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Dropping the mail onto his desk, Roy flopped into his chair, ignoring the perplexed expressions of his comrades, and setting to work on opeing the letter.

Grabbing the letter opener out of his pen holder, Roy gripped the envelope and tore it open at the seam. He swallowed, parting the paper casing, and reaching into the envelope. Gently pulling the crisp tan paper, signed with the presidential seal, out of the envelope, Roy carefully unfolded the document as cautiously as possible, perhaps for dramatic effect.

Reading over the note, he raised an eyebrow, it was an odd letter, not like most that he had received for the Furhur, but nonetheless it was an order, and he had no choice but to see it through: for the sake of the country (yeah right)!

Sighing to uphold his pretend situation to his men, Roy stood up and pushed out his chair, causing the seven other men to look up and wait for him to speak.

"Men, pack your bags, we're going to the East Headquarters for our next assignment." he commanded, and they all rose to their feet, starting towards the door when a certain thought hit them.

Wasn't Hawkeye in the East on vacation?

They turned back to look at Roy, but he had already strode out of the room, and down the opposite hall.

"Whatever he's got in his head, I don't want to know." Havoc sighed, tugging on his coat and leaving to go home and pack like the rest of the unit, excluding the Major.

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