the now less nervous Nina, who merely gave a nod in response not taking her eyes off of the television.

Sayoko, who was standing next to her young charge, smiled knowingly. She was lucky to be in the service of such a great man.

Nunnally, on the other hand, couldn't decide if either to frown or to smile at the revelation. On one hand, she was glad Zero isn't the mad man she thought he is. On the other hand, what he is doing is far too dangerous. What if he dies, leaving the girl he loves alone? She shudder to think what she would do if Lelouch is ever taken from her. Either way, she felt a small amount of jealousy towards Zero's girl, not knowing she doesn't need to feel jealous at all.

Back with Zero:

"I agree. I know the SAZ isn't exactly what you want for her but it's a start in the right direction. Despite being under the Empire, the people here would get the chance regain what they lost. Freedom, individuality, rights. Everyone is given a chance. If we make this work, we could inspire the other Numbers to seek the same solution."

"It would be a lot of hard work. Are you prepared to stake your life on this? You won't be able to make all needed decisions with heart alone."

"That's why I need you by my side. I need your cruel logic to make decisions you know I would never be able to make. You alone could help me to succeed. And maybe, just maybe, you could finally stop hiding behind that mask."

"No. I can never give Zero up. He is much a symbol for the rebellion as Suzaku. He would always be needed to serve justice."

"Then achieve it with my help. You don't have to do this alone anymore. Please."

There was silence for several minutes. Suddenly, Zero started to snicker. His snickers turned to giggles. Giggles turned to snorts and snorts turned to full blown laughter. After a minute of laughing, Zero finally turned to Euphie, smiled, and said, "Well played, Euphiemia-hime. You have beaten me thoroughly at my own game. I admit my loss and submit my services to the SAZ."

Throughout the world, Zero's admission of his new allegiance to the Third Princess of Britania cause several different reactions.

Most Japanese in the Rally cheered for now having Zero to make the SAZ work. Others, whom still have great hatred to the empire, raged.

Euphie, who haven't known their conversation was being eavesdropped by the rest of the world, smiled at her step brother and said, "Thank you."

Lelouch merely nodded at her and said, "I guess it is time for the Black Knights to turn from rebels into protectors. Like I said before, you are now a very big target. From now on, your life is no longer yours alone."

"I know. But I'm sure both my White and Black Knights would keep me safe. Even if you hadn't agreed to the SAZ, you would have still protected me."

"Don't be so sure. There are still a bit of discrimination among my people. They were born out of oppression from Britania, after all."

At the Black Knight's temporary base just a few miles outside the SAZ:

Oghi and the rest of the organization gave a look at Tamaki.

"Hey, what the heck are you guys looking at me for?" When he merely receive their glares, he answered with a glare of his own as he shouted, "Screw you all. Seriously."

Kallen, on the other, was deep in thought. Who is that girl Zero is talking about?

"Maybe. But as their leader, you won't let them act on such useless vendetta."

"I'm more afraid what Suzaku would do to anyone that gets in the way of his revenge if my people ever did something so stupid. He may be an idiot but he's a very passionate idiot."

Euphie giggled and said, "Would you please restrain from calling him that? Besides, he's my idiot and I wouldn't want him any other way."

"I'm sure you don't. But he was supposed to be engaged to my sister. I would have told him too if I hadn't found out it was him during the rescue of Todou. If you were anybody else, you would have been dead."

"If I was anybody else, I'm sure I would have. You really should rein that sister-complex you have."

There were several gasps at the new revelation.

Sayoko couldn't be prouder.

Oghi and most of the Black Knights can't help but sympathize. Most of them are fighting for their family's sake, after all.

Kallen was just glad it wasn't a girlfriend at all.

Suzaku gasped at finally figuring out the true identity of Zero.

"I do not have a sister-complex, thank you very much. If I have, then I would have put her in a seminary and brought her a chastity belt during her last birthday."

"Oh, right. Her birthday. That was last month, was it? I guess I should find her a nice gift then."

"Why don't you just strip Suzaku, wrap him in ribbons, and send him to her when I'm very, very far away."

"Hmmm. That does sound promising. Do you think she'll like it?"

"You do realize, that I was just being sarcastic. I tend not to think about such things when my sister is concerned. But I'm sure she'll be ecstatic."

"Maybe I should. Polygamy is still legal in the Empire."

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

"Awe! Who would have thought Zero would be such a prude?"

"When my sister is involved then I surely am. Now stop talking about her or I'll have Suzaku give you a spanking."

"Is that a promise?"

Zero just groaned. He could never win in these types of teasing games. "Fine, you win. Now let's talk about something else before I lose my lunch."

