Time is an Ocean in a Storm

Chapter 24

Hey everyone, I know I made a mistake but instead of just fixing the mistake, I was thinking Sasuke was just clone that he made before he got crystalized. Anyway….this is the last chapter….

In the days that Ganondorf was resurrected, the land itself looked like it was dying. The sky was red with black clouds, the trees were losing their leaves, and all the green grass was now brown. During that that time, Konoha heard that an army of monsters were making their way to their home. Fortunantly, ninja move quicker that monster and a good number from other villages decided to help out since their Kages were in Konoha. Not to mention that all the former demon containers that were still alive were there as well.

When they did get word of this monster invasion, they all turned to Naruto, much to his shock. When he asked why, Hashirama said that he was the strongest ninja that they had and that kind of made him a leader of sorts to the villages. So, he decided to split the group into two groups, an infiltration group and a bigger group that would fight the monsters. So far, the infiltration group was Naruto, Inari, Mei, Katara, Kakashi, Itachi, Kushina, Temari,and Kankuro. The rest would stay back to beat the crap out of the monsters when they came.

Now, however, the group was in front of a dark looking castle that was the epicenter of all the madness that was going on. Konoha was starting their battle with the evil creatures that Ganondorf had summoned.

As they entered the building, the doors closed and melted into the walls so that they could not get out. "Damn, it is a trap!" Naruto growled out as they heard a sinister laugh.

"Correct!" came heavily accented voice as a shadow knight appeared. "Lord Ganondorf has returned and he wanted you all dead. You and the villages starting with Konoha. This will be you grave!" The shadow knight then disappeared into the shadows. "I will be waiting for you all at the top….don't disappoint me ."

"Well, that was rather uneventful." commented Inari.

"Make no mistakes, this place has the most powerful monsters here, be careful." Naruto said in all seriousness.

"Will do; now let's find Haruhi and the others!" Mei said.

As they made their way through the Dark Castle as they were calling it now, they noticed it was very similar to the castles you see in the movies with all the hidden traps. When they finally made it the middle floor, they noticed a series of doors with the symbol of each sage on the doors. They then heard the voice once again, "Oh how will you save them?"

"Ok he is getting annoying." Katara said angrily.

"Yeah well, just ignore him for the moment." Naruto said. "Mom, go get dad, Itachi, go after Jiriaya, Temari and Kankuro, go after Gaara, Kakashi, go after Sasuke, Inari and Katara, go after Kisame. I am just glad he did not get Fu, now let's head out!" Naruto said. Fu had come late to Konoha and had not suffered the crystallization like the others, so she stayed in Konoha to fight off the horde of incoming monsters. So as Naruto and Mei continues upward, the new teams went to their doors.

With Konoha…

Tsunade, along with Pain, Konan, Sakumo, and the other Kages, were at the front gates of the village where they watched as the Army of Darkness came upon them. She then turned to her shinobi and the shinobi of the other villages and announced, "The Hour of Darkness is upon us but don't fear, for we are prideful ninja of this land and we shall not succumb to this fear. Just have courage, that is all we need, for it has been all Naruto, the Time Sage has needed all his life. Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it!" She finished as all the ninja rose their hands up and cheered for victory. She turned back to the incoming army and yelled, "For the sake of the Light, CHARGE!" After she said that, every ninja rushed out to face their enemy head one while the strongest of their army went after the leaders of the Army of Darkness.

There may have been a shit load of smallish monsters, but Ganondorf had brought back some bad ass monsters.

The Second Hokage went after a large Fire Bug called Gohma. It seemed to have armor on it but that did not deter him in fighting it with all his might. That, along with some earth users flinging huge rocks and cracking the armor did help.

The First Hokage went after some huge ass carnivores plant that shot acid at anyone that tried to attack it and it somehow had a pool of acid following it around. He had heard about this in a book once, Kalle Demos he thought it was called. He was just happy he could the Mokuton to fight against this thing.

The Third Hokage, along with the monkey king, Enma, were fighting off possessed Baboon like creature that flung out wind attacks, among other things. Enma was just happy he was there to get rid of these things!

