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Chapter 1

The veil loomed before me, my past behind me. Two steps forward and I would be free of an unwanted fame and a world full of people who would turn on me in an instant. Do I walk away? Or do I do the one thing I have dreamed about since before the Dark wars began? Can I bring myself to be selfless this one last time? I turned around to see Remus running towards me, and allowed a smile to curve my lips. A single wave and I closed my eyes before falling forward. I guess that would be a no, this once I would be selfish.

When I opened my eyes I was covered in darkness. "It is not your time yet child. You have yet to truly live. We, the three fates, have decided to send you somewhere else. There will be pain, and war, but there will be love, happiness, and laughter as well. Take our blessing child." Three voices said in melody.

"Do I not a get a choice?" I demanded angrily.

"No child, we have been unfair to you, this is our way of making it up to you." The voices said soothingly.

"If you truly want to make it up to me than allow me rest! Allow me to join my family!" I demanded into the darkness, my voice cracked as the words came out.

"No child, we have decided, our decision will not change." With there words I felt myself falling before landing with a painful jolt. I tried to keep my eyes opened and look around, just to make sure I wasn't in enemy territory, but the effort was too much and I didn't have the strength to do it.

With a silent prayer to the mother I closed my eyes and allowed the darkness of unconsciousness to claim my tired mind.

Chapter 2

"He's planning on going through the veil Remus." The portrait of Albus told me when I came into the headmaster's office to try and talk to Harry. I hadn't spoken to him in almost two and a half years, ignoring his letters to try and get myself under control. The grief of the war was still raw, but these words made me pale.

"He's been trying to tell you his plan for at least a month, I was hoping you could talk him out of it dear boy." Albus said, and it took me a moment to understand what he was trying to tell me. With a burst of speed I through the floo powder into the fire place. "Ministry of Magic!" I yelled loudly and in a burst of green flames I found myself in the ministry. Without thinking I took off in the direction of the veil room. I made it just in time to see Harry turn around, a small smile on his lips as he waved at me.

"No!" I shouted, but it was too late, my cub had fallen into the veil. Without hesitating I followed after. I ended up in the dark

"He needs you little wolf; we will send you to him, protect our child." Three voices said, echoing inside of my head. I nodded.

"Please send me to my cub. He is all I have left." I said to who ever was speaking and felt as the people smiled.

"This world will not be like yours in many ways, but unlike yours they are still at war. It is our child's decision as to whether or not he joins. We will not ask it of him." The voices told me and I nodded in understanding.

"You have angered the mother when you ignored her favorite; it is against her wish that we send you. Do not disappoint us again little wolf, for we will not be lineate should you cause him more pain." The voices said aftera moment.

"I will not hurt my cub again, thank you." I told them, trying to convey my sincerity to them.

"You had best not." The voices said and I felt myself spinning before falling next to the unconscious form of my cub. I scrambled over to him, checking his pulse and injuries. When I was sure he was not hurt to badly I allowed the darkness to consume me. My cub was safe at least.

Chapter 3

There was a power surge late one night, waking me up from a peaceful sleep. I sent the X-men to investigate it. They brought back two still bodies, one a man of about thirty-seven, the other a boy of six-teen or seven-teen. There breathing was even, but I had them placed with Hank, just to be on the safe side.

"Something smells off about them Chuck." Logan told me as he folded his arms. I nodded, but didn't say anything about it. We entered the infirmary just as Hank was about to take blood from the raven haired boy, only the boys eyes popped open. He rolled to the other side of the bed. Dropping elegantly into a low crouch as his eyes scanned us, I could see him taking in the exit, mistrust in his eerie green eyes.

The moment he noticed the other man laying down his eyes narrowed at how close we were to him. "Step away from him." The boy snarled, his eyes seeming to glow with power that rivaled mine.

Slowly as to not make any sudden movements I motioned the others back while trying to get a read on the boy. "Stay the fuck out of my mind or I will destroy yours." The boy hissed angrily.

"We are not enemies, we are here to help." I told him softly.

