Set during: Nights of the Cursed (Chapter 15)

Summary: Rewrite of Scene 2. The least of Sora's Alex-related problems rears its head.

"We're back!"

Three people reappeared in the cabin of the ship, cutting off Alex and Joumae's conversation. They stood perfectly well for a few seconds... then suddenly Sora (the speaker) fell over forward to land on his face, shocking the brunet lying against the wall. Donald and Goofy didn't look too good either, collapsing on Sora in a heap.

"A-hyuck. Jelly legs," was Goofy's only comment.

The boy on the bottom propped his head up with one hand. "Er... oops."

Alex raised an eyebrow. "Can't walk?"

"You should've come down," Sora replied, eyes basically sparkling in the wavering light. "We all got our legs replaced by... I got a tail, and Donald got octopus legs, and Goofy turned into a turtle! Buuuuuut walking afterwards is a bit of a pain."

"I... can see that."

"Anyway-" and with great strength he pushed himself up, the other two slipping off onto the floor, "-we've got great news! Ariel invited us to be in their musical! And we get to sing and dance, and we're even helping out with on-stage effects!"

Alex groaned. "I know all that," he mumbled, getting up and beginning to walk off.

Sora hesitated, a strange look coming over his face. "...You don't like this world, do you?" he finally said. "It's... not your favourite?"

The other human shook his head. "I pretty much only did it because I can't leave things lying unfinished. I'm not a big fan of singing." He stopped in his tracks. "Wait a sec... you guys came back up really quickly..."

He whipped around and gave them all a stern look, more fitting of a mother than a teenage boy. "What is it?"

"You... don't remember?" Sora replied. This was a first. Alex was pretty much their psychic by now; to see him not knowing something was an incredibly rare occurrence. "Flounder wants this statue to give to Ariel as a present, but it's trapped in the silt and we can't get at it until we find a way to pull it out of there."

He tapped his chin for a second. "Magnet. Once we find a Magnet element, we'll be able to tug that thing out by way of force," was his reply.

"Okay!" Sora said, breaking in a grin again (although it seemed a little forced) and then walked past him to sit in his seat... in the back. First Donald, then Alex; did nobody want him to drive? And the latter was younger than him! Hmph!

Alex raised an eyebrow, and then took his driver's seat. "Lessee..."

"...this way, we'll dance and we'll play now..."

The sound drifted past him, and he looked back. Sora was staring out of the dome, looking back at Atlantica with a slightly disgruntled look about him.

"It's very easy, come on in, just take a chance and shake a fin..."

...He didn't seem happy... How was he gonna make this up later?

A/N: He made up with pirates.