"No. Your sister already seemed to be settled, or she will be as soon as I could get Suzaku to agree. I'm sure it would be so much fun to get him to agree. You, on the other hand, need a lot of work."

"Spare me. I have no need of a woman in my life."

"I bet that redhead from the island would disagree."

"Kallen is merely a loyal subordinate."

"Oh please. I only met her for a few minutes but even I could see her devotion to you is more than you realize."

"What do you mean?"

"That girl, Kallen, have a crush on you!"

Back with the Black Knights:

Everyone suddenly turned towards the blushing girl, only to gulp when bolts of nuclear energy started emitting around the Guren's arms.

"Don't be absurd. She's merely showing her loyalty to her leader."

Euphie groaned and said, "I can't believe how smart you are at organizing a rebellion of this magnitude and still be so stupid and life in general! Are you sure you're not gay and just secretly pinning for Suzaku? It would explain why you keep saving him."

"Bite your tongue, woman! I am a hundred percent man! I'm just setting aside that stuff since I am leading a revolution."

"Fine fine. Anyway, did you know Suzaku regularly receives letters from his cousin, namely Sumerigawa Kaguya?"

"Knowing her, I bet Suzaku dreads it each and every time."

"Oh? Speaking from personal experience, are we?"

"Kaguya have certain ways of making sure people do not forget about her. Whether it's good, or bad, or even both."

"Don't be like that. She has, after all, unofficially declared you as her betrothed."

At the secret meeting room of the Six House of Kyoto, the elusive leaders turned towards the smug looking princess of Japan.

"What? It was a match made in heaven. Zero-sama is just perfect for me." Kaguya huffed, a huge blush adorning her face.

The leaders merely shook their heads in exasperation.

Back with Zero:

"Say what? Please tell me you're joking." He actually sounded panic.

"Nope. Suzaku almost laughed himself to death when he first read about it."

"As he should."

"So. . . Not your type?" She teased again. "From the pictures I saw of her files, she's very cute. It won't be long before she turns into a stunningly beautiful woman."

"She's the same age as my sister. And marriage with Kaguya would be a battle all on itself. Other than her eccentricities, that girl has enough cunning and charisma that even I would be wary in facing her in a political battleground."

"That doesn't sound so bad."

"No, it does not. But it doesn't matter much. If marriage is her wish then I will have to comply if I want to keep her supporting the Black Knights with her resources."

"Are you really willing to go that far?"

"If I have to. I've never excluded myself in sacrificing something in the fight against corruption just like the rest of the Black Knights. It would be hypocrite of me not to do the same thing as they do everyday since the start."

"So you think marriage to Kagura is a sacrifice?"

"No. I know for a fact that I could easily fall in love with Kagura eventually if we ever do tie the knot, but for her to do so without knowing the man behind the mask is foolish. What if she doesn't have the will to love the man behind Zero? To have anyone trap in a loveless marriage is an atrocity all on its own."

"Wow. I never figured you to be the romantic type."

"As if you don't already have a plan to runaway if the Empire decided to have you put in an arrange marriage with someone you don't love. I even bet Suzaku had been included in those said plans recently."

"Shut up, you. Those plans are top secret. I even hid them in the safest place I know of. How did you know about them?"

"I took a guess." He said flatly. "And really, hiding it in your bra is pretty smart I admit. But you should really try to put them in a more waterproof container."

She gasped. "So you did take a look at me on that island! And here I thought you were a gentleman."

"Like I said, I am a hundred percent man. And I'm very discreet. You wouldn't have known at all if I hadn't told you about it."

"Men are such perverts."

He smirked. "As if you don't go out of your way to flaunt yourself in front of Suzaku with the same discretion as I."

"Mou. That information doesn't leave this room. One day, I'm going to find out how you know so much."

"I am Zero. I Know everything."

"You know, the bad news is that I'm really starting to believe that." She said, massaging the crook of her nose with her fingers, trying to fend off the incoming headache.

"Such lack of faith you have, Euphemia-hime." He teased.

"Shut up." She snapped before talking a long breathe. "Anyway, since the redhead is clear, and Kaguya is as well, is there any other woman in your life I should know about?"

Zero groaned and said, "You really have a one track mind."

"It's a gift."

"Fine. I'm only doing this because I know for a fact that we'll never get anything else done until your curiosity is satisfied."

"Like I said, it's a gift. Now out with it."

After several seconds of silence, Lelouch finally said, "There's this girl in school . . ."

"The feisty blond or the orange haired fangirl?"

The young man gaped at the smirking girl for several seconds before saying, "You're really starting to scare me, princess."

Euphiemia just gave him a smirk.


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