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Chapter 26 - The Future

Songs for Chapter 26: Pain, Burn, Scared, Now or Never - Three Days Grace

Emmett's POV

The look of sheer panic on Ali's face let me know it was serious. I didn't need my brothers' abilities to see this. She gasped and turned to me and with a haggard whisper saying Bella's name. I didn't stop to ask questions, I just ran. My feet had a mind of their own. My instincts kicked in and I had to save my mate, my life from some unknown threat. I ran and ran until I saw the river. I was over it in a single bound and through the back door before I realized it.

There I saw her on the floor, surrounded by blood and barely breathing. Her little body was shaking and she was in pain. I looked around as I heard something but my total focus was on Bella.

"Bella, baby what happened?" I growled out in pain.

I heard a noise and turned to see Tanya standing there holding MY child. She was covered in blood and my anger rose as I stalked towards her, growling deep in my chest.

"What in the hell did you do? Tell me now and you may live," I said, now only inches from her face.

She growled and took a step back. "I didn't do anything you stupid ass. Your child did that. You better be glad I came back to apologize or she... she'd be dead. But you need to get Carlisle to look at her NOW. She has lost a lot of blood and I heard things breaking as she screamed but I don't know what," she said, taking another step back.

"Why are you here, Tanya? What do you want?" I growled as I dialed my phone. I knew they were on the way here but they needed to hurry.

"Emmett?" Carlisle said in a panicked yet subdued voice.

"Get here now... Bella... it's bad," I said as I hung up the phone.

Tanya was pushing my limit and it wasn't until I heard the babies little cry that I started to focus on her instead of Tanya. I heard them before I saw them. The front door swung open and the room filled with snarls and snapping teeth.

"Tanya hand me my child and get out. You have done enough damage for one day," I said, reaching for the baby. Tanya released her with a growl.

"I didn't do this to her, you ass. The baby did. I only helped Bella," she yelled as she stormed out to the living room.

"Jacob! NO!" I warned as he came in shaking. "She has my child. You will not attack her until I know what in the hell is going on here."

He nodded his head as I ran back to Bella. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. She looked so pale, so fragile, much more than usual. I stripped her of her gown and laid her in the bed and covered her up. I laid there with her until the others arrived.

"Emmett, what happened?" Carlisle asked as he and Esme came in the room.

"Tanya said she heard things breaking when the baby came," I whispered as I kissed Bella's lips softly. I got up and Esme hugged me tight.

"Son, she will be okay. I promise you... one way or another..." Carlisle said.

I trusted my father, it was Tanya I didn't trust. I heard a commotion downstairs but decided to let them deal with their own issues. My main concerns were my Bella, my precious Bella and my daughter. I stalked down stairs and saw Alice had my little girl. I walked over to her and without a word she handed her to me.

"Where is Tanya?" I growled.

"Listen to my Emmett. Tanya is telling the truth. She was only here to apologize and she tried to help Bella. I should have seen this sooner. We could have stayed home," Alice said, hanging her head.

I pulled her to me and just held her. "Alice this isn't your fault. It's no ones fault," I said as Tanya and Jasper came back into the room. The look of panic on her face was enough to set me straight.

"Tanya.. thank you for trying to help her. I'm sorry for earlier but look at it from my point. You tried to hurt her before. You've always been after her... since Edward," I huffed.

Tanya nodded and fell to the couch. "I have so much to apologize for. Irina... she made me believe things that I see now are not true. I loved Edward... he was..." she trailed off with sad eyes looking up at me.

"We did what we had to Tanya. Get over it and move on. Edward wasn't your mate and he wasn't intended to be," Jasper snapped as he got up and walked over to me.

I decided to stay out of that and went back up stairs to be with Bella. When I walked in her eyes were open and she was wearing a small smile. Carlisle had an I.V. hooked to her hand as blood and fluids going into her. I swallowed hard and made my way to her. I kissed her softly as tears streamed down her face.

"I love you Bella, so much," I said into her lips.

"She has lost a lot of blood and a few broken ribs, nothing too damaging," Carlisle said.

I nodded and handed our daughter to Bella. She really was perfect. Rosy cheeks and the most adorable smile. She looked at Bella and smiled before closing her eyes. I kissed her little head and looked up at Bella. "Shall we call them in and officially introduce them to the newest little member of the family?" I said, smiling.

My mind was racing, I was relieved that Bella was going to be okay and that my daughter was fine. It was truly one of the happiest moments of my life. Bella bit her bottom lip and smiled as she shook her head.

I heard Alice and Jasper at the door before I could even say come in they were standing beside me. I let out a chuckle and looked back at Bella and gave her a small nod.

"Everyone, I want to introduce you to Emma Michelle McCarty." Bella's face lit up as she introduced our daughter to the family. Her heart was racing and my joy wasn't tamable.

The next few weeks Bella healed as did this family. We all took rotations to keep the baby as Bella slept. I wanted her all to myself but I couldn't do that to Esme or to Alice .She was was a normal happy, healthy, human child baby. It looked as if she had missed out on too many of my genes as Carlisle said but he wasn't sure what the future may hold. Looking over the last few months is hard. The loss of family, the gaining of family and now Emma... life has a funny way of working things out. They say things are written in the stars but for vampires we aren't into the "luck of the draw" type moments. You live for centuries day in and day out with the same mundane, drawn out thoughts and actions.

For me that all changed when Bella came into my life and now Emma will help me move on and be the father, lover and husband I strive to be. This family will continue to get stronger and no matter our down falls, we will be stronger for we have each other.

Bella has decided to wait until Emma is older to be changed. She wants to enjoy the baby years as a human. I agreed this would be a great way to store up memories for Emma of mommy before she looks like daddy. These next few years will be the best years of her life and I want Bella to enjoy them.

The End

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