Time is an Ocean in a Storm

Chapter 1

Ok…..i am going to try and work on this one and Raise of the Storm Pirates at the same time. I mean, this story just came to me one day during one of my college classes….yeah I was that bored. On a side note, I have been watching some abridged series' of anime that I have watched….i might or might not mention them in my stories…..POT PRISM POWER!

Down in a landmark called the Valley of the End, a battle had raged on for a long time. It was a battle between two best friends and rivals. Even though they were young, they were very strong, if the lava and huge gouges in the sides of the valley were any indication. The two boys decided to end it by clashing with their ultimate attacks. That had created a purple sphere of evil chakra to form around the two of them. Why? Well, they were both using dark powers. One was Sasuke Uchiha, who was using the power of the curse seal and at level two, the other was Naruto Uzumaki, who was using the power of the terrible Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Then all of a sudden, the sphere exploded, sending the traitor Uchiha into the leg of the his ancestor, Madara Uchiha. As Naruto was shot out, all of time seemed to slow down and then seemed to stop, while he had also stopped and was floating just above the water. Time had literally stopped, for everyone and everything.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto woke to see the cage of his prisoner. He really wondered what was going on because even the dripping water had stopped in midair in his mind. "What….is going on?"

"Time has stopped young one. I did this for one reason only. To tell you the truth of everything that has happened and what is to come. Also to give you choices of how things will go. For you see, things are not as they seem. I wish to help you young kit, for I have seen the Timeline…." He would have said more but Naruto interrupted him.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Nothing you are saying is making…." This time it was Naruto who was stopped mid-sentence. That was because Kyuubi's form had started to change. The fox began to shrink into a form that not even he would expect….an older version of HIMSELF!

"Now that I have your attention, please let me continue." At this, Naruto nodded dumbly. "Now, we Bijuu are not what we seem and your future is alterable. We Bijuu are part of one entity called the Juubi or as very few know, Kileena, the Queen of Time. She was the girlfriend of the Six Paths Sage, not the entity he contained within himself like the stories go. He also had an apprentice that, in the end, betrayed him and killed Kileena. The Six Paths Sage did the only thing he could do with the power that was unleashed when she died, he split it up and sealed it into the Timeline itself, which Kileena had shown him how to access. If he had not done that, there would have been one of left alive as everyone would have been turned into possessed sand zombies. Now, Kileena was not originally from our world, she came from another world where there were brutal wars, and it seemed that she could not escape that. Luckily no one here knew it until she told him and his apprentice, which lead to the betrayal that she foresaw in the Timeline and prepared for." At the Kyuubi paused and saw that he still had Naruto's full attention, so he continued.

"So when the power that she left behind was sealed into the Timeline, it stayed there for a long time and soon the power became Sentient, thus the creation of the Bijuu had started. Eventually we found ourselves in the reincarnation cycle and we gained the forms of future people. That is the main reason I have your form, for I chose the form of a future hero in Time. The others were the same and we have turned into the forms of their eventual downfall….the forms of the demon containers. Not only did we gain those forms but forms of animals that fit our nature. Once that was done, we escaped the Timeline, but we were all weak with only one tail. So, we trained in secret, and as we grew in power, we also grew in height, which lead to our secret existence being shattered. People feared our power and eventually devised ways of gaining our power. Though we saw our own demises in the Timeline, we were not happy about it. Now, I have brought you before me to tell you that you are the person that will bring the power of time back together again, but Kileena will not be revived. Her power will be yours and your destiny is your own, but if you do not defeat the Dark Entity that we felt in the Timeline, then everything will be thrown into absolute Chaos, and reality will cease to exist and Time will cave in on itself to end the worlds that are connected by Time."

At this, all Naruto could do was sweatdrop and say, "No pressure then, huh?"

"I guess you could put it that way. Now you have three choices. These are all variations of what will and could happen. The first option is were Sasuke Uchiha escapes and you return to Konoha where you train for 3 years under Jiraiya of the Sannin, the Akatsuki will gather most of the Demon Containers and kill many people, you defeat them, and Konoha is mostly destroyed in the process which is then is lead by Danzo as he slowly changes everything that the Sandaime had created for the worst, he has you kill, and he unleashes the Dark Entity." At this, Naruto gulpled as all that seemed pretty bad. The Kyuubi continued.

