21 July 09 22:04

Just in from the shops

Hey guys my name is Taylor

And this is my totally secret journal

About me and my life well there's

Not much to me really I have 5 best friends

Lilly, Jess, Lucy, Niamh and Grace there cool we

Met in school. I love animals like I've always wanted to be a vet

And I hope one day to open a vet

I don't have an animal but I have a robotic dog

And my mom say's if I take good care of it O will get a

Puppy so I can't wait I have this project due for school

Tomorrow btw and to be honest I really just couldn't be bothered

It's a science project we have to find out how to save our teacher

She said she's deserted on an island with nothing to drink and we have

To find out away to make pure water from salt water it's actually just boring

So I'm just going to say squish fruit for smoothies i love smoothies btw (btw

Means by the way btw) and then eat fruit if your hungry ha-ha (ha-ha is me

Laughing btw) well I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow so I will talk to you

Later bye

22 July 09 08:45

In class

Hey guys well what's up I'm just sitting here with my friends Lilly, Jess, Lucy, Niamh and grace

I'm so bored me and Lilly are staying in jess's grannies tonight since its Friday can't wait

We aren't doing anything our teacher is sick and so we got a substitute and he said

To do whatever so were doing whatever :) ha-ha ill talk to you later bye x


Getting ready

Hey I'm just packing to stay in jess's granny's house. I know, you must be thinking why

Are you staying in her house well it's because we are meeting her friends and

Hopefully they will be our friends soon. Oh there's the phone ill be back soon.

5 minutes later

That was Lilly she said she is leaving now so I'm going to leave okay ill right in here

Tomorrow and tell you everything


Eating breakfast

Hey, yesterday was good I met her friends and we got on really well so it was all good

We went out and played then came in ordered pizza from kellstar btw that is the

Best pizza place I know seriously I love in their it's just so I don't know great. I always

Have to order garlic dip with it because I just can't eat pizza with ought that stuff ha-ha

Well we ate that and got into our Jamie's then came downstairs and watched a movie

. Jess and Lilly put on Edward scissor hands I was excited because I had never watched

It I thought it was a bit scary when I watched the advertisement for it on TV but I was

Wrong. It was so sad I was crying and I herd laughter and I looked round, Jess and Lilly

Were on the ground rolling about laughing when I was crying then they looked at me

And laughed even harder it was terrible ha-ha. Then we went to bed and boy was I

Glad my feet were killing me. I'm actually going to get dressed now and go out

So I will talk to you later bye.

14: 03

Going to Lilly's house

Oh my gosh you will never guess what happened we had a fight with Jess so

Well I and Lilly are in her mum's car because we are going to her house to get her

Stuff because she is staying in my house tonight. Ill tell you what happened. Well

We were out playing with jess and jess's friend Megan and I was looking threw

Megan's photos on her phone and I saw a picture of jess and so I said to her when was

That and she said "Oh my gosh delete that now" then she tried to take the phone of

Me when Megan came over and took her phone back and looked at the picture

"No don't delete that" she shouted. "Yeah it's hideous" exclaimed Jess. "NO its not" said

Megan then I said to Megan "can I have the phone"."Don't be deleting the picture"

"I won't trust me "I said and so she gave me the phone and I was looking threw her

Other photos when jess turned round and said to me "please, please, please delete that"

In a whispered voice pulling a sad face, I felt sorry for her so I did. I gave the phone

Back to Megan and then suddenly she shouted all over the street why did you delete it

And I pretended and said I never and gave jess a look asin to say shh don't tell her and

Then Megan said "Jess why did you delete it" "I never it was Taylor" she shouted very

Loudly "why did you tell her that you spoon" I said in a hushed voice to Jess and she

Ignored me and walked away I tried talking to her for like an hour and she still wouldn't

Answer so I said I was going home then I told Lilly and Lilly said I was going she was

Going so she rang her mum and went and picked us up then I rang my mum and said

Could Lilly stay and she said yes so it was so exciting well I have to go bye


In bed

I'm on M.S.N to Niamh telling her the fight and she said if I and Lilly were fighting

With Jess then so was she and Lucy said the same so none of us are talking to Jess

But she doesn't know that ha-ha well ill talk to you tomorrow I am so tired


Getting ready to go out

Well Jess is officially not talking to me Lucy Lilly or Niamh but I don't care I'm going to the

Cinema now so I will talk tomorrow

4 august 2009

So happy

Oh my goodness I cant believe I lost you when I left to go to the cinema my mum

Came in to clean my room and I couldn't find you =[ well we are all still fighting

With Jess so nothing has changed but I've had a few disagreements with

Niamh , Lilly and Lucy but nothing too big well I'm going to go now time for school

Talk later bye x



Oh my gosh you will never guess what happened well here it is from the start

We were having silent reading time in class when I saw Lucy righting a note

To Niamh then Niamh filled something in and gave it to Lilly and they were laughing

So there I was waiting for them to pass me the note when it went back to Lucy I asked

Her could I see but she said no "Why" I whispered loudly then she scribbled out

Something then gave it too me it was a poll saying how much they liked me

I was shocked why would they even do this then she wrote another one and said

"You definitely can't see this one" then they passed it round the table again and of course

I didn't get sent it then I glanced over at Lilly filling it in, she was sitting beside me

And it had a poll saying do you like Taylor and they all filled in 1 % and then all wrote

Comments saying I hate the way she acts when you disagree with her then I saw them

Wright more horrible things about me I mean how could they I thought they were my

friends. All of a sudden tears started bursting out of my eyes and I couldn't stop no

Matter how much I wanted to then the teacher saw and of course I was trying to hide

It by saying I'm fine but the teacher just kept saying you're obviously not fine and so I just

Told her I felt sick to cover it up then I got sent home and lay in bed. My mum thought

I was sick ...... but only I knew the truth.


On the laptop

I am talking to Lilly I said to her, I thought you liked me, if you didn't like me you could

Of told me. 1 minute later "I do like you what are you talking about" she said

In capitals

"Well what about the notes you were sending the day about me" I said weeping once

Again, I wasn't really sick the day you know I just couldn't take it once I saw the note

I exclaimed "we figured" Lilly said "so why didn't you tell me you had a problem?"

I typed "I don't know" she typed back I'm just going to sign out I can't take it. *Ring Ring*

There's the phone better go get it.

5 minutes later

That was Lilly she was saying how she was sorry and she didn't mean to hurt me and we

Talked about what she dislikes and I listened so I'm going to change ... for my friend's sake

But I still want an apology from Lucy and Niamh. *Ring Ring* who is it now...

4 minutes later

That was Niamh she said she was so sorry for hurting my feelings and they never meant

That and I said how I was sorry and that I didn't no I was being so ignorant. So I'm just

Waiting on a phone call from Lucy but I'm not depending on it because she is just a

Meany and to be honest I don't really like her that much =[ well I'm getting tired now

So I will talk to you tomorrow after school

After school eating a biscuit

Hey well Everything's fine but Lucy still hasn't apologised so I'm just going to ignore her...

I'm not going to let her get in the way of Niamh me and Lilly's friendship so me and Lucy

Don't really talk now + we have all still not made up with Jess but aw well my mum

Always said I was better staying away from her anyway and oh my goodness this is the

Last page of my journal =[ I will buy a new one when there's more gossip and news okay

Bye love you lots xxx