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Chapter 1

Oct. 31, 1985 Malfoy Manor

Five year old Daemon Snape ran around the small courtyard, giggling madly and chasing after his blond cohort, Draco Malfoy. Both boys were being watched by their fathers, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, from a shaded porch a few feet away from the playing children. Both men held small glasses of wine and were smiling faintly as they watched the two tumble in the grass.

"Hard to believe it has been four years..." Lucius murmured, glancing at his friend, who was now frowning and looking into the depths of his wine glass, black eyes shadowed. A pale hand shifted, resting briefly on a black clad shoulder before Lucius stood, calling the boys. "Daemon! Draco! Come, it is time for lunch. Hurry and get cleaned up now, go on."

"Yes Father!" "Yes Uncle Luc!" Draco and Daemon called, dusting off their clothes as they stepped out of the sun and into the shade. Daemon, sensing his father's melancholy mood, wandered over and gave the man a hug before disappearing into the house. Severus merely smiled, setting his nearly full wine glass to one side and standing to follow Lucius inside.

"And a wonderful four years it has been." He answered, smiling lightly as the ghost of a hand rested along his cheek for a moment. 'Always and Forever, my dark one.' The words were the same every year, always on the same day and only for the barest of moments. He straightened, aiming a soft smile towards the heavens, and went in search of his son. 'Forever and Always, my flower.'

Nov. 14, 1988 Snape Manor

Severus growled in frustration and ran a hand through his hair, attempting to calm down in order to talk reasonably with his son. Daemon had been in a bad mood all day and had finally snapped at his father, which in turn made Severus snap back, resulting in a short row. The hot tempered boy had then turned tail and ran into his room, slamming the door behind him erecting a silencing charm, courtesy of those annoying bits of accidental magic he had been getting more frequently. Severus wasn't even entirely sure what the argument had been about anymore, something about a broom maybe? He wasn't sure, although he was a bit busy trying to calm his 'nuclear temper' as Lily had often called it. Finally feeling under control of himself once more, he strode to Daemons door and knocked, waiting to see if he would open the door, as the silencing charm wouldn't let him hear anything inside the room anyway and he wasn't about to take it down just yet. He waited for a minute before knocking again, this time calling through the door.

"Daemon? Open the door son. I'll give you three minutes before I take down the charm and unlock it myself." He called, keeping his voice under control. He would not growl at his son through a door. He waited, tapping his foot softly on the carpet and after three minutes, rolled his eyes and took down the wards with a whispered word. Opening the doors, he strode in, intent on getting to the point quickly, only to freeze as he was met with an empty room.

Red eyes fluttered open as the smell of a young human came close to his resting spot. Why any young-ling was out in this weather he did not know, though he was intensely curious about the answer. Pushing himself up, he looked around, paying no mind to the large chunks of hail falling around him in favor of looking for the one he had sensed. There. A small blob of black, probably a cloak, lay against the muddy ground a few feet away. Carefully, he stepped closer, sniffing and blinked when he could barely sense the child. Dismissing with the urge to simply take the child and drain him, he darted forward and scooped the small still form against his chest. The boy's lips were blue with cold and a small trickle of blood ran down the side of his face, evidence that something had hit him in the head, probably a large chunk of hail. He was a pale child, with dark hair and a thin frame, which was shivering horribly with cold. He knew that there wasn't much time before the young one gave up, and bowed his head for a second, thinking quickly. Then, removing the small hood from the boy's face, he bent his head to the thin neck.

"Forgive me child." He murmured against the smooth skin of his neck before biting. Blood flowed sluggishly into his mouth, more evidence that the young-ling was close to death, and he growled minutely, pulling back and biting his wrist. Turning the child's face, he pressed the wound to blue lips and waited, hoping he was not too late. A second later a small hand reached up and grasped his, the icy cold fingers curling tightly around one of his fingers as the boy drank. Swallowing his own mouthful of blood, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the memories provided by his new Childe's blood. Flashes of a large manor and a tall, black aired man were prominent, along with feelings of love, worry and a bit of annoyance. Recognizing the man as a Head of Family and Potion's Master, he opened his eyes and stared down at the child, who had stopped drinking and was now curled tightly against his chest, sleeping soundly. "Well shit..."

Severus cursed...loudly, and trudged through the mud, wand tip lit as bright as he could get it. "Point me Daemon Snape!" He growled again, holding the glowing wand flat in the palm of his hand. It spun in a circle for a minute before stopping, pointing to his left. He turned and strode forward a few feet before skidding to a stop in surprise.

"Ah, Mr. Snape I presume?" A tall man with long red-orange hair stepped out of the shadows, his eyes a bright amber that glittered in the wand light. He was holding something against his chest, long fingered hands wrapped tightly around the small bundle. Severus narrowed his eyes suspiciously, fingering his second wand unobtrusively.

"I am he. Who are you and what business do you have with me?" The stranger chuckled lightly, shifting a little and hefting his bundle a little.

