If I owned naruto none of the Takatsuki would have died and sasuke and Karin would had been killed before they were even put back In the time skip version.

"I hate you hidan" Kakuzu said as he shifted himself in hidans lap trying to pull the short skirt he had on down his legs farther.

I know most of you people want to know why the fuck Kakuzu is in Hidans lap and why he's wearing a skirt well just keep reading and you'll find out

------------------FLASHBACK OF DOOM ----------------2 hours earlier-----------------------------------------------

Kakuzu and hidan were sitting in leaders office waiting to get their next mission.

"Kakuzu ,hidan seeing as both Itachi and Deidara are gone on missions with their partners and I don't have the time to wait for them to get back you will have to do this assassination mission instead of one of them." Leader said as he leaned back in his swirly office chair *A/N I love office chairs there so fun*

"We'll take the mission but I don't see why those teams would normally get this mission in the first place." Kakuzu said

"The other teams would take this because for this mission you have to seduce the target not just get in kill the guy and get out" Leader said with a chuckle.

"WHAT!!!!!!!" Kakuzu and hidan yelled .

"Well you already accepted so who's going to be the girl" Leader smirked

"NOT ME !" they both said at the same time.

"Fine then we will just flip a coin and see who gets picked now hidan pick heads or tails." Leader smirked as he took out a quarter from seemingly no where.

"I pick fucking heads!" Hidan shouted as the coin was tossed into the air.

The coin flipped dramatically in the air and landed on the table with the TAILS up!

"YES! IN YOUR FUCKING FACE KAKU- wait how's he supposed to be a girl "

"Hm he'll just have to use a henge to change now DISMISSED!" leader said as he threw some balled up cloths at Kakuzu.

-----------------------BACK IN THE ZOMBIE BROS ROOM-------------------------------------------------------

"Well go ahead and transform we've got a mission to do time is money" Hidan said while snickering.

"Oh shut up!' Kakuzu said as he walked into the bathroom to start the henge.

---------------------------------------in the bathroom--------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Ok its just for the mission theres nothing to be afraid of." Kakuzu said as he gave himself a pep talk.

Kakuzu started the jutsu "SEXY NO JUTSU" when the smoke cleared you cold see a average height female standing about 5' 5" with a large cloak just about to fall off of her shoulders. She had Soft brown hair that was about down to her shoulders and medium sized boobs with a small waist and thin legs.

"Ok now lets just put on th- WHAT THE FUCK!" Kakuzu said as he opened the bag only to find a black and red maid outfit *A/N Theres a link to the pic on my profile *

"just fucking great not only am I a girl I have to where a fucking maids outfit" Kakuzu mumbled as he put the outfit on .

----------------in the room after Kakuzu in done getting dressed---------------------------------------------------------

Hidan turns to look up from his bed as he heres the bathroom door open

"Don't you dare laugh at me you bastard!" Kakuzu seethed

"*As he tries to hold I his laughter* What the fucking hell are you wearing"

"Leader put this in the bag now lets go I want to get this over with"

They walked out of base and headed off to kirigakure which is where their mission takes place

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