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--------- 3 am the next morning --------------------

Kakuzu was asleep underneath her soft brown covers. She was peacefully sleeping when she felt a sudden weight on her lower back.

'What theā€¦. HIDAN what are you doing." Kakuzu said as she started to try and get up of her bed.

Of course hidans weight was to great for her to lift off her back. She started to kick and struggle to get out from under Hidan.

Hidan quickly grabbed the back of her baby blue thong that was sticking out from the blue lingerie.

"Move and I will pull this thong so far up your ass you will taste it in the back of your throat!" Hidan said with a sneer as he started to gently pull up on the thong.

Kakuzu settled down and just sat under hidans weight and laid there as he felt Hidan lower his thong. Then right as the thong was about to go into his lingerie Hidan pulled it up all the way above her head and placed it right under her chin. Once the thong was in place a POOF sounded and a cloud of smoke appeared right where Kakuzu once was.

In the place of the smoke and the female Kakuzu was a fully male Kakuzu in all his copper skinned glory. There was a couple things different about him though like his stitches had disappeared ad he was smaller than before but his head came up to hidans shoulder. With the fact that he was wearing blue lingerie that was meant for a women body and a thong also meant for a women body.

And since the clothing was meant for a women and couple sizes to small for the now male Kakuzu the thong completely ripped which he was glad for seeing as it was giving him a wedgie and the lingerie didn't completely rip but it didn't rip in some places.

Of course while all this was happening Hidan had got off of Kakuzu and was just staring at him.

"what the fucking jashin was that!" "Yes im back to normal! AND IM PARTIALLY NAKED HIDAN GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Kakuzu yelled when he remembered just what he was wearing.

________2 days later on a scouting mission.____________________________________

Two cloaked figures walked down an eerie abandoned pathway the shorter cloaked figure was grumbling to himself about how horrible the last mission went and how he was going to get back at the taller male for putting him through that kind of pain..

Flashback 2 hours ago

"I know you both just got back from your last mission but now that Kakuzu is back to normal you are being sent on another mission." A heavily shadowed person said and then paused for any objections

"I normally leave the spying to zetsu but he's on a different mission and we need the information now" "Ugh fine but I swear if one of us has to be a woman Hidan has to do it!" Kakuzu said with a sigh

"Don't worry neither of you have to transform into any thing but you need to infiltrate one of orochimarus bases and retrieve a scroll. Do not go in alone you both need to be in the base at the same time there are series of ambushes set up according to zetsu's earlier spying."

End flashback

'Now all I need to do is find some way to get back at all the things Hidan did to me while I was a female." Kakuzu thought as he walked slowly behind Hidan. They were almost to the village right outside the hideout that they were supposed to infiltrate.

30 minutes later

"One room please." Hidan said as he handed the money over to the old man at the main desk. "Room 468 4th floor have a nice stay!" The old man said as he cracked a smile at Kakuzu. Both men walked to the room they had the key for.

'I know how to get back at Hidan ill just go get the scroll and take it back to leader and he'll punish Hidan for not doing anything! it's a brilliant Idea!" Kakuzu thought as he laid down in the bed next to hidans.

12:00 midnight that night

Kakuzu softly opened the window in their room looking back to make sure his partner was still asleep.

Kakuzu stealthily moved down the side o the building and walked to the edge of the village and masked his chakra and continued to move towards the hideout.

Once Kakuzu had gotten in the hideout he was almost immediately surrounded by sound ninja. (A/N since im no good at fight scenes ill just give you the really important details J) Of course Kakuzu had tried to use his threads but right as he tried to he noticed that his threads weren't on his arms or any part of his body for that matter. And putting 2 and 2 decided that since his threads weren't on his skin he couldn't use them at all. Right as he thought of this a bunch of kunai with chakra enhanced strings connected to them.

The ropes wrapped themselves around Kakuzu and brought the broad male to the ground. Kakuzu let out a strangled whimper as he saw all the sound ninja start to surround his tied body.

The next morning Hidans pov

"Kakuzu! Kakuzu! Jashin fucking damnit where is that copper assed fucker?" Hidan said with a mix of worry and anger displayed on his face.

That morning Kakuzu pov

I started to struggle right when I woke up only to find that my body was tied up in a very strict ball tie. Kakuzu's legs were tied together and forced up to right under his ass. His arms were tied together pal to palm and there was tape rapped around his fingers so he couldn't do any jutsu's. The his arms were tied at the elbow and forced to his back which brought his chest out and there were ropes rapping up his chest. Next a thick black ball-gag with a poisonous liquid on the inside was placed in his mouth and it was stretching his jaws as far as they would go and there were bruises forming on his jaw line.

Then his legs were bent forwards to touch his chin and then there were ropes tied around his front and then rapped around his back to keep him in a ball shape. Kakuzu was whimpering and struggling trying to get out of the ball tie.

Too be continued

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