A week after my visit to Landon's house, I fell unconscious at home in my bathroom. All I remembered was my deep lethargy and a sudden weakness in my thighs. I sat on the bathroom floor and tried to feel better, which I did not, though I did not feel worse, at least. Then, after examining all the bruises that spotted my legs, I tried to rise, felt a flush of giddiness, and was overcome by a prevailing thought that it'd feel so good to be fast asleep.

And then I felt comfort. Deep sleep.

I awoke to find my head oppressively heavy and to hear lots of beeps. Daddy was right next to me, and I wasn't in my room. White bedsheets, machines by my side, tubes stuck to my body. I tried to move but felt the needles in my arms. I cringed and groaned.

"What is this?"

"Jamie," Dad spoke softly in his worried and lugubrious voice, "you fainted and was bleeding. I found you like that. You know how frightened I was? You know how…how frantic I was? I was so scared, Jamie. You scared me so badly. I was so, so terrified to lose you, honey. I really am."

Dad planted a long kiss on the back of my palm and buried his face in both of his hands. There was no normal response to such a speech. I turned away, really wanting to scream at Daddy, to tell him to stop it, and to stop all his worries right then and there. Did he think that I wasn't scared? What did he think about what I thought? Did he think I was still the heroine, undaunted despite death? Did he think that inside, I was the same optimistic girl I had put out front? I was trembling inside, and more than ever in the hospital. More than ever anywhere else.

"I want to be discharged," I said. "I want to go home."

Dad lifted his gaze. "You can't, Jamie. It's better here. There are nurses here to look after you. If anything happens, there are doctors two steps away—"

"I don't want to be here," I croaked. "I hate it here."

"Jamie, please… Don't make this more difficult than it already is."

"Even if I die, I want to die at home, Dad. I don't want to die here! I don't want to be in a place I don't belong!"

"Jamie! Please!"

Tears began to fall from my eyes. "It's cold here. It's lonely. There's nothing here for me. Let me go home," I pleaded. "Nurses and doctors can't save me from doom. They can't change a thing." I spoke the last few words with deep hostility and a clenched jaw. Doctors were the most pointless people. They were supposed to save lives. They were supposed to save me. And all they could tell me was that my case was a gone case. Gone. Lost. Dead. And there was not a single thing they could do.

Dad stood up, his whole face livid. "You, Jamie Sullivan. You are staying here as I say. I am your father, and I get to choose what's best for you." His eyes were watery. "You will not go home."

"You have no right to keep me here," I screamed. "You can't imprison me. You can't, you can't—"

The door flung open and interrupted me. Landon came in, anxious and flushed.

"Jamie, how are you? Are you—"

He rushed to my side and saw my tears. Looking up at Dad standing, completely enraged and miserable, Landon noted something amiss.

"I—I came immediately after I heard about Jamie," Landon explained mainly to Dad.

"It's nothing about you," Dad muttered. He took a deep breath. "Take care of her, Landon." After giving Landon a brief pat, he walked out of the room.

Landon waited for a few moments before asking. "What just happened here?"

"Dad and I fought."

"You fight?" Landon cried.

I glared at him. "He won't let me go home."

"Of course not, Jamie. You're sick. Very sick—"

"Sick and dying, yes! So I might as well go home, since I'm dead for sure no matter what!"

Landon stared blankly at me. I suddenly felt self-conscious. I lashed out my anger at him for no apparent reason.

"Sorry," I murmured. "I just—I need to go home." I looked at him in his eyes. "I want to go home, I don't want to stay here, Landon…"

Landon shifted his body closer to the bed and pulled me in. "Silly Jamie. What's the difference? It's quieter here. And I get a reason to be around you all day," Landon joked.

I snickered through my tears. In Landon's arms, I drifted off to sleep. With me in his arms, Landon fell deep in his thoughts. I remembered wanting to ask him what he was thinking so carefully about, but I decided against it, not wanting to disrupt the quietness that Landon jokingly loved about this ward.

Author's Note:

I'm so sorry that the chapters are getting shorter and shorter. From now on, I decided not to pace my story according to the actual novel. I want to write more based on what I think I should add to Jamie's last moments. Of course, the ending will still be the same. They'll get married. She'll (die). :( This will let more of my creative juice flow, so I hope you don't mind and will, on the other hand, welcome it! :)

All the best, guys. Happy 3 weeks late new year :)