"Crytos is my name. My business is both grave and joyous, depending on the way you look at it." Crytos strode forward a few feet and lifted a hand, brushing back the hood of a cloak that was covering his bundle. Severus forgot to breath for a moment, for there, in the man's arms was Daemon. His son looked like death warmed over, his lips pale and a slight crusting of blood near his temple. "I take it he is yours?"

"Yes." He answered shortly, reaching to take Daemon. Crytos let him, a wry smile twisting his lips as Severus cradled the small boy, one hand checking for other wounds. His fingers brushed over Daemon's neck and Severus froze, black eyes wide before he looked up, wand trained on Crytos and anger flashing in the dark orbs. "Explain before I obliterate you." Crytos merely raised an eyebrow at him and gestured in the direction of Snape Manor.

"Perhaps this is better taken inside. After all it is still raining and your son is very much in danger of death, even now." Severus growled, cursing the man's logical thinking, and spun heading for the manor. He called back over his shoulder.

"You may enter Snape Manor, Lord Valarius." Crytos smirked and stepped up to follow behind, his surprise at the humans knowledge shown only by the decidedly satisfied look in his eyes.

Twenty minutes later, after bathing Daemon in warm water and wrapping several warming charmed blankets around him, Severus sat, a glass of Port in one hand as he stared suspiciously at Crytos. The other man was looking around, examining the sculptures and artwork that had been collected over the years.

"Would you care to explain the state of my son?" He finally asked, hoping to startle Crytos out of his observation. He was disappointed when the man kept looking, though he did answer.

"Why of course. You had only to ask." Long red hair swayed as Crytos spun in place, dropping into the seat opposite the dark haired man with a wry grin, his amber eyes glinting with amusement. "I found him...no don't interrupt." Severus closed his mouth and blinked. "I found him lying on the ground near where I had decided to rest for the night. He was already half frozen and on the brink of death, so I had a choice. Drain him and end his misery, or turn him and prolong his life. Do not worry for the moment. He is still very much a human, though he will need blood from me every two weeks for another oh...three years I'd say. After that...ah I said do not interrupt did I not?" A scowl this time. " Anyway, after that he will be fine as long as he gets blood regularly. At the age of 12 he should start to go through what we call 'changes', or vampiric puberty. Those turned at a young age do not actually turn until they reach a certain age. It makes it easier for them to adjust and grow used to the power. There should be four of these occurrences, each a year apart. Other than that, you should have nothing to worry about. Any questions?" Crytos seemed entirely too cheerful for Sev's tastes, and he growled lowly, taking a sip of his wine before answering.

"Number one, why is he still asleep?"

"He should be assimilating the memories I gave him when he drank my blood. That and his body is healing itself. He was close to frostbite and probably had hypothermia when i got to him. He should wake tomorrow."

"OK then...Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why did you save his life and not drain him? Any other would have."

"Call it intuition. Something told me not to end his life, so I did not."

"Alright..." They lapsed into silence, Crytos once more studying the art, this time a large landscape mounted over the fireplace, while Severus thought, his brow furrowed and mouth turned down in a frown. Then Severus spoke again. "I assume that since he will need your blood, that you intend to stay somewhere nearby?"

"I had thought about it, yes."

"I guess I can be kind enough to give you one of the guest rooms, provided that you stay and teach Daemon all you know of Vampire culture and customs. My son will not be an outcast to his own race, nor will he be a poor heir for you, Lord Valarius."

"You are smart. Not many would have accociated the traveling vampire as a Lord. Yes I will teach him. How did you know he was my Heir, if I may ask?"

"The mark on his neck, below the bite. I have been well taught."

"Ah, it has already shown itself then. Interesting. Very well, I shall accept your offer of hospitality."

"Then I shall have a house elf show you to your room while I check on my son. Acacia!"

"Master Severus called Acacia?" The tiny elf peered up at them from where it had popped into the room, it's uniform, an emerald green toga with the Snape and Prince crests in silver and black respectively. Crytos raised an eyebrow at the name and bit back a snort.

"Yes, Acacia, take Mr. Valarius to one of the guest rooms in the east wing and make sure he is comfortable. He will be staying for a while, so you are going to be acting as his personal elf. If he asks for anything, as long as it is within reason, you are to do as told."

"Yes Master Severus! Acacia will go and prepare the rooms now. I will send Datura to escort him there in five minutes?"

"That is fine. Dismissed." Crytos finally let out his snort when the elf popped away. Severus raised an eyebrow at him.

"You named your house elves after herbs?"

"I'm a Potion's Master." He answered, as if that explained it all, which it probably did.

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Acacia- otherwise known as Cape Gum, Egyptian Thorn, Gum Arabic Tree, Kikwata, Mkwatia, Mgunga, and Mokala.

Datura- (poisonous!!) otherwise known as Devil's Apple, Ghost Flower, Jimsonweed, Love-Will, Mad Apple, Madherb, Manicorn, Stinkweed, Sorcerer's Herb, Thornapple, Toloache, Witches' Thimble, and Yerba del Diablo (Spanish: Herb of the Devil)

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