The quotes from the fanfic are from the original script for Avatar, avaibille online. Some things will be missing, added, or different.

1-First Sight

We see all. We watch from the trees, we watch the sky people especially.

So we saw it as the metalbird landed, and as a sky person and a dreamwalker leapt out.

They look around, holding the metal-stick-bows, ready to shoot. We're ready to, our bows strung.

Doctor Grace Augustine leapt out of the Metalbird and ran to the window, where she signalled something to a skyperson in the cockpit, and then ran over to the skyperson with the metal-stick-bow.

"Stay with the ship. One idiot with a gun is enough."

Grace hates gun. When she taught us, she told us that metal-stick-bows were bad.

"Whatever you say, Doc."

The Skyperson sat on the edge of the metalbird, still holding the metal-stick-bow, as Grace and two dreamwalkers went into the forest.

"You'll have fun out there!" The skyperson said, laughing.

The dreamwalker with the gun glared at the Skyperson, then shrugged at followed Grace and the other dreamwalker into the forest.

"Lets follow them." Tsu'tey said beside me.

We ran across the large branch, unseen and following them. They were respecting the forest, at least. But they still shouldn't be here.

The Dreamwalker with a metal-stick-bow looked nervous. He clutched it tightly, so much that his knuckles were white.

"Relax, Marine." Grace said "You're making me nervous."

Grace pushes ahead of him, and follows the trail. I know where it is leading too-the old schoolhouse.

"How will we know we're here?" The more peaceful, male dreamwalker said.

"I'm sure they're watching us right now." Grace said, with a shrug.

The peaceful male dreamwalker gulped, and quickly entered the schoolhouse. The dreamwalker with the Metal-stick-bow looked behind him. He was the last to enter the schoolhouse.

We leapt down onto the roof, and stared through a hole. The metal-stick-bow carrying dreamwalker looked around, whilst Grace and the other dreamwalker were taking a few things from shelves.

"The Kids were so bright, so eager to learn..." Grace was saying "They picked up English faster than I could teach it to him."

"Bring the soil probe—right there...yellow case."

Even the roosting stingbats found them suspicious, especially the one with the metal-stick-bow. They fluttered there wings angrily, as Grace picked up a book and put it back on a shelf.

"The Stingbats knock em off." Grace said "I guess I always hope that somebody will come back and read them."

"Why don't they come back."

"The Na'vi learnt as much about us as they needed to."

"Darn right we did." Tsu'tey muttered "Even she can accept that."

"Grace was...better than the others." I replied.

The one with the metal-stick-bow looked at the holes in the blackboard caused by the small-metal-arrows. "What happened here?"

"Are you going to help us with this gear?" Grace was unusually sharp. "We've got a lot to do."

Grace packed the equipment into her back, and then left the schoolhouse, her two dreamwalker's following.

We followed them back into the forest. They respected the forest-Grace and the peaceful ones did experiments, whilst the one with the metal-stick-bow kept guard. Tsu'tey had his bow aimed at him at all times.

"See? Right here. Where the roots of the two trees interact." Grace said.

The one with the metal-stick-bow seemed bored, and walked forward, towards a group of Helicoradians. He brushed one, and as usual, it was sucked down.

He seemed curious, and so he touched another. This time, the rest of the group were sucked down, leaving him facing a Hammerhead Titanothere.

He raised his weapon.

Grace and the other ran in, and looked at it. "Don't shoot. You'll piss it off."

It bellowed and lowered it head, ready to charge.

"Its already pissed off!"

"Jake, that armours too thick. Trust me." Grace said.

Jake backed away. I laughed softly. The skypeople had no knowledge...

"It's a territorial threat display. Do not run, or he'll charge."

"What do I do?" Jake asked.

"Hold your ground!" Grace replied.

The Hammerhead slashed its head sideways, and bellowed. It lowered its head and charged.

Jake ran at it, screaming as loud as he could, holding his arms out wide. I was amazed that it worked; so was Tsu'tey.

"Oh Yeah!" Jake yelled "Who's bad?! That's right!"

He hadn't noticed the Thantor, the beast even us struggled to kill or run from. Tsu'tey watched, excited.

"That's what I'm talking about, Bitch!" he said.

The Hammerhead turned around, and walked into the forest. "That's right motherf-"

The Thantor snarled. Jake span around and saw it, launch over him. It hissed.

"What about this one?" he asked Grace, "Run? Don't Run? What?"

"Run!" Grace yelled "Definitely! Run!"

Jake bolted, the Thantor leaping after him.