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I know we've got it good
But they've got it made
And the grass is getting greener each day
I know things looking up
But soon they'll take us down
Before anybody's knowing our name...
(All The Right Moves – One Republic)

Chapter 1: Welcome to Ocean Walk Academy


When I woke up this morning, I realized that this would be the last time I would wake up in my room because today was the day I was finally getting out of Phoenix and going to Ocean Walk Academy in Miami, Florida. I had dreamed of going there even since I started high school. It's not that I despised my school, I just didn't enjoy it as much as others did. I mean, come on, who really enjoys walking through metal detectors and seeing at least one pregnant student every day? Not me. My mom and dad always ranted on and on about how that was part of the "high school experience." Basically, they were saying "Go get knocked up by some freshman football player, and get drunk while doing it." Not my idea of fun.

What I like most people wouldn't expect. I love to dance. It's my entire life. And my ticket to Ocean Walk Academy. Ever since I discovered that OWA – Ocean Walk Academy – had an amazing dance program I had been asking my dad, Charlie, to let me go. Them I always got the speech on "it's too expensive." So acting on my own, I went to audition for a scholarship. And got it. But you couldn't really say my parents were happy about me going behind their backs and doing something as drastic as that. Even though they were mad at me, they couldn't hide how proud of me they were.

"Bella, I'm so proud of you!" my mom, Renee, squealed a million times, "But if I find out that you've been messing around and not focusing on school, you'll be out of there in a heartbeat. My dad said the same. I agreed with her and made a promise to myself. No distractions. They said they didn't like me going so far away, but that the would always be there for me. From there on out they helped me get everything together. My class registration, dorm application, stuff like that. I had got all my clothes packed I possibly could and remembered not to forget my dance shoes. This was sure to be something I would never forget...


When I stepped onto the campus of Ocean Walk Academy, I didn't believe this was a school. From where I was standing at the front of the school, I could see what looked like a food court that included every restaurant from McDonald's to Emeril Lagasse. This is going to be awesome. I had to go to the Administrators office to get my dorm key, room number, schedule and etc, etc. Once I had reached the office I was definitely questioning if I had been dropped off at the right place. Inside the office there was a plasma screen TV, a mini fridge, and free WiFi. Come on, do they have that many student that come in here that they need a mini-fridge! I walked up to the desk and politely said:

"Hi, my name is Isabella Swan. I'm new." The receptionist quickly typed in my name.

"Okay Isabella. You'll be in room 406. Here is your schedule, key, and map of the school. Just so you know, you've been assigned a room with a dorm-mate, so if there is any complication, come and see me." By the time I was out of the office my head was spinning at the fact that this was actually happening.

When I walked into the dorm building I was glad to discover that this place had elevators. It would not be fun to drag all my suitcases up tons of stairs. When I got to the fourth level I started to look for my room. 404...405...406! I quickly put in my and turned the knob and reveled this:

"OMIGAWD! You must be Isabella, my new roommate! I'm Alice Cullen." Alice was a short girl. Probably about 5' 1''. She had medium length spiky black hair, ice blue eyes, and had a natural tan. She was also very energetic.

"Yeah, call me Bella though. Nice to meet you Alice," I said.

"You're so polite! Well let me show you around our room." First she showed me the living room, which was the first thing you saw when you walk in. The living room was fully equipped with a plasma TV – what is up with this place and plasma TV's? - a big couch, and a coffee table. Next, Alice showed me her room which was painted white, with a few posters on the walls and a baby blue bed spread. Then, she showed me my room which was white also with a purple bed spread.

"Sorry about the bed spread. I like color and it annoyed me to come in here and see everything white." She was right; everything except the bed was white. The dresser, desk, and lamp. I don't think the night stand counted because it was glass.

"It's okay, I see what you mean."

"Well, I'll let you you pack and maybe we can go out to eat or something, K?" Alice said. I nodded and went to the living room to get my things. I dragged them back to my room and flopped them down on my bed. I had four of these things I had to unpack. I was glad that I could keep most of my clothes from Arizona to bring them here. Miami and Phoenix didn't have that much of difference in climate.

My first suitcase contained most of my personal things, beauty products, and accessories. I think Alice would like that. She seemed like the fashion type. If you knew me in Arizona you would of never guessed that I'm a make-up junkie. Not that I wear a lot of it, I usually just wear it when I have to perform on stage. People say that I have a natural beauty with my medium length brown hair, brown eyes, and the little of a tan I have. When people comment on my looks I usually just look away and blush because I don't know how to reply.

An hour later I had all my things unpacked. I went out in the living room to tell Alice I was done.

"So, lets go out to eat. This place has a million places to eat, and I'm hungry," She said.