"I'll be the judge of whether or not you're the enemy." The boy growled, sounding feral. Slowly he moved over to the other man and placed his hand on the man's forearm. Intrigued as to what this mutant's ability was I watched as a gold glow surrounded to the boys hand.

"Possible hostile territory, Remus; I need you awake and alert my friend." The boy said, but his eyes didn't leave us. The sandy haired man's eyes popped open, his eyes glowing gold.

"Who are you?" The older man demanded looking at us, his eyes curious but not as mistrustful as the boys. Like Logan his mind was blocked from me. Curious, extremely curious.

"I am Professor Charles Xavier, headmaster of Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Beside me are Logan, Hank, Scott, and Jean." I told them with a smile. "You are?" I asked them and noticed them share a look.

"Behave cub." The older man said shaking his head.

"You are too trusting Remus." The boy snarled, surprising us by the fury in his eyes.

"And you do not trust enough." The older man said waving off the boys words. "I am Remus Lupin, beside me is…" He was cut off by the boy before he could finish.

"You may trust them Remus, but do not make the mistake of thinking that I do." The boy bit out and got a glare from Remus but the boy simply folded his arms and lifted an eyebrow.

Chapter 4

When you have been the key player in a large war and betrayed by your best friends it makes it hard to trust people. Remus doesn't have the issues that I have though, and I envy him for that. When I told him I don't trust the people in front of us he sent a glare at me. "You don't have to trust them cub, but trust me. Please." He said softly, and I sighed.

"If it is that important than you may, but if they betray us…" I said allowing the last part to trail off in an ominous threat. Really I shouldn't trust him ether, I mean after the war he didn't talk to me, he ignored my letters, but he was still Remy, the last link to my parents and Sirius.

"Beside me is the Headmaster of the Hogwarts, a prestigious school for special students, Harry Potter." Remus said and I waved my hand airily and gave a mock bow.

"Headmaster, the kid isn't even old enough to be out of school bub." The one called Logan said with a snort as I turned my glare onto him.

"You have no idea who you are talking to, nor about so keep your mouth closed if you plan on keeping your body intact I snarled only for the man to stroll over to me, a deadly look in his eyes.

Remus stepped between us, holding his hands up as if asking for peace. "Keep the kid on a leash if you don't want him hurt bub." Logan snarled as the man in the Wheel chair called him back.

"It is not me he's worried about." I said with a smirk on my lips.

"Harry, stop antagonizing people." Remus said with a sigh. "Although he is right, it is not for him I was worried." I let out a snort as I sat down on the bed closest to me. I was still drained from the 'trip'.

"Perhaps we should move this to my office?" The one I presumed to be a leader asked.

"That is fine," Remus said as I shook my head.

"I am not going anywhere, as I said; I don't trust any of you." I replied with an icy glare at Remus.

"How you ever got to be headmaster with your paranoia, I will never know." Remus said with a sigh.

"Easily, nobody would dare harm a student while I was there." I said flippantly and I could see the confusion on everyone's face.

"Harry, there are not enough places for everyone to sit down, please; I do not think they mean us any harm." Remus said and I sighed.

"You are lucky Remus, had you been anyone else I doubt I would agree. However, they go in front. I want nobody behind me." I said reluctantly.

"So you can stab us in the back? I don't think so bub." Logan said with a low growl making me laugh.

"Then we stay here, I don't give my back to a potential enemy. I wouldn't of lived past eleven if I did." I said with a snort.

"That is fine, we'll go first." Charles or what ever his name is, said and gave Logan a look when he seemed about ready to argue. I waited tell everyone was in front of me before following Remus out of the door.

Once we were in the office I took in all possible exits and settled myself diagonal of them, so that I would be able to see any attack. "How did we get here?" I asked and heard Remus sigh, he was lucky I hadn't blown anything up yet, and he knew it.

"My people found you unconscious in the woods on our land." The man said as he rolled behind his desk. I nodded my head in acceptance.

"How old are you?" He asked in turn and I smirked.

"How old do you think I am?" I asked leaning back in my seat.

