Severus knew he had little time before he was missed. He knew he would have to send Draco through the underground alone for now. He would come when he knew it was safe. Voldemort was gone and most of his men in prison or about to be kissed but there was risk. Lucius convinced the world he had truly been a spy. He had come across Voldemort when Moody was about to finish him off. Severus knew Lucius was never a spy; he was simply saving his own skin. The man would have two things on his mind, finding a new wife and disposing of the two people who knew the truth. Severus didn't care about himself but he did for Draco.

Severus was in a panic when he could tell there were multiple people in his home. Xeno would not have come and he would have come alone. He tried to tell himself not even Lucius knew the wards. There were only two people who knew and one was killed months before. He entered wand out prepared for all or so he thought.

He was stunned when he saw Remus in the den. "Remus?"

Remus looked up. "Hi Sev. Glad you made it out safe."

The two men had been friends since they were eleven but not in public for years. Severus owed his life and freedom to him. He was relieved to see him alive. It took a moment to notice Remus was not the only one back from the dead. He was shocked to find both Harry and the twins there. Remus explained quietly what he and the boys had been through. Thinking of both Lily and Remus Severus cringed to think what Harry was forced into.

He looked to the twins. "I have a feeling you are at much risk as Harry, Lucius won't want his secrets out. I think you need to go with Harry."

George spoke for them."We already planned to but this is more incentive. I will not go back."

Taking Draco into his arms he explained Xeno would come soon. Andromeda had the Black and Potter fortunes as Remus would have got Harry's money if he died. It had long ago been put in foreign accounts and the goblins would know Harry was alive. A safe home was established for them and new identities soon enough for all He was glad they were alive and not simply due to the fact he was happy his old friend was safe. He knew he could not come yet and Draco would not be alone.

He took them to where Xeno waited for them and to their shock Andromeda was with him. Severus assumed the woman had come for her nephew. It was part of it but he was wrong. Andromeda was not surprised to see the others and either was Xeno.

Xeno handed them a portkey. "Luna has a bit of her mother's powers and told me. I am to send Harry her love."

Andromeda hugged both her nephew and Harry. "Tonks was killed in battle; you two are all I have left. Please be safe."

Harry and Remus were both struck by the news and wondered how many others were dead. Severus swore he would bring news when he came. Draco begged his Uncle to come as he knew he was in just as much danger. Severus wished he could but for now he knew he had things to do to ensure they would remain safe.

When they were gone Severus sighed. "I pray I can keep my promise to him."