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Black as he's painted

By Blackie

Whatever Andromeda had written in her letters, whatever breathtaking drawings she had send home with her tawny owl, nothing, nothing could have prepared him for this.

They had come by boat. Cissa had told him about the boats. But then, Cissa got sea-sick, so she was confident that every one else was sea-sick too. That's what Narcissa did. When in doubt, blame the rest of the world. Sirius had got into the boat with a brother and sister who said their surname was Macmillan and a small blond girl who called herself Jemima Malfoy. The Macmillians looked at her in disgust when she said her name. Sirius had shivered. Would people treat him like he was something that should be stamped on whenever he announced himself in public?

The small first years huddled together in the cold Entrance Hall. Sirius could see Potter, Pettigrew and Lupin standing near each other, Poter talking animatedly with Pettigrew, Lupin trying to look like he didn't exist. Many people had come up to Sirius, then quickly sidled away when they saw who he was. Two girls; sisters, if not twins, were standing close, whispering to each other.

A tall woman in green robes marched up to them. Sirius shrank behind Jemima Malfoy. She smirked at him, and suddenly he made the connection between her surname and the boy he'd been accosted by on the coach. This girl must be Malfoy's younger sister. He glared at her, and she glared back.

"Ehem." The tall witch coughed, causing Sirius to turn quickly back to her.

"My name is Professor McGonagall. Welcome to Hogwarts." She smiled warmly at them all. Then her eyes fell upon Sirius and the Malfoy girl and her smile became slightly forced.

"Hogwarts will soon become your home. In a few moments we shall enter the Great Hall and you shall be sorted. Your house, which you will be sorted into will become your family. I expect-," her voice continued monotonously as Sirius resumed his glaring match with the Malfoy girl.

"It is time." The words caught Sirius's attention as the large wooden doors swung open. A sea of expectant faces stared at he and the other first years as the long line began to shuffle forward. Lucius Malfoy, looking even more aristocratic than ever, could be heard saying loudly "My sister, of course, my younger sister, Jemima Malfoy, of course she will be in Slytherin." Jemima Malfoy blushed and looked at the floor as James Potter glared daggers at her. Sirius felt a sudden stab of sympathy, then quickly looked away.

McGonagall walked up onto a large platform where a small, rickety stool was placed, with an old, patched hat balancing precariously on top of it. She unrolled a long piece of parchment and read out a name.

"Abbot, Johnathon." A small boy with bright red hair ran up and jammed the hat onto his head. The hat paused for a moment, before shouting "HUFFLEPUFF!" The names was slowly read out, Sirius becoming increasingly more bored with each one, until:

"Black, Sirius!" Whispers and muttering filled the halls. Sirius blushed, and scrambled onto the stool. It fell over his ears, and the sounds of the hall became muffled and quiet.

Hello, Mr Black. Now, where shall you go?


Oh yes. Good Evening. Hmmm…

Um, not to sound rude or anything, but who are you?

Politeness, yes, a Hufflepuff quality… but oh! A dislike of… yes… I see now…


Not now, dear boy, not now. Goodness, you are in a hurry, aren't you. Such a good quality of Air…


Hmmm. Better be…

"GRYFFINDOR!" The noises stopped. Sirius slowly pulled the hat off his head to see everyone staring at him in various stages of disbelief.

"Go, to your new house, Mr Black," McGonagall said, her lips pursed. He walked to the table where the people wearing red and gold sat. No one made room for him. He squeezed onto the end as McGonagall cleared her throat and said

"Brenner, Emerald." As one of the sisters he's seen in the hall walked up nervously, he saw that James Potter was still glaring at him from his place in the line. As Emerald Brenner was made a Gryffindor and her sister Ruby walked up, everyone made room for her.

It seemed that being a Black did not do much for your reputation.