Ok, This story might sound kind of crazy but it came to me one day when i was watching Wizard of Waverly Place and Twitches so see if you can find where Wizards of Waverly place is and where Twitches is.

I hope you like it

CHAPTER 1: The Truth... Attempt 1

" Come on Bella you can do this all you have to do is call Edward, tell him to put me on speaker, and tell the Cullens the truth" I said to myself ,pacing my room. After two minutes pacing I picked up my phone and dialed Edwards number.

"Yes love" Oh no.

I took a deep breath." Edward is your family near you" I tried to stay confident

" No I'm in my room"

"Ok well go down stairs and- wait what are doing in you room, are you writing in your journal again?" I'm serious, he is suppose to be a 109 year old man , but when he's writing in that journal he acts like a 13 year old girl. One time I caught him laying belly-flat on his couch and kicking his legs, writing in it.

"No, just laying on my couch, listening to music, missing you. Awwww somethings he makes me want to- snap out of it Bella.

" Edward can you do something for me?"

"Sure love, is everything alright" I'M A WIZARD!

"No everything find. Go down stairs, call everybody. and put me on speakers." I said firmly

"Yes ma'ma" It sounded like he was grinning when he said that. Sometimes the way he talks is so cute. Stupid cute

I heard his foot steps down the stair. " Everybody, Bella has something to tell you. She on the phone."


"Yes Bella" Carlisle said

Here goes" I have something to tell you that Ive never told you guys before"

" Shoot!" Emmet said in he booming voice. It sent shivers down my spine.

"Ok" Say it Bella, say it. " I..." Say it! " I have a brother." Crap. Well at least its the truth, if it wasn't I would be stuck. His name is Dean.

" WHAT!" They said conjointly. Damn, damn, damn.

"Why didn't you tell us" Alice said in her pixie-like voice.

" Because...I..well...I don't know"

"I never seen picture in your house with your brother"Were did that velvet voice come from? Oh Yeah from my boyfriend. The only reason he never seen his pictures is because he's never seen my real house, I live there by myself.

"Yes you have. Remember 'who's that loser you hugging?' I never did answer your question." Just kidding, those were pictures of me and Jacob. Pour mix up Jacob, doesn't even know he's a werewolf.

I heard a chuckle from the background, it sounded like Jasper. " Jasper" Edward growled. I knew it.

"That was your brother?" Nope, Jacob.

"Yes, I forgot to tell you that, well I have to go cook for Charlie" I actually to- what was I suppose to do?" Bye"

" Bye, love"

I hung up the phone and laid on my bed. " That went well"

-You are the thunder and I am the lighten- I know that ringtone anywhere I picked up the phone, " Alex" I growled

" Bella where are you, aren't you suppose to be here, training us?" Thats what I was suppose to do.

" Oh snap, I totally forgot. Is uncle Jerry mad?"

"Define mad?" Man

" I'll be right the there"

I went to my under ground garage, thats were I hide my magic carpet and expensive vehicle and since I'm not going to the Cullens house, I don't need to take my faded red truck. So what form of transpiration should I use? I decided I was not going to use my motorcycle this time,I should take my white Volvo. Man, if Edward ever seen this car, he would be pissed, ha, This might sound selfish but I would like to see that. I got in the car and drove away.

At a stop light I saw my life flash before my eyes. Not a thought of how it would be when I'm a full wizard, but like I'm in so much trouble. Because of the bronzed haired man in the silver Volvo next to me. Oh my god I'm gonna here this tomorrow at school. He rolled down his window I knew what he was gonna say ' Bella what the world!'

"Bella, what the world!" See, I knew it.

" Hey Edward, what's up?"

" What are you doing in that car?" Uh, driving it! On my way to WIZARD TRAINING!

Before I could answer, the light turned green " See you at school, bye" Then I speed out of there like there was no tomorrow.

Please please please tell me he's not following me. I slowly checked my rear view mirror. Crap he's is following me, maybe he's just going to his house. My real house and my cousins house is in the same forest as his house . Maybe he's going to his house. I made a right into the forest and Edward house was the first house. I slowly checked my rear view mirror, "Oh thank g- never mind, he went into their garage" I said to myself. I'm not that much of a godly person.

I drove to the next house in this forest, my cousins house and parked in the drive-way. And there I saw the most unpleasant sight in the interior world...I saw Uncle Jerry with his arms crossed and his face looked so mad. If it could, his face would be bright red." Hey uncle Jerry, hows it going" I said trying to lighten the mood. Sometimes I don't like the gift of reading minds. Jerry's Mind: Beleana Ophila Delarosa Covina, you are so late. I know your reading my mind get you self inside of this house"

" Jerry, temper" I said, trying to acted like Aunt Teresa.

