"Beep Beep!"

Roary Scrawl jumped up as his phone rang. He looked at the clock with his eyes half closed whilst scratching his head. As he squinted at the time his eyes were suddenly wide.

"Oh NO! I've slept in!" he cried as he answered the phone call.

"Hello?" he said into the phone.

"I'm leaving now, I'll meet you in 5 minutes," said Miss Pinky on the other line.

"Yeah, sure...um, okay, I'll be there" he replied with a worried tone. He ended the call and jumped up, threw the phone onto his bed and ran to get his suitcase. He was going on a holiday but, as you can see, he was obviously running very late!.

He opened up his drawers, grabbed everything he could threw it into his suitcase. He then looked at his watch with even more stress in his face and grabbed his coat, running out.

"I wonder where Roary is? He's going to miss his boat!" said Miss Pinky, looking at her watch. Then suddenly, running up The Port was Roary Scrawl. He reached Miss Pinky, Dewy and MrMoshi standing at the entrance of the boat.

"There you are!" they all said in unison.

"I...slept...in," Roary said, barely getting it out. He said his goodbyes and got on the boat, then walked onto the deck and put his bags down, looked over and saw his friends waving. He could finally relax!

"HONK! HONK!" went the ship as it started to move out slowly across the water. He suddenly looked down and saw that he was wearing his pajamas and a pair of Mr Snuggle slippers. His face went as red as a beatroot and Miss Pinky, MrMoshi and Dewy were laughing at him.

Roary just waved back as if he didn't know and as soon as the boat moved off he ran straight into the bathroom to get changed. He put on his shirt ,shorts and sandles then he went out to the deck again.

"Get your rooms here!" shouted a woman. He lifted his suitcase and walked over.

"Name," said the woman.

"Roary Jonathan Christopher Scrawl," he said with a smile.

Uh, just your first and last name will do," she said.

"Oh," Roary said with an embarassed face once again.

"Room number 453, floor 5," she said whilst giving him the key. He took the key and went through to the lobby, got the elevator and went to the 5th floor. The doors shut and as he went up and he wondered what his room was going to be like.

He arrived at his floor, stepped out and began to look for his door number.

"447,449,451..." he muttered to him self. "Ah, 453!" With all the distractions I'm sure he was happy to get into his room and unpack. He put the key in and turned it, then he pulled the handle to walk in...

...But it wasn't opening. He tryed again. And again and again and again. Still, it wouldn't budge! He turned round as to look for help when he spotted a housekeeper.

"Excuse me, ma'am! My door will not open," Roary said . The housekeeper came over and put the key in. She then turned it left and opened the door in a flash and looked at him with a smirk before giving him back the key and walking on. He seemed embarassed since he was only turning the key the wrong direction, but walked in anyways, putting his bags on the ground and falling onto the bed, beginning to doze...

"BANG! BANG! BANG!" Roary woke up to a loud banging somewhere on the ship. It was very stormy and dark outside.

"I must of slept all day," he said too himself.

"ARRGHH!" came a sound from above him, loud and rough.

He went to see what was hapening on the deck. There stood moshlings, but not just any moshlings..the moshling's evil twins. They were all in black and purple and looked very creepy. Then out came what I thought looked like Cap'n Buck.

"Who are you?" everyone asked in unison.

"I be Cap'n Buck's evil twin," he said with a smirk.