It was the first time for them to come back. Seven years went by since the little family fled the UK. Though Draco was the only one living with the men any more they were still as close as ever. They still had dinner a few times a week and all their holidays. The group chose to come back to the UK and attend the anniversary for the first time. They would only be there for a few days but it felt right.

Andromeda and Ted were happy to have them. They saw the boys a few times and year. Draco had made a point to be close to four year old Cissy. Neville and Luna as well as Oliver and Charlie who were all married were anxious to see them.

Tom looked the most nervous as they approached the school "I'm not sure about this."

Harry kissed him "You know not even Albus knows or suspects you are alive."

Tom drew him in "Or you my love. It's just nerves."

Harry smiled as his husband's hand went to his bump "Our little girl and I will be safe. And Jason is safe with Ted."

Almost three years now they were married. Their son Jason was born on their anniversary and would be two in a week. Harry was now pregnant with a little girl due in four months. Jason Fabian was named to honour the Blacks especially Draco. The middle name was for the twins as it was their Uncle but also for Remus and Severus as it was Roman. They were not sure but thinking a floral name for their daughter.

Harry had gone to the arts college as planned for three years. He had graduated before his son was born. He was a freelancer for the quibbler mainly and had a few shows of his own. He and Tom built a five bedroom house next door and Tom now had twelve pairs of breeding owls.

Remus came over with his own husband. He and Severus had married only last year but together much longer "It seems odd to be walking on the grounds again."

Draco agreed "I am not sure I could go back in that school even now."

Severus squeezed his arm "We will stick with the memorial outside."

Draco could still remember the news of Blaise. Draco was moving on. He was apprenticing with his Uncle still as it took seven years to be a full master. He had began dating though and he was considering a move. Tom had kept his little cottage and been renting it out. When the current renters moved out in September Draco would likely move in. He hadn't been in a rush to move out on his own but he would be up the road.

The twins were bachelors as well. The shop they opened in Melbourne had a few flats above it. They had each taken one. Fred had been serious with his girlfriend Livi for nearly two years and a wedding likely was on the horizon. George and Draco reminded the others they were only twenty three and five.

George noticed the other red heads beyond Charlie "Mum and dad."

Fred put a hand on him as the couple was with Albus "It has been a long time."

Severus looked at the twins who he long considered sons "I heard your father now heads a muggle liaisons department."

The twins had no contact but for Charlie. They hadn't really had a place in the family before captured any ways. Ron worked with their dad and if rumours were true was engaged to Pavarti of all people. Ginny was playing for the Harpies. Charlie would take his son over to see the couple now and on holidays but little else.

Harry looked at the monument and he oddly felt at peace when he saw his name among the dead "Harry Potter has long bee laid to rest."

They were not the only ones back in the UK. Bill never again could be in the wizarding world but his exile from the UK was three years. Hermione and Bill had been married nearly five years. They had married on the Valentine's day following the proposal. They had eloped and spent a weekend in Mexico where they wed on the beach. Their neighbours and co-workers had a small party for them when they got back.

Life had been simple but good. Bill was working his way up in the bank. Hermione had gone to college. She had left working at the library and became a high school social studies teacher. It was far from the career in politics she once thought but loved it. She would be on maternity leave come summer she just found out.

Bill walked with he down her old road "I am happy to see where you grew up."

Hermione kissed him "I wanted you to see our baby will have a good up bringing even if muggle."

Bill was about to comment on their friend' kids when her words sunk in "Our baby?"

Hermione happily nodded. She had found out two days before they came. She was due the end of June so she would only miss a week or two of exams. Bill pulled her into his arms for a long drawn out kiss. They had been trying for a few months for a baby. Hermione always wanted to be a mum just not to Lucius' child. This baby was with the man she loved and son or daughter she could not wait to hold the little life in her arms.

She looked up at her parent's house "I truly am sorry for all the pain I caused them. And I hope little Narcissa is doing well."

Bill knew neither was welcome in the house any more then with his family "I am sure you have some other places to show us."

Like Harry and his bunch this wasn't home any more. Canada had become their home and they were Canadians now. Their son or daughter would be a Canadian from the start. But some how when they realized the anniversary was on a weekend when they were both off they knew they should come.

Bill made a toast to his new wife over dinner later "To the baby on the way and our life in Canada. I never hoped to be so happy."

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