"OK, just let me grab my purse." Once we were out of the dorm building, Alice asked me what I wanted to eat.

"We can basically go around the world in food with all the places they have to eat here. I'm kinda craving pizza!" I agreed with her and we went to the campus's version of Italian Village.

When we got inside we were greeted by the smells of yummy Italian food. We were quickly seated in the middle of the small but busy restaurant. We ordered a large pizza because it was big enough to feed five people.

"So Bella, I was just wondering are you here on scholarship?" asked Alice.

"Yeah, I auditioned for a scholarship in dancing since this place has an amazing dance program. Why are you asking?"

"My brother is the assistant teacher in the dance thing, even though most people don't know why, and he said the teacher mentioned a new student. And I thought maybe you were that new student."

"Well you thought right," I said. Great, I thought, I've been mentioned... Once we were done and paid – which Alice insisted on doing – we headed back to our dorm to get ready for bed because we both had classes tomorrow. When we got to our room I told Alice I was going to straight to bed because I had a big day tomorrow. Once I got inside my room, I took a big breath and tries to get some rest before tomorrow.


I woke up this morning with a gasp. Today was my first day at OWA. Trying to calm myself down, I hopped in the shower. Once I was done with that I walked to my closet and tried to pick out something perfect for the first day of school. Since I was in Miami, I chose I cute T-shirt and some Hollister shorts.

"Bella! Are you ready yet? Were going to be late!" Yelled Alice.

"Coming!" I said. I don't like to be rushed so I would have to get up earlier from now on. I grabbed a jacket, my schedule and Vera Bradley backpack and rushed out the door with Alice.

"Hey, do you think you can make it to your first class yourself. I'm not trying to be rude but mine is all the way on the other side of the campus," she said.

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

My first class was Trigonometry, what a great way to start the day. When I arrived to the class I was one of the last one's there. I quickly gave the teacher my schedule so he could sign it. He told me to go and sit in an empty seat, which was – thankfully – at the back of the room. And that's how the rest of the day went. Second period was history, third I had science, fourth was literature, which I had with Alice, and fifth was Spanish. After fifth period was lunch and I was supposed to meet Alice in the courtyard. When I got there I saw her sitting with a group of people. I slowly approached the table and sat down.

"Hey Alice," I said. Everyone that was sitting there looking at me like I was crazy.

"Hey Bella. Meet my brother Emmett, his girlfriend Rosalie, and my boyfriend Jasper." Emmett was a big guy. Probably about 6' 5''. He had short brown curly hair. His girlfriend, Rosalie, was beautiful. She had long blond wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes. Jasper also had blond hair and looked alike like Rosalie.

"Were twins," said Jasper in a southern voice.

"So how was your day so far Bella?" Alice asked.

"Good. So far my classes are good. Except Trigonometry.'' I hate math. I was never good at it and never will be. Everyone else agreed with me.

"Can we get some food already?" Emmett wined. We all laughed at him and went to get something to eat at Natures Table.

Once we all had our food and sat back down again everyone started asking me questions about myself. I was never a person who enjoyed being the center of attention, but I don't think I would get out of this one easily.

"So, Bella. Alice told me you're here on a dance scholarship. When do you have your class?" asked Rosalie.

"I have it next actually. For two periods because I switched gym for dancing." I told her.

"Oh, cool. I was just wondering because I'm in the dance program too and Mr. Molona told us about you and since I couldn't make it to class today I didn't know if you were in my period or not," she said.

"WAIT! You have dancing next? That's when my brother has it! That means you might be his partner!" Alice screamed.

"Really? Huh. Didn't you say he was assistant teacher though? Students can't be partners with teachers," I said to Alice.

"But Edward is a student. Since he's been in the dancing program since he was a freshman here, they let him be assistant teacher. Than for all his other classes he's a student. He's in our fourth period. I'm surprised you didn't notice him like every other girl does here."

"What do you mean by that?"

"He's basically the schools player. There is not one girl here he hasn't gone out with. Except me, you, and Rose of course."

"Yeah, because shes got me." Emmett said proudly then pulled Rosalie in for a sweet kiss. They were so cute.

I turned my attention to the front of the section we were sitting and that's when I saw him.

He had a beautiful head of hair I just wanted to run my hands through. And his face, Oh my God, his face! It was like a God. His body looked well muscled and he had a natural tan. Then I saw his eyes and they had me mesmerized. They were the most beautiful green I had ever seen.

"Who is that?" I asked Alice.

"That would be Edward. The schools man-whore." she replied. Well that's kind of a turn off, I thought. The bell rang and I gathered my things to go to dancing.

Even though Edward was supposedly in that class, I didn't care. I had made a promise to myself already. No distractions.