Disclaimer: I own nothing that has to do with the Spyro universe. This story is being co-authored with Rurikredwolf and is going to feature some intense adult situations and teen habits. As well as violence and swearing so be ready.

Greatest Love


Rain drops pounded against dull, pink scales. A young dragoness of only sixteen or seventeen felt her side grind against the rough column. Her heart was pounding as if with every drop of water which fell from the heavens. Having no true concept of where she might be, all she could possibly do was wander around the dimly lit grounds. Hoping that she might miraculously stumble upon her own chambers.

"Unnggghh...Gods..." mumbled the feminine creature while lurching forth. Drool slowly dripped down from her fangs; although they were easily hidden by the heavy wetness smashing upon the earth. Attempting to keep her balance, her efforts were not successful as her maw smashed against the rocky ground.

Small groans and whimpers stumbled into the air as a deep rumble from high above rolled across the landscape. She coughed what must have been her afternoon meal upon the rocks. Small mixtures of blood and stomach contents were washed away with ease as she felt her mind begin to swirl once more.

What were once beautiful scales were dampened and seemingly acquired a more darkened tone. She couldn't imagine how she managed to wind up in this position, but flashbacks were starting to pour in as she remembered the dark entity that had approached her.

"It was.....it was for him...."

.It was only for him....


"Seriously Spyro there is no way you could have done all that. You're what.....fifteen? Sixteen?" asked the smaller jade dragon from behind. A purple dragon, and indeed young at that, dragged his heavy paw across his maw with a sigh.

"I'm not telling the story again...seriously...you figure that the first hundred or so times would get through." he responded as his crossed the courtyard. Two years, two long years had passed since he defeated the one known as Malefor. The Destroyer's fury was repaired through a miraculous last ditch effort within the world's core; revealing a planet that was both new and familiar.

Many believed that all the dragons were dead. Not counting the few Guardians that remained and the two young ones of course, but as it turned out, following the fall of Malefor many long asked questions were answered.

"More dragons? That isn't possible is it?"

"It's possible...I mean...with Cynder's reign before and then the rise of the dark one...I could see why they would go into hiding..."

"The world is going to be much different now...isn't it?

"What is this...between us?...."

"I....I'm sorry Spyro......I must go..."

"It was only a moment...you understand.."

"How....how could you..."

A new temple was built by the moles, just outside the limits of Warfang City. Within these walls all dragons were accepted. At least two dozen started to arrive over the next two years. All hailing from different corners of the earth. This was something Spyro wasn't at all use to...and it was even worse for Cynder as many went into hiding due to her past actions.

The death of Ignitus spurred on his brothers to make a better world, a more civilized world. Somewhere that generations to come could actually walk and not fear what was behind them. Although many looked to Spyro for leadership and guidance, he was far too young to hold any deep responsibilities.

The power of the Arch Guardian passed on to Terrador, but only through much tension and ill feelings, however. An order was presented forth to shred all anarchy from society. Clan leaders were quick to start dividing up territory. After all...it was a whole new planet right?

Needless to say it wasn't long for new conflicts to start breaking out. The Cheetahs and Wolves were constant annoyances these days…but the good thing was that no situation had resulted in all out war. At least not yet.

Since Spyro wasn't old enough to lead, he could only be used as more of an inspirational icon; something for the other dragons to follow by example. Was it a life of perfection for him? Well that's what they wanted. They didn't want another incident....they didn't want another Malefor.

What better way than to make sure it didn't happen but to erase all evidence? The very name of Malefor was forbidden from speech, any usage of it would result in swift punishment. This wouldn't stop the memories though. This wouldn't stop the scars from dissipating. The world was horribly divided...and nothing would ever come easy.

All of this was insignificant to most. Dragons both young and old grew together to form the backbone of the new world order. This of course was not without faults. Many faults indeed.

Her name...was Ember. Pink scales that could cause blindness lined her body. A jeweled heart was pinned against her breast. Needless to say, she would draw many eyes from males. Although she was quick to not return such gestures, it was never a huge disadvantage.

