Author's Note: Uhm before I say anything else, I'd like to apologize since this most likely WON'T MAKE SENSE TO ANY OF YOU.

It's kind of my weird way to tribute the awesomeness of one of the greatest geeks in our fandom: The Mad Poet.

Poet has written down a few Meta-posts about the cultural and alchemical references made in 5D's… which is apparently about everything. XD

Seriously, it's really awesome stuff that I can only urge you to read into it a bit. Just let me know through a PM or a review that you are interested and I'll send you the links.

Still, even without the background info, I think it is somewhat obvious who is who. And if not then have fun guessing. |D


Prompt: #5 Torture

Warnings: Present tense. My strange interpretation of the Meta?

Summary: Drabble – "You may not die, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to live. Nobody escapes death forever."

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

--- Captured by Death ---

The green dragon never dies.

It lies, it deceits, it plans and readies itself to wipe away the average of the world, leaving behind only those it deems special.

The green dragon never dies, even if its lies are discovered by one curious and perhaps smart, but otherwise common girl, who is quickly disposed of. It never dies, even if the girl comes back, though now not quite common anymore and manages to push it down twenty storeys.

It never dies, even when swallowed by an abomination that calls itself a god, because the only one who can truly end its life is its lady, the lady of the roses. And she will never kill it; she is far too entangled in its web of half truths for that.

The green dragon never dies. It might tread death's doorstep, but it never crosses it.

"Ah, but therein lies your weakness." The pale-haired guard of said door whispers, stepping out of the shadows. "You may not die, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to live. Nobody escapes death forever."

"Oh?" the dragon crooks its head, looking almost amused. "And just what makes you say that? How would you stop me from returning?"

The guard throws his head back in laughter, amber eyes gleaming in mad joy. "I won't have to do anything. I'll just leave you to her."

He gesticulates to somewhere behind the dragon and as the dragon turns its head, it smirks – he would not die, not unless the guard had somehow brought its lady. And what an impossible thought that is; she surely has won her battle against that abomination - especially since he had made sure to unleashed her thorns, had made her invincible - and unless she somehow lost, she would not be able to visit this place between life and death.

But instead of his lady comes another woman, just as proud and beautiful, walking with the grace of the ones beyond mortality.

"I am the priestess of death." she says as she watches him coolly. "I lead the souls of the deceased to the beyond."

The dragon shakes its head, what a nerve that woman had.

"You are not my lady." it says. "I shall return to life as I have always done."

"That was before you angered me." the priestess says, pulling a white ribbon from her robes.

The dragon snorts. "You think you can contain me with just that?"

The priestess smiles humourless. "Only time will tell."

The green dragon never dies. It retrieves and returns to life whenever it wishes. But this time it is stuck between live and death, prisoner of the priestess, who kills him again and again, trying to drive him to cross death's doorstep. This time its gift has become a curse, has become torture. For as cunning as it was, it could not escape the priestess.

Meanwhile the guard just smirks and watches. After all, it is so hard to find good entertainment these days.

--- FIN ---

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