A, the Raikage and The Tsuchikage were fighting off two two headed Gleeoks, which were dragons to an extent. Let's just say the dragon like creature were not winning.

Tsunade and Sakumo were taking care of a monster called Bellum the evil phantom while Pain and Konan had their hands full with the leader of the Army of Darkness, Puppet Ganon. All in all, people could say that they would be talking about this battle for a long time.

With Inari and Katara…

As soon as they entered the room which held the Sage of Water, Kisame, they notice the shadow form of Ganondorf standing next to the crystalized Sage. He then smirked at them and said, "Welcome Sage of Reptiles and Mizukage Katara…..I hope you find this fun!" The darkness shifted around the shadow man before he disappeared and it consumed Kisame.

Dark Water Sage: Shark of the Acid Waters

"Greaaat." Both Inari and Katara deadpanned as they got ready to fight. What was weird though was that the water that was the floor was turning a purplish green. "Come on Inari, let's knock some sense into this fish."

"Yeah, let's get our Disney loving fish back." Inari said as the form of Kisame twitched a bit at that jab.

With Kushina…

Kushina found this room odd as it seemed that there were platforms everywhere and in the middle was the crystalized Minato, surrounded by a dark mist.

Dark Light Sage: Black Flash

The crystal broke and Minato slowly walked her. "Now, Minato-kun, it is me, Kushina….SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT!" She said as she wacked him over the head. He twitched a bit before disappearing in a flash of black. Kushina sighed, "I am so glad he taught me the Flying Thunder God." She then disappeared in a Red Flash.

Itachi was having the same problem with Jiriaya, the Demon Fire Toad, while Temari and Kankuro were dealing with the Twilight Shukaku. Somehow Kakashi didn't have to fight Sasuke as he was fighting his own inner battle with his evil self and Kakashi couldn't help but sweatdrop.

With Naruto and Mei

They had made it to the top of the Castle, they saw the Dark Knight. "So good of you to join me Naruto. Let me….introduce myself." The man said while taking off his helmet to reveal a shadow of Naruto! "As you can see, I am you, like many other things….call me your Shadow! Ganondorf combined your dark self with the essence of the Dahaka. Now let's dance!"

The two then charged at each other while Mei was ready for anything. While Naruto had out the Master Sword out, Shadow had a blade made of pure darkness. The two clashed their swords together and parried like they were mirror images of the other, Shadow finally decide to do something different. While their swords were at one another, he took out two daggers and stabbed Naruto in the shoulders. He smirked and yelled, "Shadow Lightning!" The shadows from all around them bended and twisted until the hit Naruto with lightning made of shadows.

"Argh!" Naruto grunted out as was blasted back towards Mei. "Mei, I think we need a plan to get rid of this guy."

"Well, how about I keep him busy while you do that." Mei smiled.

"Good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of that during the battle with the Dahaka….use as many of your water jutsu as you can, water might be his weakness." Naruto said.

"Right, Water Style: Hydra's Rage!" Mei called out as a stream of water came out of her mouth and then split into five hydra heads. The kept circling the knight, striking him every now and then. After a while, he had enough and sliced them away and Mei was on the defensive with her water blades activated.

"Shadow Waves!" Shadow called out he swung his blade and out came dark waves of water that threw her back a few feet but the damage had been done and sent a Shadow Lightning attack a her and she screamed in pain.

That pissed her off and she called out her newest attack as she performed a handsigns and called, "Sage Mode: Dance of the Hydra!" Her eyes went to a teal slitted eyes and she was enshrouded in a cloak of water where 8 Hydra heads seemed to be coming out of her back. What was weird was the two more heads were coming from her hands and were made of the Lava and Boil elements.

Shadow took one look at and deadpanned, "Aw…..shit." He quickly went to dancing around the heads of the Hydras but he slipped up and the lava one hit him in the chest and the boil one flung him into the air where it was hard for him to dodge the water ones.