" Bella" he growled

I quickly got inside of the house. " Hey Bella!" Was the first word I hear when I was at the front door. The first pixie I ever met ,my cousin, Grace. Out of no were, she gave me a hug with he legs wrapped around my waist.

"Get... off me psycho" I said, trying to pull her off of me. "It's not like I've been gone for a year, I see you mostly everyday"

" Still, I happy your here"

" Me too, now get off me" But she was still hugging. What a crazy cousin I have. Thats it. " Grain on chain on" I used a spell to chain her up. That should do the trick.

" Bella get theses chains off of me" she said struggling

" But, aren't you happy I'm here" I grinned. " Thats what you get" That I just spell makes anybody near me chained up. Oh no, Uncle Jerry.

"Bella!" Crap. I rushed back outside. I saw his chain up too, great.

" Grain on chain gone" I said before he got madder. "Sorry, my favorite Uncle"

" Just get in the house." He said gesturing his hand towards the door.

This time, I ran in the the house to see Grace unchained with her arms crossed and her foot taping on the floor. Wasn't she all happy and cheerful 13 sec ago? By-Poler much.

"Next time, when I say get off me psycho, get off me psycho... now give me a regular hug."

A huge smile spread cross her face and she gave me her first regular hug.

"Don't you mean physic" Well she is. If the Cullens knew are talents, they would be freaked out. Its like this family is the wizard version of there family. Minus the craziness

"Wheres everybody else?"

" There in the wizard lair."

" Aunt Teresa in the Wizard layer?" I said with a smug look in my face.

She lightly pushed my shoulder," You know what i mean, and no she's in the kitchen"

I went to the kitchen and said said hi to Aunt Teresa.

" Come on, lets go to the lair" I told Grace,we were now walking to the lair that was built underneath the house. But, Grace and I decided to teleport there through the closet " I'm serious how could you be a wizard and want nothing to do with magic, one day I will trick Aunt Teresa into using magic." I said to Grace.

" I know sometimes she could me so mortal" Then she shuddered

" Being mortal has it's perks you know, like- uh well there's- never mind" Grace chuckled at my list of good this about being human. " I'll give you the list later"

We went into the lair. " What's up Bells" Justin said grabbing me into a tight bear hug.

" Justin... can't... breath"

"Sorry" He said ,releasing me. Wow, Disavow.


"Hey Bella" Emmett said grabbing me into a tight bear hug.

"Emmett... can't... breath"

" Sorry" He said ,releasing me.


" Bella, Hi" Alex appeared from the Wizard Mail \Wizard Portal.

" Hey Alex, why were you in the wizard portal?"

" Oh nothing, just buying a new mirror in Covinatry" She is obsessed with her beauty. Rosalie #2. " It's also a wizard communicator and a wizard tracker."

" You went shopping without me" Grace wined

" No, mirror" Alex said holding up the bronzed framed mirror. Speaking of bronze.

" Hey guys, guest what just happened to me when i was driving over here"

" What happened" Max said entering the room

" Hey Max" I said to him

" Hey, so you were saying" Max thoughts: Please not be more Edward crap. Max said and thought as he went to sit down. Grace then left my side to sit by him, aw there so cute together.

" You know Edward right?" They all groaned. Max thoughts: And it's more Edward crap.

" Max ,you know I could read minds" Suddenly I felt so so calm.

" Bella, you know I can control emotions" he said, Jasper #2

" Quit it" I said through my teeth. Then I felt regular

" As I was saying, he spotted me at a stop light"

" And that a bad thing beca- wait what vehicle did you take?" Alex ask me. I didn't say anything, I just read there minds.

Alex thought: Please let it not be the motorcycle.

Grace thought: It was the motorbike.

Max thought: It was the magic carpet! Sometimes I wonder about that boy. He's smart dumb. He's so smart that sometime he confuses you by acting dumb. And then catches you.

Justin thought: Defiantly the Volvo. Smart attic .

" Justin, you right." I sighed

" He saw the Volvo" Justin shouted

" Yes he saw the Volvo, now keep it down the whole forest can hear you."

Then they all laughed. I can't believe them, my own cousins, sort of.

" Lets just get started" I huffed and walk over to the spell book.

What did Bella mean by "sort of" are there her really cousins or not

Ok let me break it down for you. Bella Is really Princess Beleana Ophila Delarosa Covina. Her Father is the king of the Immortal world

Grace and Max are Together

Alex and Justin are Together. Bella can read minds too , Grace is a physic, Max can control emotions, Justin is Super-strong, and Alex is very Beautiful.

The Russo just came here 1 weeks ago from New York. Nobody in forks knows that... Yet

Oh and Jerry and Teresa are Full wizards.