A week came and went, but Leo was still distant. He always seemed a little off in the days following an encounter with Karai, but after this last meeting, when he'd refused her plea for the Shredder's life – this time was different. He was bothered greatly by what had happened, and although he tried not to show it, his brothers knew him too well to suspect it was anything else.

Don sat in his lab, going over some blueprints and struggling to focus on them. He'd talked to Leo earlier that morning, and it was obvious to him that his brother was still feeling down. I can't help but feel somewhat guilty, he thought, it was for my sake that he had to engage her at all. Sighing, he decided to take a break. Picking up the newspaper on the desk, his eyes suddenly lit upon an article on the front page. Looking closer, he started to chuckle. "Well, what do you know," he said out loud.

Hours later found Don bent over his computer once again, muttering to himself and typing strings of code. He was so involved in it that he didn't hear Leo come in.


"YAH!" Don sat upright suddenly, knocking some junk from the desk. "Sheesh, Leo! Don't sneak up on me like that!" He continued to mutter something about Leo being as bad as Raph, but Leo didn't catch it all.

Their leader smiled. "Sorry. I forget how tuned out you get sometimes."

Don slumped in the chair, placing a hand on his chest. "No kidding. I wonder what the life expectancy is for someone living in a house of ninjas. I think I'm about due for my first heart-attack." He attempted to catch his breath. "So what's up?"

"Just came to tell you dinner's ready in a few, so don't be late." He smiled again, but it seemed off, not entirely genuine. He turned to go.

"Heeey Leo." Don had a Cheshire-cat grin on his face. "Got something for you."

Leo turned and walked back slowly, a little wary of his brother's expression. "What is it?"

He handed Leo the newspaper. After studying it intently for a minute or so, realization started to dawn and Leo's face lit up. Without a word, he just looked at Don in a way that said: is this what I think it is?

Donatello nodded his head. "Keep it, if you want," he said.

"Thanks Donnie!" Leo caught himself, trying to stifle his excitement, but it was hard to hide the joy he felt at what he'd read. As he left, Don called out, "Nice that she saved us the trouble of doing it ourselves, don't you think?"



Police say no leads; perpetrator "left no evidence at scene"

NYT 4:47 AM

The cause of an explosion on the Upper East Side today still remains a mystery, as clean-up crews search through the wreckage for answers. No casualties have been reported, but four unidentified people were transported to PHS Hospital with minor injuries shortly following the incident. Carl Reed, one of the injured, was on the night shift as janitor in one of the buildings affected. "Was the darndest thing," Reed was quoted as saying, "I felt something hit me from behind, and after that I was out cold. When I woke up, I was outside in the park over there." When asked, Reed seemed to agree that whoever demolished the structures was also responsible for his attack. "I'm in shock," he went on to say, "but I guess I'm thankful they didn't blow everything up with me inside!"

Properties affected were not residential. Among those that collapsed were several businesses on East Sixty-Eighth Street, between First and Second Avenues. All of the buildings in question were owned by a single man, local entrepreneur Oroku Saki, known most notably for his generous donations to Mayor Weste's recent campaign. When questioned, Saki declined comment, saying only that the matter was "being investigated by his own people", as well as the police.

Police Chief Sterns gave a statement to the press early this morning, admitting that this was an attack by an unknown person or persons, but stifled concerns that it may happen again. "From the evidence," Sterns stated, "we believe this was a calculated attack on the properties themselves. Mr. Saki has revealed that these buildings were actually research facilities dealing in the testing of cosmetics, and we now suspect that the act was carried out by a small but local terrorist organization due to the fact that animals were being tested on site. We believe this is an isolated incident however, as Mr. Saki had been receiving threats for some time. At this time, we have no witnesses and anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact their local police department, or call the hotline."

Sterns has not been available for further comment.