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"It's not going to fit Tony," she was exasperated to say the least. Why wasn't he listening to her?

"Of course it will, Zee-vah," he hummed, and her eyes fell closed at the sensation that followed directly after his words. "You just got to have a little bit of faith."

"We are going to need a whole lot more than just faith for that to fit," her breathing was heavy, falling past her lips in giant puffs as she gasped for the breath that was being stolen from her.

"I've done this before; you're just going to have to trust me." His own breath was ragged; his palms were sweaty as the smoothed over the silken plains of her back. When her muscles contracted beneath his fingertips his hands clenched against her skin in response.

"I have done this before as well," she responded snidely, arching her back with a hiss when pain filtered through her body. "I can safely say that I have more knowledge on this aspect than you do, and it will not work this way." She hissed suddenly from the pain that followed his sudden motion, "Ohhh, Tony!" She cried out, followed by a whimper.

"I can get it, I promise." He soothed, brushing her hair off her neck in a calming manner. "You are going to love the final results; we just got to get there first."

Her body jolted from his next motion and she cried out again. "Tony," she pleaded her eyes falling closed. "Please…"

"We're almost there, just a bit farther baby," his body was taut with anticipation; this was what he had been waiting for. This is what he had been hoping to see.

There was a sudden tear of fabric, and Ziva's breath left her in a mighty exhale. "I told you so," she hummed delicately. "I am certainly not a size two, Tony."

"But I thought…I just…" Tony sputtered, staring at the broken zipper clasped in his hand. The dress had been so perfect for her, and he wanted nothing more than to see it on her. When he saw it, he had to get it for her. It was the only size they had but he figured that he could make it work.

"You should have listened," she hummed, a smirk quirking her lips as she turned to face him. "Don't worry, we'll find something even better." She patted his cheek before she moved to take off the dress.

He may not have got to see her in the dress, but getting to see her take off the dress was so much more than what he had been hoping for. He was content with what he had earned.

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