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A little brown haired boy of six chases a light black haired girl around the campus. The boy smirked as he released bone like claws from his knuckles. "That's not fair Siri! I'm telling Papa!" The little girl cried as she was pounced on.

"Sirius James Potter-Howlett how many times do I have to tell you not to use your claws unless daddy or I are there to watch you? You could hurt someone with those." A very pregnant Harry said as he came out of the backdoor's. The sound of his daughter had alerted him.

"Sorry papa, I won't do it again." Sirius said as he rubbed his booted foot in the dirt, his brown eyes not looking at Harry.

"Yes you will, you and your sister are just like your daddy." Harry said as the frown disappeared and a fond smile lit his face.

"Daddy say's we have your temper papa." The little green eyed girl said with a giggle, she looked like a female mirror image of Harry.

"Of course you do Lilly-bear, the Potter temper is famous." Remus Lupin said as he shot Harry a smile.

"Come to take the twins for the weekend Mooney?" Harry asked as he folded his arms.

"Logan said he had plans for your seven year anniversary cub." Remus said with a light shrug, "And I haven't seen much of them since there birth-day."

Harry rolled his eyes and smiled fondly as Remus chased the two into the school,, leaving Harry to look up at the darkening sky and the full moon. He was pleased that the werewolf curse had defected; giving Mooney the animagus form of a wolf rather than making him turn. A sigh escaped his lips as his hand rubbed his lower abdomen.

"You, my mate, are spending too much time outside and not enough in our bed." Logan said as he walked over to Harry and picked the smaller male up. Harry smiled at his husband, glad that he had made the choice to go through the veil.

"Mooney said that he will watch the kids all weekend, better make use of it while we can, because soon enough we'll have two more babies roaming around." Harry said as he pressed a kiss to Logan's lips.

"Hum…. Seam's like I got lucky, got a beautiful mate with the mutation of baring kids." Logan said with a laugh as Harry sent him a glare.

"I'll have you know I am one hundred percent wizard, as your daughter is a hundred percent witch. Me baring kids is because of my magic." Harry said sticking out his tongue.

"Scott wants to know if were planning on building up a magical community. The way we have kids," Logan said with a dark smirk.

"What did you tell him?" Harry asked with a glare.

"I told him I like my Kitten under me, and pregnant." Logan said with an innocent smile. Harry's laugh could be heard down the hall, and all who heard it smiled. Glad that the troubled wizard was finally happy.




Hope you all enjoyed the story!!!!