"Harry James Potter, stop it." Remus growled in irritation. "They have been nothing but forth coming so far." I leveled a glare at him. I really did try to be patient, the man had never been betrayed to the degree I was. He was never hunted down like an animal, never used as a scapegoat, never held on a pedestal that was too high to climb.

I took a calming breath and mentally counted so as not to yell. "You have no room to talk about how I should be more agreeable Remus. You did not receive assassination attempts on a weakly base; instead you spent two and a half years ignoring me." I growled out and saw him lower his eyes in guilt. A part of me felt bad, but I was angry at him.

"Cub, I…" he said before I interrupted him.

"Forget it Remus." I said with a sigh "I am nearing twenty-seven, Remus is closer to fifty." I relented after a moment as I folded my arm, "and I should be dead, at least I would be if fait didn't hate me so much." I mumbled, but apparently Logan heard me.

"What are you talking about bub? What assassination attempts and why should you be dead?" He asked and I laughed.

"Must I give you a definition of dead? As far as I knew there was only one definition, you know kicked the bucket, Lights going out, no more life." I said ignoring his growl.

Chapter 5

The kid was infuriating, there was no way he was twenty-seven, and judging by his clothes I doubted he had anything that could warrant an assassination attempt. "Harry, perhaps it would help if you told them your past, and in return they can brief you on where we are, and what we are doing here." The friendlier man said only to get the younger man to level a glare at him.

"Unacceptable." The younger one said, not that I expected him to agree, the kid hadn't been forth coming yet.

"Harry, stop acting like this! This is not how you were raised" The older man, Remus, snarled, his eyes glowing and the younger one let out a hollow laugh.

"Oh, so you want me to be a skittish freak? Or do you want me to act like a slave to a house full of people who wanted me dead? You forget Remus; you were not there when I was growing up. You know nothing about what they did to me." Harry snarled at the man who sunk down into his chair.

"Harry…" Remus choked out helplessly, but the kid didn't answer for a while.

"Blind trust gets you nothing but pain Remus, I can't and won't put myself through it again." The kid sounded almost dead and he smelt of gut retching pain.

"It is fine." Chuck said with a soft smile, "But perhaps we can offer you sanctuary."

"Two conditions, the first is I get my own room to sleep in. the secant is nobody goes in there." The kid said and I could see Chuck nodding in agreement.

"I understand your need for privacy." Chuck said with a patient smile making the kid snort.

"Try protection," the kid said folding his arms.

"That is fine, but nobody will try and harm you here." Chuck told told the boy before turning to Cyclops. "Scott, his is to be the room you and Jean used to share." Chuck said patiently and the kid snorted.

"It isn't for my protection." He said under his breath, but he sounded amused as he followed Scott, but I noticed how he stayed with his back to the wall, keeping us all in sight.

"Don't take any offence, Harry isn't very trusting. I doubt he even trusts me." Remus said with a sigh. "He has never had it easy, and once I had his trust, but I fear I may have broken it."

"It is fine. Jean will find you a place to sleep until we can get you a room." Chuck said and with a nod Jean stood and led the man out.

"I don't trust the kid Chuck." I said crossing my arms.

"I do not think he means harm to anyone, and if left out there Erik will try and get him." It was an unspoken agreement that with his anger he might just join the basterd.

The next morning I went down to the kitchen to see the kid sitting with his back against the wall, dark circles around his eyes, and his eyes closed; a cup of soda in his pale hands. I noticed the slight tremors, and how uneven his breathing was. The soda got on his hands and I could see the words 'I must not tell lies' carved elegantly in his hand.

Chapter 6

Nightmares never leave me alone; they take over my dreams and leave me vomiting upon waking. I brushed my teeth and showered, using a cleaning charm on the clothes I wore. I made my way down to the kitchen I had spotted on my way to 'my' new room. I raided the fridge and found some pop. Pooring me a cup I went to pull a chair to where I could see all entrances, my paranoia was on par with Moody. I smiled at the thought of the old man, but it turned out to be more of a grimace.

