Summary: Sam's laid up in the infirmary while the rest of SG-1 gets to visit a beach planet without her.

Timeframe: Early seasons.

Characters/Pairing: Sam Carter

Genre: Drabble, Humor

Word Count: 172


Note: This drabble was written for iwishiwerekerry who gave me the prompt: Early seasons Sam, recovering from an injury at the infirmary while SG1 is off-world.

What They Say About Misery

Even while feeling full of warm fuzzies, with morphine coasting through her veins via IV drip, all Sam can think is This sucks.

The rest of SG-1 are making nice with the natives on the beach planet of her dreams, and she's laid up in the infirmary with a sprained ankle she got slipping on her ice-coated walkway at home.

Just when Sam thought she was getting a respite; a nice simple mission on an absolutely incredible, vacation-worthy planet, THIS had to happen.

All she thinks about throughout the afternoon is her team having fun on a gorgeous alien beach, and it drives her crazy!

That is, until SG-1 comes home three hours ahead of schedule; Daniel, Colonel O'Neill, and even Teal'c, covered head to toe in a horrible, itchy rash, apparently caused by the native's form of sun block.

Sam grimaces sympathetically at her friends, but all she can do is lie back and smile, thanking her lucky stars for slippery walkways and sprained ankles.

Because, hey, misery loves company, right?