Author's Notes: written because it needed to be written.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Spar had always considered himself to be composed. Well, somewhat composed.

Even while drinking. Even while drinking with Sull.

The newly-liberated ARC was downing his fifth netra'gal, and not looking like he was about to stop anytime soon.

But, they were on Mandalore, no-one cared if anyone got drunk. Spar liked that policy.

Sull was one of those who got more and more mournful as he got more and more drunk. Spar had been told that he got overly emotional and…caring.

Spar couldn't remember that part. He just remembered the hangover.

"Why're we doin' this?" Sull asked sadly, swishing the remnants of his drink around in the mug.

Spar glanced at his own mug. It was only his second one, and it was still half full.

"Doing what?"

"Living. Ner vod, we're dead in maybe thirty years, at best. Why does that make life worth living?"

Spar pursed his lips. "Well, we've got to survive I suppose."

Sull raised an eyebrow. "And for what?"

The ale was clouding his mind. Spar felt the wonderful numbness begin to envelope him as he finished his drink. "Because."

"Because why?"

He shrugged. "It's what we were trained to do."

Them both getting drunk wasn't exactly the best idea (who knew where the commandos could track them to) but right now Spar really didn't care. He was determined to live his life (what remained of it) and that involved getting drunk.

As a Mandalorian, he said to himself. He could get drunk as a Mando (or something resembling a Mando) but not as anything else.

"But I'm not in the army now. Why should I try to survive?"

Spar shrugged. He had a feeling that he had done that a second ago.

"That's why civvies survive." Spar didn't feel very knowledgeable about people outside of the army (Mando'ade excepted) but he could guess.

Besides, Sull wouldn't remember a second of this after tonight.

"They survive to find out why they survive?"

Spar became interested in a stain on the table that could have been blood, grease, or netra'gal. Didn't really matter. It mostly tasted the same. Still, Spar wasn't about to get down and lick it.


"Are we civvies?"

Spar would have liked to say 'no', but a suicidal ARC was not an easily stopped ARC. Better to play along for now.


Sull looked into his glass and glared like it was responsible for the lack of liquid and answers.

"Funny," he said. "I always hated civvies."

Spar nodded. "Uh-huh. But they do come with benefits."

Sull perked up. "Like what."

Spar gestured to their empty mugs.

"Ale," he said.