While that was going one, Naruto had thought of a plan and brought out his Uzumaki blade and called out Fusion to make a double sided blade and then channel wind on one end and water on the other on the other while both sides had lightning running through them. He spun them around until it created a whirlwind of sorts and called out, "Hurricane Buzz Saw!" and then "Shadow Hurricane Buzz Saw!"

Mei jumped away as 20 vertical attacks came right at Shadowwho barely dodged out of the way in time. That was all Naruto needed as he sent his other bodies to restraint that man. In a flash, Shadow was held down by ice on his right leg, a hard as steel branch on his right arms, some form of metal connected to his left arm, and the black flames of Amestaru burning up is left leg. While he was screaming in pain and yelling at Naruto for him to stop, Naruto was powering up a jutsu. "Time and Water Style: Taima-Uzu-Rasenshurikan" Naruto then rushed at him and plunged the shurikan like sphere of time lightning, water, and pure chakra into the chest of his shadow self. Shadow screamed in agony as his body was shredded apart from the inside out.

As what was left of his body faded away, a sinister laughed echoed as the Naruto-fied Ganondorf appeared on the roof. "So, you, like you annoying friends have survived the enemy I set up for you. They should be here soon but I want this to end now!" Ganondorf said as he shot a beam of energy at Mei, freezing her in place. Haruhi joined her in a flash of light. "Kill me and your loved ones will be free, but lose and everyone you care about will die." He chuckled and created a barrier around them so no one would interfere. "I have sent some of my strongest minion on you but you survive every time. This time, I will do it myself to make sure you die a painful death.

Ganondorf shot a blast of energy at Naruto, who mearly side stepped it but soon and to make quicker as the mad man short lots more at him and they seemed to be tracking him. He was able to slash at them with is Master Sword and sent some back at him but that made some of the others to get to him and shock the hell out of him.

This was the scene the others finally came to see when they had gotten there. They saw Naruto get shocked and it seemed he had enough as he stood up and yelled "Rage of the Titans" but he was not done yet, "Storm Style: Raging Claws of the Dragon." A storm cloud fromed around Naruto as it formed a large dragon and then began clawing at Ganondorf. The mad man had to work over time to dodge the claws and when he did get hit, his body was almost cut to piece because at the last second, he got out of the claws. With his I.E.M. S., he shot out a concentrated beam of black lightning to disrupt the dragon and send Naruto flying into the barrier.

"Fool you can't win that way!" Ganondorf laughed as he was once again in the air with his levitation skill.

"We'll see about that…." Naruto growled out as he was weakly got up from that body jarring attack. "Sage Mode: Wrath of Time!" There was an explosion of power that was felt from the battle field in Konoha. Instead of the normal changes when he uses the Rage ablilities, his pupils went to that of the Toad Sage Mode with a dragonic like slit across it and it seemed to have a fire storm traveling around it. He also had a fiery blue Phoenix wing and a fiery blue Dragon wing on his back. Out of the wings can eight Hydra heads, each made of a different element. After that, all his swords came out of his coat and fused to create a new sword, Blade of Time's Wrath. Minato noticed that Naruto unlocked a unique stage of their bloodline that skipped him, the Arashigan!

Before Ganondorf knew it, Naruto was performing hand signs like crazy. "Divine Storm Guardian!" A giant griffin made of odd storm clouds with blue vein like lines on it body was now stomping down on Ganondorf. It crushed one of his arms while ripping his other arm clean off. Ganondorf tried to shot more of his black lightning at the beast but it was just absorbed and that was the time Naruto rushed him. Naruto swung his new blade, chopping off the mad man's legs and gave him an X shaped scar on his chest. Naruto then held his hand up and the beast melted to his palm and formed a six point drill of all things. "Divine Style: Storm Drill Penetration!" With that, the drill was plunged into Ganondorf's chest as it ripped him to pieces.

As Naruto walked away, he to look back because he heard crazed laughter coming from the surprising still alive Ganondorf. Naruto looked on in fear as Ganondorf's body was slowly being lifted into that air by black energy. "He he he, yes….i fell the fear coming from you….from everyone and everything in this land. Even from my own minions and the fear I hold within myself. Fear is the most devastating of all human emotions. Man has no trouble like the paralyzing effects of fear. It gives me POWER!"