Closing my eyes I turned my mind back to the horrors of my nightmares. I found that pushing them to the back of my mind right away only left more room for pain later. I could feel myself shaking, the cold liquid of the pop splashed onto my hands. Still I refused to open my eyes. "Damn stupid war, and damn you Tom Riddle, can't you fucking leave me alone? Even dead you still hurt me." I hissed in irritation as I tried to calm my breathing. "Stupid basterd, thinking he can rule the world, and fucking traitors joining the sick basterd. Stupid pig headed idiots joining a hypocrite." I nearly growled at the thought of those I had called friends.

"Kid?" A sharp voice said, startling me out of my thoughts, I was up and in a defensive position before I fully realized who was there. The cup shattered to the ground, I glared at the man before dropping to pick the pieces up, feeling as the glass started cutting up my hand, but my thoughts were else where.

"Cub!" Remus shouted bringing my attention to him as he came over to me, a look of worry in his eyes. I looked down to see blood splattered on the floor, my hands cut from the glass. He took my arm and walked me over to the sink; he turned on the warm water and put my hands under it. "Drop the glass cub," he said softly and I did. The glass clanged into the sink and I watched as the red water ran down the sink.

"What placed you in such a state cub?" Remus asked me softly.

"It is only nightmares Remus, nothing more. Never again will be any thing more." I said, but the last part was nothing more than a whisper.

"Want to talk about it cub?" He asked me, but I shook my head.

"Negative Remus, talk is cheep and can't take anything away. I've dealt with the nightmares for years by myself, I can handle them now." I said as he picked the glass out of my hands. I simply watched without showing any discomfort.

"I am sorry cub, I should have been there." Remus said and I could hear the pain in his voice as he spoke the words.

"No, you feel guilty not true remorse Remus. Don't confuse the two." I replied softly as I gently took my hands away. Looking down at the mingled flesh and sighing. I willed it to piece back together and within moments my hand looked as if it had never been injured, leaving only small and light scars to remind me of my own stupidity. Shaking my head and ignoring the sharp eyes of Logan I walked out the door and searched for the front door. I needed to go outside for some fresh air. I needed to calm down before I blew something up.

"Your kid has some issues bub." I heard Logan say before the kitchen door had clasped shut.

"You have no idea." I murmured to myself.

Chapter 7

I startled the kid when I called him, his shaking had only worsened. He muttered something about a war, and traitors and I needed to see if he needed to see the Doc. His jumped up; the cup he had fallen, smashing into the ground. He sent me a cold glare that was less intimidating due to his height before bending down to pick up the glass. He didn't even seem to notice that the glass was carving up his skin and before I could say anything Remus had entered.

He tugged the kid to the sink but the boy didn't make a sound as the blood ran off his hands and Remus removed the glass.

"What placed you in such a state cub?" Remus asked the kid, his voice soft as he spoke.

"It is only nightmares Remus, nothing more. Never again will be any thing more."

"Want to talk about it cub?" I heard Remus ask the kid whose eyes were shadowed.

"Negative Remus, talk is cheep and can't take anything away. I've dealt with the nightmares for years by myself, I can handle them now." The kid said as the dazed look left, his eyes became too cold for someone that young.

I am sorry cub, I should have been there." Remus said and I could hear the pain in his soft voice, his regret.

"No, you feel guilty not true remorse Remus. Don't confuse the two." The kid said sharply before walking out of the room.

"Your kid has issues bub." I told the man who let out a sigh.

"As much as I wish he was, he isn't mine. Perhaps if he were he wouldn't be so distant with me, not that I don't deserve it." The man said as he sat down at the table, placing his head into his hands.

"Doesn't seem too friendly to me bub, can't really see why you'd want a kid like that." I said with a grunt as I drank my coffee.

"He wasn't always so distant. He used to be a very affectionate person, but bad things happened and now he's more paranoid than any person I have ever met. He fears trusting people only to have them betray him." The man growled at me as he gave me a sharp look.

"Look pal, I wasn't downing your kid, only saying what I see." I said with my own glare.




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