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Ember awoke slowly, her head hurting. Her eyes wandered around a bit with confusion, not recognizing her surroundings. She couldn't remember what she did last night, but her claw had a sharp pain in it. Lifting it was painful. Fighting past the pain, she saw that it had bled a lot and that there was some mark on it. It was too bloody to make it out.

A dull memory in her head occurred in her head as she remembered holding claws with some cloaked figure. Some more memories came in when Ember thought of this. Something about Cynder, Charcoal in its powdered form, and a deal. Sunlight shined in her face. It was too bright and she shielded her eyes.

Rolling over, she shakily got up and vomited. After doing that, she suddenly felt better. Not better enough to remember everything, but at least she could walk. Her claw was still tender to the ground. Hobbling down to where she thought was the right direction, she discovered that something was indeed there. It was the temple that looked oddly familiar. Curiousity arose within her and she went inside to smell an awful scent. Flashes of a party came to her as she walked in.

Remnants of a party littered the ground. Spilled bowls and other objects were scattered everywhere. Charcoal was in certain locations, staining the ground black. Ember's paw throbbed again when she stared upon it. She didn't even get a chance to look around further before thunderous footsteps came from behind her. Turning, she saw a massive green dragon staring down on her.

Ember suddenly felt very tiny.

"What are you doing?" The green dragon inquired as he spotted her claw before she could hide it, "Where did you get that? Explain." He demanded.

The dragon before her was called Terrador and he was the Earth Guardian of this temple. Muscles ripped through his body as if he worked out at least three times a day, but he had a certain thinness to him that attracted females: Ember herself would have been if Spyro wasn't there. The Guardian had scars on his chest and one eye seared shut from an attack not too long ago. His horns were curled and his tail ended in a club that could send enemies flying.

"I fell." Ember answered simply as she glanced down at the exposed claw. "Honestly." She lied.

"And what were you doing here?"

"I thought I heard something. It must have been you." Ember responded flirtatiously. She had no real emotions behind it, but she wanted to get out of this as quickly as possible.

Terrador stared at her for a minute and went further into the temple, examining a piece of charcoal, "Some were partying quite hard here if they were using Charcoal." Ember's heart froze. Did he know? "We managed to get the ones who were too intoxicated. They are now being questioned. Normally we wouldn't do this but with Moneybags running around…"

"Moneybags?" Ember asked as she limped over to the older dragon.

"Yes, Moneybags; A Kingpin of Crime. He owns a large mansion out in the forest that he made his servants build. He also captures females on the streets and forces them to be his whores. However, he is a bit of a clumsy idiot. Still, I would advise not being alone at night."

Ember mentally freaked. She had heard of females going missing, but now that she knew the truth, she freaked out a bit and felt the rest of her body grow cold. Images of what could happen to her flashed through her head and that nearly broke her. Terrador seemed to catch onto this.

"Don't worry Ember; so long as you don't go out at night, you will be fine." He then had a thoughtful look on his face as he looked at her, "I'm surprised you still have your hatchling name. Your actual name is still waiting." He told her.

"I like my name right now." Ember said.

"Very well."


Cynder awoke.

Her bright blue-green eyes looked around the room that she was in. It was so unfamiliar to her, yet it was very at the same time. The thing she was on was very comfortable and she didn't want to move from her position she was currently in. Cynder's mind was very foggy and only distant voices swirled in her head. It was way too confusing…

Reaching out with a claw, she felt the soft ground and growled contently until she saw the size of her claw. "What the!?" she exclaimed as she saw the size. It was so tiny! She was an adult, so how did this come out? Checking the rest of her body, she found that she was in the body of a mere hatchling. This had to be a trick.

A clatter of clawsteps came as a purple dragon came into the scene. "The purple dragon…" she murmured under her breath.

"Cynder, what's wrong?" He asked with a concerned tone. It sickened her.

Before she responded, she thought for a second. If he is asking what was wrong with her, then something happened to make him think that they were friends or whatever. This could be useful. She decided to play along for a while.

"Nothing." She said simply before mentally slapping herself. All of the training that she received and she still used that as an answer.

"Ok."' Spyro said before taking a long glance at her. She gave him the 'what' expression before he shook his head and left. "I really do feel that way." He said.

Something clicked in Cynder's mind. Yes…that would work…


Ember walked down the streets once more, keeping a wary eye out. She was still spooked about what was said before; she was Spyro's and no one else's. The thought of the purple dragon made her sigh with both lust and infatuation. If only he would see her the way she saw him. She would love him to no end and will always do so, no matter what.

She could see them getting to be mates and having a child. Cynder wouldn't be a factor so it should be easy. All she needed to do was find him. She knew where he lived and bristled at the thought that that bitch Cynder was in the same room as he. It was so unfair!

Ember soon realized that she had strayed from the temple and started to head back when a rustling of leaves caught her attention. Fearing it to be Moneybags or someone who worked for him, Ember freaked and ran away from the source with speed that even startled her. She nearly tripped when she heard a female voice yell 'WAIT!' from behind her.

Turning around, Ember relaxed a bit before tensing back up. It was a female brown Kangaroo…with lacriations and bruises all over her body, but focusing from between her legs. If she didn't already hear of the term 'rape', she would have never guessed what had happened to her. Instead she stood paralyized as the kangaroo hopped over to her and shook her shoulders.

"Please, you have to help me! I just escaped from Moneybags and no doubt he wants me back." She said frantically. "I heard there were dragons here and I hopped over as fast as I could. I could have taken a few if I wasn't already…"

Ember nodded, not knowing what to say. "The temple is right here, er…." She didn't know her name.

"Shelia." The kangaroo said before hopping over to the temple. "You may want to come too…I can hear them coming."

Ember wasted no time in following her.


"You WHAT!?"

Terrador was standing over the kangaroo and dragoness as if they had both done something terribly wrong. An expression of shock crossed his face as he peered down at Shelia's wounds and grunted with displeasure. No doubt he felt as horrified as Ember did at that moment.

They were in the medical wing of the hospital in a private chamber that the earth guardian had suggested for privacy. There was a small table that the kangaroo occupied and a few bowls that both dragons took. Other than that, the room was very bland with only three torches in it to give off the gold-brown look to the walls.

"Yes." Sheila said as she looked at the bandages that covered her wounds.

"Impressive…and you say that Ember here found you?" Terrador asked with a glance to the pink dragoness, who was not paying any attention at all.

Spyro…if only you were here… she thought with a sigh, ignoring the looks of both. Her fantasies could never come true so long as Cynder was there. However, she shouldn't be anymore and he will come right into her claws.

On the subject of claws, her bloody one had stopped bleeding, but the mark on it was still unidentifiable. Too caught up in her claw, she failed to realize that the door was being barged down until there was a figure standing in the doorway. A fearful look on Shelia's face told her everything she needed to know about who had just walked in.

It was a brown bear with a monical that stood on two legs. Both claws rested on a cane with a giant purple gem on it. The rest of it was made of blue gems to signify his wealth. He wore a black fancy outfit that looked like it was custom made for his…large…size. Terrador knocked over the bowl to protect Shelia.

"Excuse me dragons, but do I belive that you have something of mine." Moneybags said coldly…

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