"I wonder… what today's flavor is."


He kisses her. And she blushes. This kiss is longer than yesterday's or the other day's, Tuesday's or last Monday's.

He smirks and licks his lips. "Chocolate-flavored lip gloss huh?" he says, looking at her from beneath his lashes.


"Yesterday's melon."


"The other day was grapefruit."


"Last Monday, it was caramel."

Her face is crimson, and her lip gloss is smeared.

"Tomorrow, what would it be?"

"Umm… it would be… umm…"

"Nah. I'd find it out myself."

"Mmm… Ah."

She pants, flushing brightly.

"Strawberry, huh?"

She smiles, hugging him closer. "It's my favorite."