"...Let's grab a piece of that tail brother..."

"...Hottest thing walking on four paws I'd say..."

"..You want to know how good she was last night?.."

"..Screw off...you couldn't get a female on top of you if your life depended upon it..."

Many rumors and many gestures passed about the grounds. Many believed that she could be a slattern…simply putting herself out for a few gemstones. Others didn't care either way. Who were they to judge after all?

She knew exactly who she was and that was all that mattered. Hailing from the southern regions, all she had was the guidance of one elderly dragon. She wasn't even sure if she was family or not...but since nobody else was ever there for her...it was the most comfort she could find.

Constantly part of the group, her bright eyes stared upon the developing scene. The entrance of the one known as Cynder, however, caused her to swiftly shrink into the background.

"Just leave him alone Lorena, he's answered enough questions for today." came the soft voice from in front of Spyro.

"Oh for heaven's sake stop being a babysitter Cynder and let him answer the question."

"No, he's done enough for today. Go find your kicks somewhere else if you don't mind."

Giving deep huffs, the group dispersed into different portions of the grounds. Some going to find sleep at day's end, while others went to pursue 'other' activities. Giving a small smile, the purple dragon turned his eyes forward to gaze upon his rescuer.

"I suppose I owe you one for that...thanks a ton." Her eyes never met his before she turned around.

"No need to thank me. You should go...I'm sure you have important things to do." was the subtle response before she continued to move away, her tail swaying back and forth. Spyro tilted his head before taking several steps forward. "Don't.....just go..."

"Why?...Why has it been like this....it's never been the same..." he spoke in both curiosity and sadness.

"It wasn't meant to be the same Spyro can't you understand that? It was one moment in time where nothing else mattered. I know it's like a typical male to ignore the obvious but this is just ridiculous."

"Stop....really....this isn't necessary."

"No it is necessary. Stop holding on to this illusion of you and me...let it go. It wasn't meant to be and that's final. Even now...all these other dragons...you have other chances...other choices...a different life. You don't want what I have to offer.."

"No...I really do...."

It came to desperation on his part...desperation for what he still couldn't have. The deflated purple dragon gazed upon the cold stones beneath his paws. This wasn't how it was suppose to be. He thought....he believed they would have a long and happy life together. Nothing is how he imagined it would be. Even his friend and adoptive brother Sparx had seemingly found his own place in this new world; that being in a rather distant hamlet of fellow dragonflies.

"Well I'm truly sorry to disappoint. You should get out of here before the fans think you've taken to the queen of darkness you know."

"Oh come on Cynder, you seriously think that they still think th..."

"I KNOW that they still think that. You've never had to deal with it Spyro. You've never had to watch your back everywhere you go in the fear that you are being ridiculed or possibly jumped. I've had those demons after me my entire existence!" shouted the black beauty with a vicious snarl.

"I know that Cynder. You're my friend first...I've always known that you're not what other perceive. I know you're not following Malefor. Hell we've saved this planet...YOU saved it with me.."

"That's enough Spyro. I know what I've done, and I was proud to do it with you. But that was the past..that was the moment. Please don't think more of it. I am your friend...you're my best friend. Please don't ruin anything that we have. Please.."

Small tears ran from the mighty purple dragon's maw, and it was pretty clear that she was doing the same thing. "But...I...don't leave me alone...please." he whispered so that only she could hear. Cynder let her sapphire eyes rest upon his broken form. It was sad..to see her friend and practical saver breaking down in such a way.

"Spyro..you know I won't leave you. I'll never be gone. No matter what happens I'll always be here for you..just not in the way you wish me to be."

She moved to his side swiftly and without a sound, letting her wing fall over his shoulder in a friendly embrace. "I'm sorry...I truly am Spyro. You've always been there...and you've always pulled me from the pit of despair before I could jump...please know that I care about you. Please remember me for who I was...and accept me for who I am today."


