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- - -

Edward Cullen is on his last line at Drift—a tattoo and piercing parlour on the East side of Seattle. He'd much rather quit than continue work there, but it pays good. So he stays. Then a strange new girl starts working there—with a passion for art and… Shakespeare. If you saw her, you wouldn't really be surprised. Modest clothing, barely any make up… Edward doesn't usually go for that kind of thing. He's more on the side of big-breasted blonds. But he really can't deny what this chick has gotten him into. He finds him falling in love with Bella Swan. But there's a deep secret beneath that pale complexion of hers…

- - -

Drift: a heap of any matter driven together.

- - -


Shit, shit, shit! Fuck!

I was late again. And my phone was ringing.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed when I jammed my toe into the corner of my bed, hopping across the room, trying to tug my pants on and reach for my cell phone at the same time. "What?" I growled into it. I didn't have fucking time for this! I was late already, and didn't need to be held up by another wasted phone call.

"Good morning," Tanya purred into the phone.

Cocking the phone between my head and shoulder, I pulled my pants up around my hips and zipped them. "What to you need, Tan?" I asked, trying to keep my voice mellow. I grabbed my leather jacket from the chair in the corner of my room, tugged on my shoes and exited my apartment.

"Are you okay?" she suddenly asked, and to my utter fucking surprise, she sounded… concerned.

"I'm fine," I said, stabbing the elevator button, and began tapping my shoe, restlessly waiting for the elevator to arrive.

"You don't sound fine," she protested. "Do you need to come over there?" she then questioned, and the lilting tone to her voice turned seductive.

I sighed, running my fingers through my already fucked up hair. "No, Tanya, I have work and I'm fucking late," I snapped.

I could almost hear her wince on the other line. "Well, sorry," she responded, defensively, "I guess I'll talk to you later."

Before I could apologize for being such an asshole, she'd hung up.

The elevator doors gaped open, and I stepped inside, shoving my phone into my back pocket. The elevator was vacant, so I rested my head against the wall, shutting my eyes. I took a few deep breaths, and by the time I reached the main floor, I'd managed to tone down my anger.

Then I was sprinting again. I shoved through the front doors of the apartment building I was living in, pulling my keys out. My Volvo beeped as I unlocked it, and I slid in, revelling for a moment, in the smooth gray leather interior.

But it didn't last for long. I lodged the keys into the ignition, twisting them violently. The Volvo snarled to life.

Simultaneously buckling up and checking my blind spot, I slid out of the parking spot and zipped out of the parking lot.

What a great fucking Monday. James would have my fucking ass. What a prick of a boss. I didn't even know why I worked at the stupid tattoo parlour anyway. It was full of skanky bitches just entering the store so dudes could draw on their extremities, buff dudes, cocky enough to push us around when we didn't do a tattoo right, because they were too fucking busy flexing their muscles at chicks across the parlour.

At least it paid well. That was probably the only reason I was still there. If I didn't have a job like this, I wouldn't be living in this grand fucking apartment, or have my Volvo. And I definitely would not have Tanya. Which… y'know, wouldn't be a bad thing if she wasn't such a ditz. She gave good blow jobs, and screamed when we fucked—so I shouldn't really be complaining.

I pulled into Drift's parking lot. I was going to swing into my usual parking spot, but some fucker had pulled in with a rundown, rusty red Chevy. I pulled in beside it and got out of my car, hurrying into the shop.

The bells overhead clanged when I walked in.

"Cullen!" a voice called before I got halfway through the lobby. I rolled my eyes and glanced over my shoulder where James was resting his elbows on the reception desk. The secretary, Angela, was leaning away in her chair, probably suffocating on his disgusting BO. I shot her a sympathetic glance before I turned my gaze on James's face. He was completely disregarding the redheaded chick in front of him, who was struggling to fill out her wavers. "Where the fuck have you been? Your shift started an hour ago!" he seethed, pointing at the clock on the wall behind him.

I huffed a sigh. "Sorry, got hung up in traffic," I lied, and then turned to go into the back room to take off my coat. I shoved the black velvet curtains aside, stomping into the little alcove.

My one and only friend here had been speaking to some new girl, but when I stormed in, she looked up.

"Hey, Edward," she greeted.

"Fuck off," I snapped bluntly, hanging my coat on one of the pegs.

"Ignore him," Alice told the girl—most likely wide-eyed at my insensitive choice of words—dismissively, "he's probably just having a bad morning."

"Alice," James snapped from the doorway now.

Immediately, she turned her face toward him, pulling her bright red lips into a smile. "Yes?"

He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder, toward the lobby. "Your next appointment's here."

Alice jumped to her feet, shoving in the chair to the small card table in the corner, and skipped toward him. "Okay," she responded brightly, "thanks." Alice slipped past James, into the lobby and I rolled my eyes again, crossing my arms across my chest.

"Edward," James continued, "you help Bella out. Show her the ropes." He had the nerve to wink at the chick, and then he was gone.

I groaned, bowing my head to pinch the bridge of my nose in my forefinger and thumb. I could feel the pulse in the digit hammering against the bone.

