(Jim/Jesse, Zane/Atticus, Jaden/Jesse-implied & Jim/Adrian-implied) Zane loves Atticus, who's trying to get Jim and Jesse together. Zane has to figure out if it's worth the risk to tear Adrian away from Jim long enough for Atticus' plan to catch wind in it's sails. Ah, problem? The plan just caught fire!!

(A/N: Ah, my Goodbyes became too emo! so, i'm doing another JimJess fanfic! this time, it's supposed to be during the time BEFORE jesse went all emo and possessed XD anywho, enjoy this.... stuff)


Slowly. Real slow. Slower.



Jesse jumped a mile as Jim's pet snapped again. Jesse sighed and slowly approached from the front.

Maybe? Slow. Slower. Just a bit more. Just--


Jesse jumped back again. Jaden laughed and Jesse groaned. "Do I smell like meat?" he asked Shirley.

"Nah, I think she just likes you," Jaden said jokingly.

Jim came around the corner. Jesse, like always, dove for cover behind something. Today it was a stone bench near the entrance to the academy.

"Shirley!" He looked surprised. "Hm, I wondered where you'd gotten to, girl." He knelt down and touched the top of Shirley's head.

Jaden didn't say that Jesse was cowering behind the bench right next to him. Jesse had grown accustomed to hiding as best he could when Jim came around. For whatever reason, Jesse had grown to "love" Jim more than a friend should. "Well, you found her."


Jesse suddenly jumped out from behind the bench and was plastered to the next one, clutching his chest, over his heart. "Don't DO that!"

Atticus and Adrian smiled at him.

"You are both way too weird for me. Don't do that," he whimpered, slumping into a little ball at the corner of the bench. He was feeding off a gloomy aura. It was obvious that he wasn't happy, but it wasn't as obvious as--



Jaden noticed, right away, that Jim looked a bit frightened of Adrian, but hid it well. "Hi!" he said, happily trying to intervene.

"Jim, Shirley looks so pretty today."

Jim just nodded.

Jaden felt a cold chill between them and clutched himself into a hug, which he was joined by Atticus. Jesse wasn't helping, feeding them his little emo aura.

Adrian knelt down. "Aw, she's so pretty! C'mere, girl." He started petting her.

Jaden was shocked out of his cold chill and looked at Adrian with shock. Jesse could barely touch her. How was anybody except for Jaden and Jim able to touch her?!

Adrian stood up. "Well, should we be going?"

Jim bowed his head and mumbled something. That was very unlike Jim. He scooped up Shirley, tying her to his back.

Adrian held out his hand, a cruel smile on his face. "Then let's go."

Jim slowly raised his own hand to Adrian's and he was pulled away.

Jaden and Atticus heard a soft "plop" and looked to their right.

Jesse looked like he'd been shot in the head and foot. He was crawling away on his stomach. What was funny was that he rolled over and started making a grass angel. He sucked his lips inward and was biting down on them as he wiggled in the grass before getting up.

"So, what's next?!"