Tears continued to fall from the pair as storm clouds gathered over head. Not far off, a pair of blue orbs widened in shock and despair before clenching tightly to avoid visible tears. Sliding through the massive stone doors, the dragoness showed her one flaw. Her greatest weakness. She took great pride in her ability to ensnare the males, but this is one thing she couldn't conquer, and the only thing she actually wanted.

Keeping her vision plastered forward, she made her way through the corridors in hopes of finding something to take her mind off him. That, however, would be impossible.

"She gets everything...that evil two faced bitch...it comes so easy..." she mumbled quietly before rounding another bend.

"Ember...there you are. Been looking for you all night. Listen here...Vex just told me about something new...something that can give you quite a jump. Some of us are heading out to the crater to try some...you're in right?" sneered the dragoness through her fangs before waving to some more of her impending victims.

Looking behind her with a soft glance, she gave a deep sigh before clicking her fangs. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Come with me and you'll find out...trust me, this stuff will make ALL your worries go away."

Usually she wasn't one to give in to what she knew was just trouble..but for once in her life she found that she didn't care about consequences. He was still there...still in the back of her mind. Taunting her...tormenting her. She wanted him gone...if she couldn't be hers...then she would force him to go.

"Ummm..yeah...yeah let's go. Please.."

"Trust me..this will be worth your while."

The crater was the one place the teens could go. It was the place where the adults would never see...not that they would care. Believe it or not this new world wasn't anything like the old...if anything it was possibly worse. Teenage dragons mingled and conversed about a vast array of subjects. Who's dating who, who has the newest high, what they could do to get in trouble, and very rarely subjects involving study or seriousness.

"Here here ladies...who's ready to have the most extreme high of your lives...come one come all."

"Oh spare the dramatics and just break it out. Come on man I've been waiting all day for this. Break it out!" was but only one of the many comments thrown in the possessors direction.

Without delay the green dragon who possessed some rather sketchy characteristics pulled a small brown sack from his side. Females clamored in excitement as males gave small bellows of anticipation; a small circle resulting around the dealer. Granted, some others only scoffed in disgust and found this as their cue to make discreet exits.

"Ladies and gentlemen..I present to you new from the west....Charcoal." with that he spilled the contents of the bag upon a large rock in the center of the crater. "Now please follow these specific directions."

"Aww bullshit...man this stuff is easy.."

Ember watched from the back of the crowd as dragons her age started sniffing the black contents. This made her extremely uneasy..but her inner pain continued to gnaw at her. Before she had her turn she felt a paw on her shoulder. Her eyes turned to meet those of the seemingly crazed provider.

"You want something even better...follow me. I've got a special gift for you." spoke the dragon with a smirk. Ember was deeply disturbed by him…in both appearance and mindset...but of course her brain didn't care. The hurt was still too great to bear.


"Just follow me. Let's get away from this mob." said the stranger before turning and opening his wings. Ember was quick to follow him into the air as he led her out of the crater and back towards the temple grounds.

"Wait...I can't do anything there...it's sacred.."

"Oh hush..trust me nobody is going to find evidence with this. I know you want to erase some memories...this is just the way to do it. Also very handy to wash away what you can't have." his yellow eyes looked back at her but she only avoided his gaze. Why was she doing this again?

Landing firmly within the temple walls, he quickly trotted through a nearby arch, Ember hot in his heels. She couldn't see anything...it was only darkness.

"They tell you that darkness is the wrong course...that it's the evil taking hold. Honestly they couldn't be more wrong. Darkness thrives in every heart no matter how much you attempt to avoid it. It's part of you...and it's part of me. Don't avoid it...accept it...and you will find no limits."

Ember shrunk away in relative fear before a bright light broke through the thick blackness. "Over here young one."

She turned her eyes to see the dealer resting in front of large copper pan. Managing a rather nervous smile, she moved forth and rested on her haunches opposite of him. Inside her thoughts were raging. It no longer mattered what was right and wrong...what was good and what was evil didn't compute. All she wanted was to be invisible. Just wanted to forget it all.