Naruto was blown back as it was now Ganondorf's turn to have explosion of power. As our hero looked up, he saw the new form of Ganondorf. (Twilight Ganondorf….i don't know how to describe that.) He was no longer in his old weak from that showed Naruto's form. "He he he, fear is all the power in the world that I need. Fear is what makes people strong, because the weak fear the strong!" He yelled as he held out his hand and a sword materialized in it. It was a pure black blade with red runic veins running up and down the blade. Blade of Fear.

"Your wrong." Naruto said as he slowly got back up. "Not fear, but hope."

"HOPE!" Ganondorf boomed as laughed. "Hope is for the weak….hope all you want to win, you will still die!"

"Hope is what makes up strong! It is why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost." With that sentence, it started a chain reaction as he felt an odd bluish white energy start to enter him. The Sage saw this and knew it was the fabled Power of Hope. They gathered the surrounding energy around and in them to send it to Naruto. Fu, who was at the battle field was doing the same thing with everyone and everything around her. All that energy went into Naruto and they were blinded by a bright light as another shockwave of power rocked the land.

When the light died down, Naruto stood once again, his black coat was gone and his form was a bit different. He had the same eyes except the firestorm was now bluish white, the 'wings' had transformed into a flaming bluish white cape, and his hair was a flame with a white color. "Sage Mode Level 2: Advent of Hope" he called out as the sword he held shift to a smaller form that was pure white and blue runic veins running up and down the blade. Blade of Hope.

Ganondorf growled and said, "So, you think that power will work for you….very well, we'll see about that!" The two then charged at each and their blades clashed. They were locked in a fierce sword battle that whenever their swords met, a shockwave of power was sent out. It seemed to have shattered the barrier and the barrier around Mei and Haruhi because everyone was behind some fallen debris.

"This is insane!" Inari got out.

"Ya got that right, never knew the dobe could be that strong!" the dark prince said.

"They seem to have equal power….i just Hope Naruto can win." Katara said as she felt another shockwave rock them, only, this one was stronger.

"Don't worry, my daddy came do anything!" Haruhi shouted with a fist in the air, which made Sasuke and the other shinobi smirk as she reminded them of a younger Naruto.

As little Haruhi said this, Naruto struck rather hard and that stunned the Fear Maniac four a few seconds and that was all he needed and pulled a Shadow. He took out a kunai and stabbed it in Ganondorf's shoulder. That made the arm useless as Naruto swung his blade and chopped the Blade of Fear in half. As it fell to the floor, it was swallow up by some black energy before disappearing. Naruto then stabbed the Blade of Hope into Ganondorf's chest, finally killing him. What Naruto expect however was when Ganondorf's body fell to the ground, it dissolved into darkness that form a seal that glowing purple and halfway light up. The purple light dissolved a bit as only a four of it was lit up and it then floated into the sky and formed a blackhole. It then began to suck in all the surrounding Darkness and even the Army of Darkness was being dragged into the Blackhole. Everyone on the battle just assumed that Naruto had one even though that they had killed all the main leaders of the Army of Darkness. Then, the blackhole stopped and caved in on itself.

The skies began to clear and it seemed that things were back to normal… in the ninja world anyway. Naruto sighed as he dropped the Sage Mode and turned to the others. "Well guys, let's go home." They all Azure Flashed out of site and not a moment too soon I might add as the whole building collapsed.

Once back in Konoha, Mei turned to Naruto and asked, "So, what's next?"

"Dunno, I have not thought that far ahead." Naruto replied which got a collected sweatdrop from all those that heard.

Back in Konoha….a few days later…

Naruto was in council meeting with all the kages and high powered people. "Here is what I propose. We create a new village one that unites us all and prepares us for what is in the ouside world…beyond the ocean."

There was some murmuring and finally they took a vote. It seemed that Naruto's idea had won.

In the later years, a new village was built and it was bigger than any of the villages put together. They called it…Tokyo.


