Author's Note:: Once again, another JAG fic. Harm/Caitlin again!! Sorry all you Harm/Mac shippers! Enjoy it though! XD

Upon arriving on deck of the USS Daniel Boone, Harm had instantly saw the attraction and chemistry between she and him. Commander Brockman and Lieutenant Pike that is. It was the first he'd seen of Caitlin in almost seven months now, and she had covered it well, the affair. Harm looked to Caitlin and smiled softly, he was watching how Commander Brockman acted around his lover, or former lover now, he noticed the discomfort from Caitlin and the eyes Dennis, Commander Brockman was giving her.

So the trio were soon on their way to a room they could use for interviewing and interrogation of the suspects for the murder of a fellow Naval officer. Commander Brockman got to the room before Caitlin and Harm did and he glared as they walked into the room late, interrupting his interview. He looked to Caitlin as she stood to salute after warning both of them to do it, watching her stand tense, her face tilted up, knowing his eyes were on her. Commander Brockman told them to stand at ease, as he continued watching Lieutenant Pike, Harm noticed it finally.

During the interview and interrogation process, Harm watched as Dennis continued to glance at Caitlin, he could tell she was nervous about Dennis finding out that she'd told Harm about their affair while on their tour. Commander Brockman finally called the interview to a close and looked to Harm, sighing a little before standing as the two stood in attention to him. Soon, Caitlin and Dennis were on their way to investigate and search in one of the petty officers quarters, looking for any evidence into the murder of one of the crew aboard the USS Daniel Boone, Harm in the mean time went to collect Meg from the incoming helicopter.

Commander Brockman and Lieutenant Pike had had a heated and secretive affair whilst working together, as working partners, they'd been around each other a lot and formed a bond, which happened to lead them closer than they'd imagined it to in the first place. They walked together to the officer's room to begin the search into the inquiry of his death. Upon arrival at the quarter's, Dennis went to searching the desk, rifling through the drawers as Caitlin took the closet space, looking at the uniforms and dress coats of the dead officer.

"Nothing…" Dennis sighed, flipping through the pages of a book and dropping it back into a filing cabinet drawer, pushing it in violently before he stood from his crouching position to go over the desk area once more, looking briefly to Caitlin as she went through the clothing hanging up.

"I'm starting to feel like a pro at this…" she said, not in reply to Dennis's comment though her tone seemed to be fairly chipper.

"Almost as good as breaking hearts…" he replied, looking over to her once again.

Kate heard him and she looked to her feet momentarily before she replied, "Well I've had a lot of practice with that…"

He scoffed and looked to the surface of the desk, "I see, now it's funny?"

Caitlin whipped her head around to look at Dennis, she stepped out of the closet and closed the door behind her as she retorted, "Dennis…" she sighed, "How did you want me to react to that?" before she crossed to the shelves opposite them, looking at the literature propped up and the other belongings.

Dennis's head shot up and he glared at Caitlin, asking, "You slept with him too, didn't you?"

The Lieutenant looked to the article she had been holding before she looked up at Dennis, obvious disbelief in her eyes as she glared at her former lover, "What?!" she questioned in a warning tone.

He looked to her, a semi snarl crossing his face, "Flyboy" he stated simply, looking back to his task, shaking his head in disapproval.

Seeing him do so, Caitlin smiled, not knowing what else to do at that point, Dennis had her figured out perfectly. She looked to the shelves and shook her head softly, ready to scoff but instead she looked back to Dennis and approached his topic of conversation like an adult and she replied, "I'm not going to have this conversation" she shook her head as she spoke, she wanted him to end it there.

He didn't of course, looking to her once again, Dennis asked her another question, "Is he why you backed out?"

"Red light Commander!" Caitlin quickly warned him and tried to move away, she couldn't look at him either as he stepped in front of her.

Dennis stood in her path, almost invading her personal space, "Oh, you're gonna pull that now?" he asked her, "Kate, why did you even start with me?"

"We're adults, and I thought we would be able to handle it" she replied, looking into his eyes as she answered his question, her posture was on the defensive already.

"What? A discreet affair between JAG partners?" she looked away before moving from him, however Dennis grabbed her wrist and spun her to face him as she tried to walk past him to the cabinet beside the bed, "Why? Had you pulled it off before?"

"Look!" Caitlin snatched her wrist back, out of Dennis' grip and she raised her tone, "Dennis, it's over! I don't love you…" she said softer, more hesitantly. She saw his face fall when she told him that, and she swallowed before she apologized, "I'm sorry…" she sighed, closing over her eyes and not looking to his face, but the lapels of his shirt.

Dennis felt his anger raging inside him and he looked to Caitlin as she couldn't look him in the eye, he turned away and moved to the shelves she'd just stood at, grabbing violently at a set of binoculars, pulling them out of the case and flinging the leather onto the desk, he sighed harshly before he looked to Caitlin who moved over to the locker, closing the door so she could get to it. When he realized she'd closed the door, Dennis took his chance and made a move on her.

Caitlin's back was turned to Dennis, giving him the advantage over her. It happened so fast, one minute she was looking through the cabinet, checking everything in the locker and the next she had been pressed up against the door, between Dennis and the cold metal, the breath forced from her lungs with the impact her back had made with the door. She looked to Dennis and swallowed, his hand over her mouth, her eyes wide as she looked into his.

"If when I take my hand away, you scream…I'll have to make sure Commander Rabb won't ever have the pleasure of having you again…nod if you understand" Dennis warned Caitlin, his sinister breath ticking her neck, causing the hairs on the nape of her neck to stand to attention like she did on a daily basis as she nodded hastily. Taking his hand away, Dennis didn't give Caitlin the chance to scream if she was thinking about it, he pressed his lips harshly to hers, keeping his body flush against hers in case she tried to slip away from him.

Caitlin whimpered a little into the kiss, feeling Dennis' lips upon hers in an act that was not loving or passion or even lust for both of them was discerning for her. She closed her eyes, trying to turn her face away from him, only his lips followed hers. She tried to push him away, he just gripped her tighter and pressed closer to her body. She felt Dennis's hand trail up the front of her shirt to her breast, squeezing through the material of her shirt and bra.

She felt his hand then move to the opening of her blouse and he swiftly tore at the button, sending either side of the material gaping open and revealing her lace bra beneath. Caitlin dared to open her eyes as she heard a low, guttural moan escape Dennis's throat as he observed her chest, cupped perfectly by the delicate thread of her underwear. Feeling his lips on her neck, Caitlin tried to push him away from her, she recalled Dennis had never been like this before now with her, even when she'd cooled things down after he had proposed to her. While trying to push Dennis away, Caitlin received a backhand across her cheek for her efforts, it sent her reeling across the floor, and she slammed into the floor, just where Brockman originally wanted her.

Dennis, upon a more thorough inspection of the quarters, noticed that is happened to house a bed, perfect for what he had in mind. Caitlin looked up at Dennis, she didn't even move as she held her cheek, her eyes telling him everything he needed to know as he lifted her from the floor onto the bed, eyeing where on her body he would go for next.

Next time; What does Dennis do to Caitlin? Will Harm find out who murdered the petty officer? Find out next time!!