He Loved Her Once, He did


He loved her once, he did

The girl with soft red hair and gentle hands

The kind that never clenched to strike

The kind that never hurt for hurting's sake

Hands that eased the pain of other's blows


And how he loved those eyes of hers

They spoke of homes where fathers held their children close

Of worlds where life was not pain to bear

They spoke to him in words that panged his heart

For beauty was a thing he did not understand


And how he marveled at her skin

That lake of cream unmarred by fingerprints

Covering the bones of her

Laying sharpened angles to their rest

For hunger was a thing she did not understand


And too, her voice was a gift

When vicious words made themselves at home with him

She did not let them pass the threshold of her lips

He made himself a temple of her mouth

And worshiped at the speech it did proclaim


And for the heart of her he prayed

To set it in a box upon his shelf and keep it safe

When others came to stake a claim

Even unto death he'd fight the trespass made

For that was what a Prince was right to do


And yet, he feared this girl, he did

For in her soul was all he knew of good

And if that light should turn and hide its head

What more reason would he need to walk with shadows hand in hand

For they had always begged to be his friend


And yes, he lost this girl, he did

He lost her to the words he spoke in anger and in shame

He lost her to the other knight that came with sword unsheathed

And laid his heart upon the ground to bleed

Ignorant of other blows more vicious it would bear


He loved her once, he did

The girl who gave herself for love

And laid upon his hands her heart in different form

And thus the greatest blow had found its mark

As there stared back at him the other knight with eyes he always loved

AN: I was reading HBP last night and considering the life of Severus Snape and this poured out of my head. I hope you'll take the time to read and review. Thanks for stopping by!