Clang, clang, clang! The school bell finished striking the hour for seven O'clock as Melissa dragged herself out of bed and roused her dorm mates "Ginny, Eve, c'mon get up time to get ready for school" she yawed as she went to their bathroom to wash, Ginny toppled out of her bed as Eve sat up and rubbed her eyes, she groaned as she saw the school uniform that was hanging on the wardrobe; black, with white stripes and a red bow that functioned as a tie.

After dragging themselves to the school building the ten friends and Sayori went to receive their new timetables for the coming year, on the way however Sayori gasped "oh crap, hide me!" and ducked behind Jonathan and Shane, a girl with bleached blonde hair and a stuck up expression stalked past with several other girls following behind her "that's Lauren Stratford, the biggest bitch in day class," Sayori mumbled when she had passed, "Yuuki used to stick up for me with her but she can't now for obvious reasons", "she sounds allot like a boy we knew back in England" Ginny said as they walked on to get their timetables, just then a voice said " hey Wakaba!", "oh no" Sayori squeaked, as they turned to see Lauren looking at them, "you guys don't want to hang with that loser" she said to the others as she came closer, "she's our friend, so back off or I'll have a word with my boyfriend about you" Eve said, seriously getting in the girl's face, a trick for intimidating people she'd learned from Michael, "oh yeah, I'm real scared, who is he the chairman's nephew or something?" Lauren laughed and her little entourage joined in, "you ever heard of Michael Cullen?" Eve asked, which wiped the smiles off their faces pretty damn fast, "She's bluffing" one of the other girls said, "actually she's not" came a voice, they all looked round to see a pale boy in a white night class uniform, "Kaname sempai" (author's note; even though they're in the states everyone still uses the "sempai" term of respect for the night class) Lauren and her friends and Sayori gasped bowing to him as if he was royalty or something. "I suggest you young ladies get to class" he said and the girls just bowed again and left as if his word was law around there, "are you all alright?" he asked looking particularly at Sayori as he spoke, Sayori nodded, as did the others. He nodded in respect and left. "Who was that?" Hermione asked once they had received their timetables and were on their way to their first class; they were all in the same classes, "that was Yuuki's boyfriend; Kaname Kuran" Sayori explained as they got out their books, "and what did you girls all call him", "huh, oh you mean 'sempai', it's a Japanese term of respect, it means teacher, master or elder, even though we're an American school, we have allot of Japanese students, like me for instance" she explained as the class began.

Later that day they were walking back to the dorm, Sayori said "hey Shane, Eve, Claire, you grew up in a town run by vampires right, how do you feel towards them now, after everything that happened?", "well we're ok with some vampires, depends on what their like" Claire said, "personally, I can't really stand them," Melissa intoned, "but I suppose it depends on the vampire like you said", "ha, bit rich coming from a girl who's dating one" Sayori mumbled, "what did you just say?" Eve asked, "oh, umm, nothing" Sayori said quickly, Jesus I almost gave up the secret then, she thought to herself.