Hello everyone it's been awhile since I updated, but I have not forgotten about this couple. I love them so much. I was kind of torn between posting it in Drabbles of a Swordsman, but decided to post to Caught in the Act. It's been awhile since an update anyway. ^^

Let's begin

One Piece

Caught in the Act

Small omake 2: Pictures

Zoro walked in the gallery he noticed Sanji with the same confused look on his face.

"Do you know why Crocodile asked to talk to us in here?" Zoro asked taking a seat next to him.

Sanji shrugged, "I don't know, but he said he had something to show us." He lit a cigarette sitting back in his chair.

"Well, whatever it is he better hurry up and tell us. He took me away from a very good nap for this." Zoro said.

Sanji scoffed, "Can't you stay awake for more than three seconds."

"If I have something to do I can." Zoro said smirking at Sanji.

Sanji frowned a light flush forming on his face, "Shut it Marimo."

Crocodile's footsteps stopped the impending fight. He took a seat across from them lighting up a cigar.

"So what is it?" Zoro asked.

Crocodile smirked, "I was looking for some matches one day when I found this in the drawer." He pulled an envelope out of his coat pushing it towards Sanji and Zoro. They eyed him curiously before peeking inside. Sanji's eyes widened as Zoro glared. He turned to Sanji, "I thought you hid these pictures!"

"I thought you did asshole!" Sanji retorted.

Crocodile's smirk widened, "I take it this was a very private moment in Chopper's sickbay. I wonder if anyone knows about the nurse's outfit…"

Sanji glared, "You wouldn't,"

"I won't, on one condition." Crocodile said.

"What is it?" Zoro asked.

Crocodile leaned back, "You give me a break and I'll forget these pictures."

Zoro sighed, but nodded. "Fine, but remember I won't hesitate if you hurt Luffy."

"Me either," Sanji said.

Crocodile smirked, "I wouldn't expect anything less."

I think it was funny and pretty cute. I like showing how Crocodile tries to bond with the Strawhats for Luffy. It's fun ^^ I have a whole Christmas story finished, but I wonder if I should post it now or later since it's not the holiday season anymore. I'll still think about it. Until next time see ya ^^.