AN: This is nothing original, but please enjoy anyway. :)

She woke up to find the blanket fitted snugly around her shoulders and a warm cup of green tea on the dresser. She heard the shower running, so she waited and fidgeted, unsure of herself as always and unsure of what he expected from her. Did he want her to leave?

Those questions seemed irrelevant when she thought of what they had done. She peered out his window. It was raining outside. His small apartment was warm, practically inviting her to overstay her welcome.

She could not blame the alcohol because she knew she didn't have much. And she didn't just let him use her as an outlet for all his anxiety, because, really, she didn't regret it. Ten years of being in love with him and the closest she got to confessing her feelings was a night of passionate coitus. She blushed upon remembering the details, slightly ashamed that she had fantasized about doing things with him hundreds of times before last night. Except in her dreams, he had fallen in love with her and courted her before all the sex. In this case, she knew she probably wouldn't be more than a one night stand. Dreams never really came true for her. They were only for princesses, and she was only an heiress by virtue of being born first.

But her traitorous heart rebelled against her better self. What they had shared, even if meaningless to him, were now etched as fond memories. And, she bargained, it was probably better than waiting for an opportunity that would never come. For many people, perfection lasted only a moment. She got an entire night. Have I always had such low standards?

She heard him turn off the shower and tried to prepare for the worst. Would he stammer out apologies while trying to explain that last night was a mistake? Would he she see guilt and pity if she looked into those eyes that that had given her strength? Maybe she should thank him and leave before he could say anything. But was it strange for a girl to thank a boy for sex?

But when the door opened, her words died stillborn in her throat. He stood by the doorway with a towel around his waist. His eyes were bright, brilliant, and blue, despite the dark circles underneath them.

"Hey." He smiled, but this time he looked shy, unlike last night and unlike his usual self.

"You didn't drink your tea." He looked like a small child asking for approval.

"Thank you" was all she could manage, and her brain couldn't figure out the right words to say because her heart was too busy melting.

He walked toward her and peered down at her. She was so strange. He reached out to touch her hair (it looked so shiny—it always is), but drew back. Blood rushed to his face when he remembered the sparks that flew last night. Most of the girls he's been with had been like a lump of clay in bed. They felt lifeless and barely moved, thinking they were giving him some special gift simply by letting him sleep with them. He could feel their disdain even if he couldn't see their faces in the dark, and asked himself why they even bothered. Just because they were beautiful didn't mean that they felt like a bag of crap in the sack. But Hinata was different. She had given herself fully. There were times when she looked fragile, but last night, she held him close and it felt like her small arms protected him from the world. For once he felt wanted. And he wished he knew more about her.

"Say, uh," he scratched his head and bit his lip briefly. "Would you wanna have breakfast with me?" He laughed nervously.

"W-What? Oh! O-of course!" He laughed again, full of mirth this time.

"Hey, I think that's the first time I've seen you smile. I mean, really smile."

She blushed and averted her gaze. I suck.

"Awesome, nothing beats Ichiraku on a rainy day." He stripped off the towel to put on some real clothes. She turned away to give him some privacy (though he hardly cared for any). She jumped slightly when she felt him put one of his jackets around her shoulders.

They left the small apartment with Hinata wondering how often were people nervous about going on a date with someone they had already slept with. And Naruto briefly wondered if this fluttering feeling was heartburn, but quickly decided against it since it felt too good. And that was the new way of things.