Author's Note:: Once again, another JAG fic. Harm/Caitlin again!! Sorry all you Harm/Mac shippers! Enjoy it though! XD

"Loren is Dennis' niece." Kate looked from Loren to Harm then finally to Admiral Chegwidden.

"Commander Brockman's niece?!" Chegwidden hissed a little.

Lt. Singer looked from Chegwidden to Caitlin and glared, her eyes narrowed as she looked at the wounded Pike in the bed, holding onto Harm's hand. The petite brunette nodded and sighed harshly, "Yes, yes I am Commander Brockman's niece. Yes, he told me to be here with Kate, make sure she was...alright after what had happened between them." she lied.

"Well, you've saw her now, you can tell Brockman how Kate is. Dismissed!" Chegwidden said sternly to Loren.

She lingered a few minutes longer, watching Kate and Harm, taking in all she could to report back to her uncle, Commander Brockman.

"Good grief!" Chegwidden closed the door finally, looking back to Harm and Caitlin, "She's going to tell him. I brought along the new Ensign, Roberts. I've told him to follow her, we know which car hers is, so he's going to tail her and hopefully lead us back to Brockman, and then we can nail him."

Kate lowered her eyes and let out a slow, quiet sigh. Harm noticed and looked down to her, giving her hand a squeeze.

Admiral Chegwidden smiled a little before he said, "I better be going back to HQ, wanna be there when Ensign Roberts gives me the call." he told them, "I'll check back with you later, Lieutenant. Harm." he nodded both to Kate and Harm before leaving the room, leaving the two alone.

Harm looked back to Caitlin, "What's wrong Kate?"

"I..." she began, looking to the blanket still before she felt Harm's finger under her chin to lift her gaze to meet his, "I just want this all to be finished. Brockman and Singer need to be put in the brig long enough for me to get away from them both." she told him.

"Get away from them?" Harm questioned her reply.

"Yes, since I told Dennis I couldn't continue with the affair, things just went downhill. And now Loren is involved too...." Kate trailed off, shaking her head and closing over her eyes.

"So, you're just going to quit?!"

"Harm." she sighed, "I can't stay if they're going to be here still."

He frowned at Kate as she looked back down to the pattern on the blanket before he removed his hand and nodded a little. He couldn't really believe Caitlin would just quit because of Dennis, but then he looked at the bigger picture; what had happened on the Daniel Boone. His frown softened and he looked anxious. Thoughts began running around his mind.

What if I hadn't walked in with Meg when I had?

Had Dennis been abusive in other relationships when they ended sour?

Why did Loren feel the need to include herself?

Many more questions circled, all competing against each other for the pole position in his mind, all wanting to be answered first.

Harm sat down in the chair near to the bed. He looked to Kate, saw how fragile she was. It was all Dennis' fault, he hated that man, and he knew he had to do something. He had to regain Kate's emotional state, regress her to what she was before Dennis had been part of her life. She was too good a woman to let go to waste. He was broken from his thoughts when Kate spoke up to him.

"I just wish Admiral Chegwidden could leave it but, since we're lawyers there needs to be an investigation and all the caboodle that goes with it." she tried to sit herself up but groaned, wincing as she felt a shooting pain right through her arm.

"Hey, let me." Harm offered, not wanting her to suffer with the pain, he stood and helped fluff her pillow before situating her arm so she was comfortable.

Caitlin smiled up at him softly, "Thank you." she cradled her arm, in its sling in her other arm before Harm once again took her free hand, linking their fingers and he leaned down. They kissed softly and felt each other's smile against their own lips before pulling their faces back gently, looking at one another.

"That was nice." he told her.

She nodded, agreeing with him, "It was." she smiled.

* * * * *

"Sir, I've found out where it is Brcokman is." Bud spoke down the cell to Admiral Chegwidden.

"And?" the Admiral replied.

"Well, it's a shipping yard. I saw one of the Marine Corps and a man who looked like an attorney with Lieutenant Singer, Sir."

"Shipping yard, Ensign? Are you sure?"

"Sir, yes Sir, I tailed her all the way her. And it's definitely a shipping yard, Admiral." Bud responded, peeking over the dashboard cautiously in case he was spotted on his phone.

"Okay Ensign, we'll need your exact location so we can send out a relief to you."

"Well Sir. I don't actually know where I am, Sir." Bud looked around and noticed a few distinguishable features, "Though, I'm parked under a sign reading; 'Holy Smokes Hooters' it's a...a peep show Sir. And I'm near to the 27th boathouse."

"Ensign, sit tight, they won't be long. Just keep me informed if there's any travelling from Lieutenant Singer. We need to know what she's up to and where she's going." Admiral Chegwidden told Bud before he hung up, leaving the young Ensign with the dial tone in his ear.

"Yes Sir." Bud replied as he hung up.

* * * * *

"Oh stop making me laugh Harm, it's hurting me." Kate chuckled as she sat up, propped by the pillows and looked to him.

"Alright I'm sorry, I guess that story was a bit too funny." he smiled brightly, still letting out an occasional chuckle while he looked back at Caitlin.

"Yeah, I'll say."

"Okay, so what about you? Most embarrassing accident you've had...?" Harm smirked, eager to hear what Kate would say.

"Now, that would call for me to crack open a bottle of tequila and we sit by some raging fire while I tell you." she replied, biting her lip to contain her laughter.

"Only tell that one when you're drunk then?" he smirked still.

"Maybe. Well...I act it out as well." she giggled a little but then winced momentarily before she gained her smile once again, "I'm okay." she said, noting Harm's concerned expression.

He nodded and smiled, "Well, I'll be sure to bring around the tequila next time you invite me over."

Kate giggled a little, "I'll bet you've already been told about it."

"You mean the actions?" he smirked, letting his brows dance a little.

"Oh you!" she giggled and playfully slapped the top of his arm.

Harm gasped in mock shock, "You've just assaulted your senior officer, Pike."

She rolled her eyes playfully, "Oh, sure...!"

"Oh, sure....Sir." Harm corrected her, using the same tone as she did. He was just humoring her, and enjoying every second of the time he spent with her.

"Stop it!" Caitlin giggled, "You know I hate it when you copy me."

"Would you rather I take the lead?" he asked her, "I'm good with that."

"Harm -" she was cut off by his lips on hers once again.

Next time; Aw, Bud's been roped in on the craziness now. Will the relief get there on time?! Will Caitlin let Harm take the lead or is she just as Commanding?! Read the next chapter to find out what will happen next time!!