Title: Fading
Author: Hotaru
Series: Fuma no Kojiro
Character(s): Kirikaze
Rating: T
Warings: "Maybe" character death sounds a bit stupid, don't it? *frown*
A/N: Selfprompt was "shot".

He was loosing too much blod. No longer could he feel his body, not even the pain from the wound. He could not move an inch, only stay in one position. Not knowing what was happening to him. Not knowing what was happening around him. And yet, he still had his eyes open. But it was blurry, and he could only make out shadows moving around him.
He felt like he was going to burst. He felt like crying, but had since long found that he was incapable of doing so. Had he been shut up for too long? Had he really pretended to be emotionless, only to realize that because of that, no one loved him any more?
He closed his eyes, feeling his head spin. His breathing got slower, more shallow, and he could hardly hear someone calling his name.
But no longer was it painless. An overflowing pain engulfed him, as if he was stabbed over and over, shot again and agin. Wasn't it enough already? He let out a scream, sounding as the cries of Hell's Prisoners. The pain throbbed, and he was wrung out of a pair of hands that had come to hold him. The tears that had refused to fall earlier fell, and his eyes was now wide open. A broken cry escaped his dry and bloodied lips. He saw nothing, knew nothing. Only felt the pain, the fear and nothing more, until darkness engulfed him, swallowed him whole. His body jiggered in spasms, before he fell to the ground, completely limp and perfectly still.

I could say that it's a bit unclear of what happens in the end with Kirikaze. Do you think it's a fulfilled prompt?

And I have no idea if the word "jiggered" is correctly used here...Urr...English is not my native language, nor did I remember the Swedish word I was looking for. *face/desk*

Do you know who was shouting his name?