WOW! Thanks for all the responses! I laughed while reading some of your additions to the list that I just HAD to put them all together.

A few of you were upset with the one on Road Camelot. I only added that to the list because my Allen-tan and I (who made the list with me) don't like her. xD My apologies. She really is a loveable character...I guess. *sweatdrop*

The first part of this is to reply to questions in my reviews, the second part is all of your hilarious additions! Things in BOLD are comments from the author. Enjoy.


luvu: Tyki Mikk makes an EXCELLENT Winnie the Pooh...I'll explain. Someone made a parody video with Winnie the Pooh and DGM. It's hilarious. You will die watching it. I swear. I can't post links in FFN, but here it is, just replace the (DOT) with actual dots:


You have been warned...

Melodicxstar: I honestly had NO IDEA what DGM meant other than D. Gray in honor of your question, I looked it up! Here's a list of what I came up with:

DGM: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke

DGM: -Man (anime) - (Yes! DGM is second on the list!)

DGM: Discipline Global Mobile (record company)

DGM: Deputy General Manager

DGM: Devlet Güvenlik Mahkemesi

DGM: Digimon

DGM: Deputy Grand Master

DGM: Dirección General de Migración (Guatemala)

DGM: Directoraat Generaal Milieubeheer (Dutch ministry for environment administration)

DGM: Division for Global Mission (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

DGM: Department of Geology and Mines

DGM: Digital Group Multiplexer

DGM: Disqualification Under Rule 69.1 (B) (2); (Racing Rules of Sailing)

DGM: Division of General Medicine

DGM: Defense Guidance Memorandum

DGM: Detailed Geometric Model

DGM: Division of Geriatric Medicine

DGM: Data Gathering Monitor

DGM: Delhi Gate Multan (Pakistan)

DGM: Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft

Yup. I now know a bunch of useless things that DGM stands for. Interesting, no?

ToFu: Thanks for posting the link for the Tyki/Pooh video! I reposted it for luvu just in case some people don't read the reviews.



- You know you're obsessed MAKE A LIST WITH YOUR DGM OBSESSED FRIEND ON HOW TO TELL WHEN YOU'RE OBSESSED WITH DGM! - (Hell, hell yes Moyashi-chan. *ruffles hair* Oh, everybody, this is my amazing second half who made the list with me. GO READ HER WORK TOO! That good for advertising, sprout? xD)


- Every time I drive my car I pretend I'm playing the piano and teleporting the ark to the black order. Vroom vroom! - (Oh god. I laughed so hard my mom wondered what the hell was wrong with me.)

- You know the DGM characters birthdays and which one is closest to yours.

- Every time I play my violin I think of the 14th.

- I can play tsunaide te ni kiss wo on the piano too!

- You meditate in a remote corner of a quiet room after eating soba and having green tea.

- You freak out when you get a spasm in your left eye. You think "omg it's happening again!" *hides eye with hand*

- You are convinced you're going to get a small yellow bird and name him Tim.


- You are convinced you love one of the characters and refuse any other love because of it.

- And bitch at other people for showing anything romantical with said character not involving yourself.

- Your pen names and such say in some way you're married to a character.

- You actually BELIEVE you're married to them.

- You've searched for and/or tried Romani Conti. (it's the wine that Cross likes) - (I did not know that! Thanks for enlightening me!)

- You actually KNOW what Romani Conti is.

- You now love soba.

- Mitarashi Dango...

- You went crazy when you had the same blood type as some character.

- You created some sort of site or club for DGM.

- You added to the list!

eMi to mAo 374:

- You know you're obsessed because you're reading this. :D


- You are obsessed with a character's certain favorite food. (eg. mitarashi dango and soba)


- You know your obsessed when you read a list on to reconfirm your obsession.


- You put a flower in an hourglass and claim you have limited time?

Elvin Magi:

- You are so possessive of DGM and a specific character or pairing that when someone says something that could barely be considered an insult, you have the urge to attack them even if they are a friend.

- You are so possesive about DGM that if someone takes longer than a few days to read through or watch the whole thing, you have the urge to attack them.

- Beansprouts became a favorite food as a result.

- You doodle little aum symbols like Kanda's tattoo all over work.

- You get violently annoyed when someone says long ponytails/hair looks stupid on guys.

- You love mentioning how the noah destroy peoples' innocence and seeing non-DGM fans' faces.

- You doodle Kanda or look at Kanda pictures, asking people what they think, then beating them up when they say girly.

- (I nodded to every single one! Shows how obsessed I am of Kanda too I suppose?)

Ellie Chan:

- You threaten to cut off all of someone's hair when offended. - (HA! I have to use that now.)

Angel Fantasy:

- You're wondering what it feels like to ride Ozuchi Kozuchi. - (Oh don't we all...)

- You're looking warily at all the people around you, waiting to see an imprisoned soul with your left eye.

Haha! They were all great! I'm so glad to see so many obsessed fans just like me. xD This list might just keep getting add-ons...

With love,

- BaKanda