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He yawned, as he unwillingly sat up in bed, reluctantly throwing the covers off his legs as he rose sleepily from the small twin sized bed.

" Aw, it's only Monday and I already feel like Hell." he grumbled, rubbing his eyes with another yawn before lumbering over to the closet, grabbing a slightly wrinkled uniform off one of the hangers, and then into the bathroom to wash up before trudging to work as he did(reluctantly) every weekday.

He groaned, pouring himself a steaming mug of coffee from the beveragements and lazily slumping down into the armless mess hall chair left open beside his best friend, Maes Hughes, and groaned.

" You sound like the living dead." he stated bluntly, watching as his best friend nearly collasped into the chair beside him, " Hell. You look like too." Roy shot Maes a death glare, but it only turned out as an awkward looking squint, followed by a roar of laughter.

" Oh just shut it, Maes, I'm really not it the mood for any of this today." he groaned, rubbing his throbbing temples, his best friend's annoying voice piercing his aching brain.

" Hey, has anyone seen the Lieutenant, she said she was going to join us today." Yawned the man across from the aggrivating couple, Jean Havoc, as he twirled his straw between his fingers, his face plain with boredom.

" Don't know, it's not like her to go back on her word." Added Hayman Breda, as he plucked the straw from Havoc's fingers after it came dangerously close to hitting him in the head.

" Maybe something kept her longer." Maes chirped, and his best friend suddenly spit out a mouthful off coffee and dropped his mug.

He coughed, wiping his mouth with the hem of his sleeve before slowly bending down to clean up the shattered ceramic mug that lay on the floor between him and his best friend.

" Wow, Roy, I didn't expect you to take it that seriously." Maes grinned, patting his best friend's back before bending down to assist him, since he was part of the reason it happened.

" Still, that isn't something you should joke about too lightly." he coughed, " unless you want a bullet in the back of your head."

" He's got a point, Maes, what do think you would have happened if the Lieutenant would have heard what you had just said, i doubt she would be laughing." Sergent Major Kain Fuery pointed out.

" True, but what I'm eager to find out is why our Colonel here freaked out at the slight hinting of the Lieutenant even possibly having a lover." Maes grinned cheekily, and Roy snorted.

" You're kidding me, right?" he scoffed, wiping the spilt coffee up with a paper towel.

" (gasp), could it really be? Is the Colonel Roy Mustang....jealous?" Maes gasped dramatically, and Roy threw the coffee soaked paper towel at the man's head, making him smell of coffee for the rest of the day.

Maes was laughing, at least he was until he got a faceful of soggy, coffee-flavored paper towel.

" Ooh, he is!" Havoc chirped gleefully, and Roy glared at him, the little posie was beginning to attract the attention of the surrounding tables.

" I am not! I could have any woman in all of Central." Roy hissed, re-taking his seat beside Hughes.

" Except for the Lieutenant." added Breda. An annoyed vein soon appeared visibly on the temple of their twitching Colonel.

The vein pulsed as Roy's eye twitched, Maes simply laughed.

" And Gracia." Maes added, and the vein gave an irritated pulse, but Maes just laughed harder.

" I don't want your wife, you old fool!" he growled, and Maes's laughs subsided to a suppressed chuckle.

" Well, you most certainly can't have Elysia if that's what you're saying." he replied with an amused tone, stating it as if it was more obvious than the fact that he was a man, as he pulled a picture of his young daughter riding her tricycle.

" Nor do I want you daughter, Maes, now get that picture away from me!" Roy snapped angrily, as he shot to his feet, startling many of the surrounding officers.

" Then... who do you want?" Maes coaxed, and everyone leaned in to hear his response.

" Riza..." he grumbled almost inaudibly.

" Who?" Havoc asked.

" R-Riza..." he mumbled alittle louder, but only loud enough for Maes, who was sitting in the chair to his right, could hear him.

" Speak up, Mustang, we can't hear you when you're mumbling like an embarrassed little school girl." Maes exclaimed, and that was it, Roy had had enough of his best friends' idiotcy.

Fists clenched at his side, Roy's head snapped up, " RIZA HAWKEYE! There, I told you! Riza Hawkeye, that's who! I want First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye! Are you happy now!?" He shouted, grins gradually spreading across almost the whole military's face, as the entire room fell silent, and just in time for the mess hall doors to slam shut, snapping everyone's heads up to the stunned face of none other than the confessor's very own subject of confession, First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. No one knew how long she'd been there, but it was obvious that she'd been there long enough to hear her superior officer's full confession, because the folders she'd perviously been holding where lying open on the floor at her feet, papers scattered around her.

" Oh, shit..." he cursed, not caring who all heard, no one was really paying any attention to him at the moment, only to his First Lieutenant who's expression was nearly unreadable.

Suddenly, Riza's head snapped down as she hastily bent down and gathered them up again, not caring if they were out of order or even if she'd picked them all up, before quickly walking out, not giving a single glance back at the pitying, amused, concerned, or any other looks she was recieving.

As soon as the door shut been her, there was a brief moment of silence, before all heads turned towards an expressionless Roy Mustang.

" Well... Your goose is certainly cooked." Breda commented, and his comrades looked at him in slight wonder.

" Or burned for that matter, to a thin, yummy crisp, might I add." Maes added.

" I think it's more like his goose is shot by this military's ace sharpshooter." Havoc corrected and they just looked at him with strange expressions, but Roy remained where he was, eyes trained on the spot where she'd been noticed standing.

" I think she hit the poor thing with more than just a simple bullet, my friend." Maes whispered, feeling slightly sad for his best friend.

" What you mean?" interrupted Warrant Officer Vato Falman, as he sat down with the rest of his officemates.

" An arrow." Maes hinted, but only our young Fuery caught on.

" You mean... like... Cupid's?" he asked hesitantly.

" Precisely! I mean, just look at the poor sap, he's lost. The one woman who's truely stolen his heart just heard his unintentional confession, and she didn't so much as blink. Can you imagine how he feels?" Maes hissed, and the other men's faces began to droop, as their realizing guilt began to kick in.

" I really hope, that they'll be able to move on after this." Breda mumbled and the others agreed silently, as their Colonel finally sat back down, but something was different about him now than before.

" Look, Colonel, we're really, sorry f-" Roy held up his hand, halting Havoc mid-sentence.

" I don't care, all I need is for your assistance." he hissed quietly, and they leaned in.

" Well, Mustang, if you have an idea, I would suggest that you announce it to us all." Roy froze as he turned to find most of the military looking expectantly at him, and found the source of the voice, Major Alexander Louis Armstrong.

" U-Uh, I..." he stammered, but before he could say anything else, Armstrong hoisted him onto the table, and yelled for everyone to listen up.

Roy's palms began to sweat, as a lump began to form in his throat. He swallowed nervously, and opened his mouth to begin speaking when he felt a tug on his pant leg and looked down. It was Maes. And he was giving him a thumbs up, as was the rest of his friends. He smiled slightly, taking a deep breath before lifting his head to begin, knowing his friends were supporting him the whole way.

" Alright, here's my idea..." he relayed his plans to his comrades, subordinates, and superiors, and when he finished, they all nodded and resumed to their breakfasts, taking their trays and emptying them before leaving to start their own workdays, acting as if it were just another ordinary day, Roy's idea present in their minds, ready to be set into motion, with a few minor tweaks along the way.

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