"The second option is where you bring Sasuke back, but the council banishes you, where many things could happen. You die at the hands of Root, which is lead by Danzo, you create you own village that is full with missing nins and other powerful people, or you become an outcast to the world where you become very strong, but in the end, you are not strong enough to defeat the Dark Entity because the Akatsuki has captured you and taken me away in resurrecting IT." Naruto gulped once more, this was something he really wished would not happen and not some destined hero. Though this option seemed just as bad, if not worse then the last one!

After the brief pause to let the information sink in, Kyuubi gave Naruto the final option that was foreseen. "The final option is that you 'disappear' from the battle site and make the people from Konoha think that you are dead. This is the tricky part because this option is bathed in the Mist that covers the unknown in the Timeline. All that I know is that you gather all of the Bijuu's energy before the Akatsuki does, you return to Konoha and with the help of friends old and new friends that you make along the way on your journey, you defeat the Akatsuki and the Dark Entity that someone bathed in the Mist but I know is an Uchiha will resurrect. The third option is bathed in mystery and there is no telling where you will go…..or even when. Now….choose."

Naruto was shell shocked! He never thought that anything like this would happen in his life. Still though, he would need to think on these three options. The first option really sucked! He would go through all that training to defeat the akatsuki, but die at the hands of some asshole by the name of Danzo! He quickly threw that option out the proverbial window. The second option is just a bit better. He could help all the outcasts of the world but he would either meet his end at the hands of Akatsuki or see that they are destroyed somewhat and see the Dark Entity, but he would not be strong enough to defeat IT. That option was too thrown out, and so all that remained was the third option that is bathed in mystery…..one where he could possibly win in. The choice was obvious to even a little kid. "I choose….Option Three! Let's get this party started!" Kyuubi nodded at this and felt that his conscious self would soon end because of this decision.


So with that Time started once again and Naruto's body glowed for few seconds before it shot off to the raging stream that sent him to Wave Country. Kakashi arrived just in time to see this happen and fall to his knees in failure as a teacher. "I'm sorry….i failed….old friends." He said as he looked to the sky and then pried the Uchiha out of the stone leg and set off back home…..to the soon to be depression.

With Naruto

Two days later, Naruto had found himself in front of the memorial his team had made for Zabuza and Haku. Naruto stared at it for a few minute before Kyuubi told time to take the blade. Naruto relented and took the blade. Though when it was out, it began to shine with a strange lightening like energy that Kyuubi had shouted was the power of the Timeline. Then there was a very bright flash that had attracted everyone in Wave Country, including little Inari as he was close by. Though that was not the problem, what was the problem was that Naruto felt searing pain as the Kyuubi's power was ripped out of him and lead into the blade as it glowed with power.

With Jiriaya…same time

He was talking with Tsunade on what to do on finding Nauto as they had not believed that Naruto was dead. He felt something….a weird pulse on his person and a scroll flew out of clothes with the label 'Yin' on it. He widened his eyes as Tsunade was just very confused as to what was happening. The scroll then unrolled as the other half of Kyuubi's power came out to form a sphere of 'demonic' power and then flashed out of existence and into the blade in Naruto's location.

That broke the old toad hermit as he fell to his knees, crying. "I truly failed you Minato…..your son really is dead." That statement shook Tsunade to the core as she too cried that the necklace took another soul and probably itself with it.

With Naruto

When the light died down and Naruto was no longer in pain, he panted as he took a look at the blade only to gasp as it had changed. It was larger with what looked like blue energy was travelling along the outside of it and with a figure eight symbol in the middle that glowed the same blue. It also had a few other odd designs on it as well. Though at he looked at them, the final words of the Kyuubi came to mind. Travel back to find the answers from the Six Paths Sage himself. He was confuse as hell but didn't get much time figure it out because he heard a voice.


Naruto looked to see that it was Inari, he smiled and said, "Hey…Inari." Before passing out.

So…yeah….a time travel story that is different then others. I plan on having Narito meet certain people, having people come to his time to help out. I do not have any idea who should pair up with Naruto…..I am also going to have a few crossovers. One you already know of....Prince of Persia.....i want to add in God of War.....give suggestions.