I really did not want to deal with another chick right now. I'd probably just bitch her out all morning for doing stupid things new people did—she wouldn't be able to help it. But I would still fucking freak—I knew it.

Finally, I opened my eyes, strode over to the card table, and slumped down in Alice's former seat. I stared into the new girl's face. Her brown eyes were wide, and she looked… a little scared, I had to admit.

I couldn't fight the smirk that tugged at my lips. "Hey."

She blinked, and looked down at the table where her fingers her knotted together. Her nails were painted black, a little chipped around the edges. "H-hi."

"Why are you here?" I inquired. This Bella really didn't seem like the kind of girl to work in a tattoo parlour. She looked too… innocent. No makeup, no piercings or tattoos—from what I could see—and it looked like she had no knack for art at all. She wore a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved white t-shirt.

"I need money?" she responded, tucking a few strands of dark hair behind her ear.

"You don't seem like the kind of girl who would want to work in a shit hole like this," I observed, grandly sweeping my arm to show her the back room. Dimly lit, crowded with useless shit.

"What do you mean?" she demanded, eyes suddenly meeting mine.

I shrugged and leaned back in my chair. I folded my arms over my chest, surveying her. My eyes lingered a bit too long on her breasts, but I really didn't care. "You're too innocent."

"Innocent." She repeated.

I nodded.

She ran her fingers through her hair, leisurely examining the ends. "Hmm," she murmured, "interesting."

The buzzing of tattoo pens, and murmuring of people was the only sound in the suddenly thick air.

Finally, I rose from my seat, shoving my chair back in. She looked up at me, questioningly.

I made a small, flicking gesture with my hand. "C'mon," I urged, "I gotta show you the ropes."

- - -


Bella was a really cool girl; besides the fact she didn't wear makeup or put an effort into what she wore.

We were parked at a small diner just down the street from Drift, on our lunch break.

I munched my salad thoughtfully. Across the table, Bella was picking at the whole wheat bread of her turkey and Swiss sandwich, reading Romeo and Juliet.

"I've never read Rome and Juliet. Is it good?" I inquired.

She placed her palm in the center of the page, glancing up at me. Her cheeks pinkened.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, and flicked the book shut, shoving it to one side of the table, "I'm sorry. I'm just… used to eating alone, is all," she muttered, taking a huge bite of her sandwich. It filled her cheeks, and she chewed awkwardly, choking a bit.

"No, no, it's fine," I assured her, "I usually text my boyfriend, anyway," I dismissed, reaching into my purse to pull out my phone. I waited for her to go back to her book, but she didn't so I set my phone beside me, on the table.

She shook her head, swallowing hard, and wincing when the lump of sandwich went down wrong. She took a sip from her water bottle. "So," she began, "when did you start working at Drift?"

"Mm, probably about three or four years ago," I told her, stabbing a leaf of lettuce with the prongs of my fork.

"Really? That long ago?" she seemed surprised.

I nodded. "I dropped out of high school early," I admitted. Suddenly, I was too ashamed to look at her.

"Oh," she said, taking another bite of her sandwich. She had to tug a bit to bite off the crust, "why?" she asked through clenched teeth. Her head snapped back a bit when she finally got the bite off. She chewed intently.

I shoved the forkful of salad into my mouth, trying to stall. "Things… went a little bad," I finally proclaimed.

She didn't say anything more. We ate in silence for the rest of the meal, before I decided we better get back.

She agreed, standing up quickly to throw away her own paper plate and recycle her bottle.

- - -


When I finally got off of work for the day, I jumped into my Volvo and headed over to Tanya's, sending her a quick text for her to be naked and ready for me. She lived with two of her sisters, but they had gone off to New York City this week, so we would have the whole house to ourselves.

Tanya lived on the West Side of the city. Her house was made of brick, and didn't keep heat very well, but there was an amazing apple tree out in front of it—just blooming in the early spring weather. It was raining, and the droplets plinked on my windshield as I drove up her street and swung into her driveway, next to her little blue Audi.

The porch light was on, and so was her bedroom. I got out of the Volvo and jogged up the porch steps to ring the doorbell.

I just really needed some tension relief. James had been riding my ass all day, and I needed to let go.

A moment later, the door swung open, revealing Tanya. Her buttery hair had been curled and bounced around her face and shoulders. Her full, pouty lips were shiny with a dark shade of lipstick. She greeted me with a grin in nothing but a thigh grazing, silken robe—the same color as her lip stick.

"Hey," she purred, and stretched up on her tip toes to lock her lips on mine.

I lifted her up into my arms, and her legs locked around my waist. I stepped into the house, shutting the door behind me with my foot. "Mmm, hey," I responded, nuzzling into her neck as I slipped my shoes off.

I headed upstairs, veering off into her bedroom. It was dimly lit with warm lamps, throwing shadows over the room and silver duvet of the Queen bed. I lay her out on it, her hair falling around her face. She bit her lip—something she knew drove me crazy—and I leaned down to press my body into hers.

