Author's Note: Yay, it's another 100 fic challenge. Am I insane?


Either way, this one revolves around one pairing I feel gets far too little love from fandom: Kiryu/Misty.

Because honestly, I've been shipping this pairing since about episode 39 and there's so little fanwork... *sob*

Well however, in this collection I'm kind of challenging myself (even more than by just saying I'll write 100 fics |D). That challenge would be that none of these fics shall go over 500 words.

So yay, it's a drabble challenge. :D

Prompt: #1 Dark Path

Warnings: None I think? Aside of creepy Dark Signers being creepy, but that was to be expected, right?

Summary: Drabble – She wanders between worlds, between dark and light, searching for a place to fulfill her deepest desire.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

--- Crossroads ---

She is wandering between worlds. Not even an hour has passed since her 'accident', since her attempt to leave this world, to search for Toby in the next.

She is wandering between light and darkness, not quite sure where either starts or ends. She wanders in search for her lost love, for the light of her life, for the little brother that was ripped away from her so suddenly.

She is wandering in search for something more, because between all the grief in her heart sits hate, dark and rightly burning, wishing for vengeance against the witch that had killed her brother. And as she walks between light and dark she hears whispers calling for her, drawing her close.

She follows them, not quite trusting that voice – yet she didn't have any other lead to follow. And finally it leads her to a crossroad, a place where dark and light divide. She frowns at either gate, feeling peace and safety from the light, from that white space one might have called heaven. Yet her heart yearns for the darkness, where she feels that her revenge lies.

And when she looks closer, she sees him sitting there, right on the top of the gate almost like its guard, smirking down knowingly and in his eyes she reads the same thing that drives her. The thirst for revenge against the world.

"Are you afraid?" he asks when she refuses to move in either direction, crooking his head at her.

She shakes her head, looking right back at him, her face a stoic mask, her mind and heart set. He chuckles, jumping down from the gate, amber eyes gleaming amused from under his hood as he stretches his hand out for her to take. She takes it without hesitation, letting him lead her down the dark path.

Right to where her desires lie.

--- FIN ---

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