The years had gone on and the village of Tokyo had prospered. It was the largest city in the land and there were a lot of civilian that live there. Ninja were scarce nowadays, because only the best of the best were around. Those were the children of the heroes of the past. Haruhi was much older now and see was looking out of the largest building in the city…or city hall as people called it.

She sighed as she reminisced about the past when her father was still alive. She was trained so that she would be stronger than both her parents combined. It was hard but she finally the strongest person alive…well next to her brother Link anyway. That bugger was badass business man and one of the richest men alive.

Anyway, after their father died, they decided that neither of them would ever use the Blade of Hope, unless there was a national emergency like when she was ten. Smile at that, that was one of the best days of her life, she father kick some real ass that day.

A door opened and in came Naruto and Mei, her son named them after his grandparents. Minato and Kushina came in next, they were a bit older but they still loved to visit their grandmother. "Grandma! Can you tell us a story about Great Grandpa's best adventure?' She chuckled, how could she say no to her twin 6 year old grandchildren and her other twin 13 year olds. "Sure, how about I tell you about his defeat of the evil man named Ganondorf…."


I really hope you all like this story. The ending is kinda rushed but I just wanted to be done with this story ya know. Hell, I had fun with it anyway and this is my first story that I have completed! Ya me!

Now I am sure you can tell I put some famous quotes in there. Yeah I went on the net and found some good one but the last one, "Hope is what makes us strong….blah blah blah," is from God of War 3….loved that game. Also, if you have ever played Uncharted 2, then you know where I got the last line for Naruto from.

Anyway, I have a question. I three ideas for a story in mind and I want you to vote for my next story…

Of Metal and Death: Naruto gains a power from his past self( starkiller from SW: Force Unleashed) and from Kyuubi's old self (cole from infamous.) and another power from his messed up bloodline, and that kills the fox. This messes up the Akatsuki's plan and sends Madara on a rampage, which then summons the Shinigami and gain the power over dead by becoming a Shinigami. The new Shi Akatsuki( Death Dawn) are looking for blood while while pain helps Naruto and Konoha. It is a Naruto disappears during his training with Jiriaya type of story but he does return. This will be a Naruto/Hinata Pairing.

Untited: This story is untited at the moment and I need a background plot instead on the usual Naruto plot….makes it more original to please give me some ideas. Anyway, this is a Naruto/Soul Eater crossover were a Kishin Egg learns seals from a book from Naruto's world and when the Soul Eater gang find him, he sends Tsubaki and Black Star to Naruto's world during the wave arc. Naruto find them after trained while on the way to wave….a bit before they meet Zabuza. The rogue ninja gets annoyed with Black Star and kills him. Naruto tries to save him but that does not work. Black Star makes a last request that Naruto take care of Tsubaki and that he could part of the Star Clan. This is a story where also get a power far greater than the Rinnengan(a multicolored Rinnengan!) he will be very powerful but he had to use hard work to get to it. Sasuke gets the Sharigan from this story and it will be called the Peace Sharingan. Sakura will have a bloodline where she has use of the Sakura Style….sort of like that Fear the Pink mist story for Naruto….senbonzakura stuff. The team is actually friendly to each other…blah blah blah and this will be a Naruto/Tsubaki pairing

Another Path: During the scroll incident, naruto finds a seal that is addressed to him and get his mom and dad's scrolls. He doesn't look at them right away as he has training to do. After the incident, he learns of his family and the kyuubi, in all its intelligence, helps naruto by unlocking his bloodlines. He never expected to die because these bloodline and as the power of the fox is fully with in naruto, it created another bloodline, now he had 3 bloodlines! He is then taught by his mother's old students and finds many things in life. They would be Hayate, Genma, and that Neko Anbu. The three bloodlines would be Uzugan(whirlpool eye) from his mom, a speed enhancer from his dad(flash step prolly), and the third is to sword that use spirit energy….my own creations. Yep it will be a Naruto/Bleach crossoever. He creates his own organ ization that saves the other demon container and they join his later. He eventually gets kicked out of Konoha(when sasuke go to orochimaru) and creates his own village…..from the remains of Soul Society. Will be a Naruto/Fu story.