...I am a ghost...

"Okay...so ummm...what's so special about all this?" inquired Ember as the dealer smirked in delight. Pulling another pouch from his side, he poured it into the pan. After dropping all the contents, he placed his paws below the copper plating; proceeding to heat the substance. She watched in curiosity as the black smoke started to climb aloft.

"Well don't waste product...start sniffing...trust me you'll enjoy it."

Ember didn't hesitate as she closed her eyes and pushed her muzzle into the fumes. Inhaling deeply, she felt the blackness seize her senses and send her mind spiraling into the abyss. She didn't feel anything...she couldn't sense anything. The only thing that she knew now was the high.


The dealer watched on with shining eyes as the dragoness descended into anarchy. Her senses now completely ensnared to his doings. Once bright blue eyes were now hazed and rolling about like pinballs.

"You are holding great inner pain. A curse that you are forced to carry simply because of one thing."

Embers head was spinning as her vision was clouded with seemingly limitless colors. Her form was sprawled out across the stone tiles as every twisted word muttered from the dealer sunk into her mind.

"Yes....yes.............because......it's her..."

"Yes it is. It is her. She's the one bringing this misery down upon you. She's the one who has the one you never will, and that will never change my dear Ember. The only one who can make it change is you...and I can help you. I can make your wildest dreams come true. No illusions...and no tricks. No strings attached. I can give you all that you desire."

She only clenched her fangs together tightly before clasping the edge of the bowl, drool seeping from her lips. "Tell me....tell me more...I want her....I want her gone...nnnng...I want her dead..."

A fanged smile danced upon the twisted dragon's lips. Her wish would be a reality. Soon, everything would be just as she asked it...and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Let's make a deal...."

Ember happened to blink from surprise. Her fuzzy mind was trying to wrap around what he was saying. A deal? It was so simple…what more did she have to lose? However, just before she responded, she managed to focus her eyes for a split second when she opened them and was…surprised.

The dragon had changed. He was no longer standing on four legs, but on two legs with a large black cloak covering his entire body. The cloak was so black that it even made the Charcoal a lighter color…and that was saying, or seeing, something.

Orange eyes with black cat-like pupils glowed from inside the hood. "I apologize, but my true form would draw attention." Ember looked at the figure with disbelief. She really had to be high. Something inside her made her laugh insanely. "Anyway, do you really wish for your desire?"

"Yes…yes…her dead or gone…but him….I want him…." She said greedily, watching as the figure held out a furry claw. It looked very rough, as if the very fur would slice her scales open.

"Don't worry, Ember." Ember dimly noted that it knew her name. Her head hurt so much, "I just want to help. I won't kill Cynder but…she will no longer love Spyro or see him as anything other than a dragon. She'll be who she was intended to be with nothing to remember." It explained.

It was good enough. Cynder without a memory is as good as dead for her. So long as she didn't interfere, Ember could care less. Maybe as revenge, she could set her up with someone horrible. Without thinking, she lifted her claw up and the figure grasped it. The fur cut into her scales, but her dulled senses barely felt it.

Once she did that, she felt extremely tired. After Ember released her claw, she fell instantly asleep. Her pain lifted from her heart and for once, she felt better. Her final thoughts were one of hope, rather than one of sadness. She didn't even see that the figure had disappeared in a pillar of light…

A/N-Been a long time since I've put anything down on paper but after seeing most of the section these days I think it's time to get back into it. This is not just my story, Rurikredwolf is working on it with me so be aware that he will also be receiving credit. Anyways this is going to be a story about someone who I never thought I would do a major story around. That of course being Ember. I like the Cynder pairing and everything but I find it majorly overused now. Wanting to try something different, Rurik and I are choosing to develop the character who was once the only option Spyro ever had to pair with. Anyways it's going to get more complex so if you enjoyed then stick around for the next chapter and get ready for a pretty wild ride. Thanks for the read.