She moaned, pressing herself into me further.

"Edward," she whispered as I moved my lips to the hollow of her neck, dragging my hands down over her breasts and ribcage.


"I've been thinking of you all day," she gasped as I sucked on her jugular vein.

"Really?" I murmured, slipping my fingers under the belt of the robe.

Her laboured breath washed over the right side of my face as I shoved the garment inside, brushing my fingers over the soft curve of her waist.

"Yes," she breathed, and I felt goose bumps crawl over her skin in the wake of my fingers.

"And what were you thinking?" I urged, brushing my hands up to cup her breasts in my palms.

Her back arched. "Uhh," she moaned as I smoothed my thumbs over her nipples. "How I wanted you to fuck me," she finally said.

"Mmm," I encouraged her words, dipping down to press my lips, open mouthed to the swell of her breasts.

"And touch me," she panted as my hot breath washed over her skin.

"Uh huh?" I mumbled, dragging my tongue over her pebbled nipple. I felt myself begin to harden in the confines of my jeans.

"Oh, fuck," she whimpered, when I nudged her legs apart with my hands, "and… lick me," she mewled, lifting her hips to rub them against mine.

I released her nipple with a pop, shoving her hips back down onto the bed.

"And…?" I huskily urged, moving to wrap my lips around her other breast.

"Fuck," she heaved again when my fingers slipped between her nether lips. The wetness coated my fingers and my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head at the thought of ramming into that.

The only reason I warmed her up like this—like I really loved her—was so that, in the end, the sex could just be better for me. I know, I'm a fucking dick hole. Take it or leave it.

"What else, Tan?" I hummed in her ear, slipping one finer inside of her.

She tipped her head back, exposing the smooth, pale stretch of skin across her throat, panting heavily into the dimly lit bedroom.

"Oh, please," she was begging.

"What?" I urged, pressing my thumb to her clit. The pulse nudged at it, and she whimpered wordlessly. "What, Tanya?" I demanded, drawing one quick circle around her clit with my thumb, while adding another finger to her pussy.

"Oh, fuck, fuck," she was gasping, and lifted her hips again.

I used my other hand to push her down again. "Tell me what you want," I murmured in her ear as I pumped in and out of her.

"Fuck me," she wheezed, knotting her fingers into the sheets.


"Fuck me!" she screamed.

Her walls began to flutter around my fingers, so I drew them out, discreetly wiping her juices off on the bed sheets. They streaked across the silver duvet, and I hoped it wouldn't stain.

"My pleasure," I moaned, unbuttoning my pants and shoving them and my boxers to my ankles. I lifted her knees to her chest and rammed into her.

She cried out, her back rising off of the bed, and she tightened around me again.

"You like that, baby?" I murmured, releasing her legs so that I could get more leverage to pound into her.

"Mm," she mewled, digging her nails into her own thighs. Nail marks bit at the smooth flesh. Her hand crept to where our bodies met, but I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head, thrusting into her harder. "Edward," she whined when I leaned down to kiss her neck. She wrapped her legs around my waist, rising up to meet mine with her own thrusts.


"Harder?" she begged. A sheen of sweat was appearing on her skin. I complied, banging her almost as hard as I could. I didn't care if she got bruised, I just cared about my own pleasure.

"Please," she whispered, tugging at the hold I still had on her wrists.

I sucked her right nipple into my mouth again.

"Edward!" she gasped. She tugged harder at my hold.

"What?" I groaned, close to my own orgasm.

"Touch me," she pleaded.

I released her wrists, but instead of reaching down to touch her, I grabbed the head board over her head, ramming into her quicker.

Her hand wedged between our bodies, touching her own clit. She furiously rubbed at it, whimpering and moaning, so I knew she was close.

Her walls began to flutter around my cock again.

"Shit, shit, fuck," she was whispering, her eyes shut tight.

"Fuck." I stated, and emptied myself into her. I buried my face in the pillows beside her head, panting heavily, drowning in euphoria.

She was still mewling like a fucking kitten, and rubbing like she was going to die in an hour.

Finally, she cried out, her walls tightening around me as I pulled out. I watched her face contort in pleasure. She cried out in orgasmic pleasure, fingers still on her clit, prolonging it.

I moved to the foot of the bed, pulling my pants and boxers on again, as she panted and keened behind me.

"Where are you going?" she managed to ask through her state of ecstasy.

I pulled my shoes and shirt back on—I don't know how or when it had come off—and rose to my feet.

I turned to look at her. She slumped back into the pillows, breathing heavily, staring at me with hazy eyes. Her legs were still spread, exposing herself to me.

"Where are you going?" she repeated, probably exhausted then.

"Home." I responded, grabbing my jacket from the floor.

She might have said something, but I couldn't decipher it. When I glanced over my shoulder again, she had rolled onto her side, hugging the pillow close to her, eyes closed.

I walked to the doorway, lingering there, watching her naked ass sleep. Then, rolling my eyes, I strode back to where she was, flinging a blanket over her.

Then I left.

- - -

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