Title: Ron's secret
Ron Weasley, Severus Snape
Rating: G
Prompt: The story begins here...
Words: 415
Beta: tania_sings
Warnings: None
Summary: Ron thinks and shows he's not such an immature git after all.
A/N: Originally written for Week #41 on sortinghatdrabs. This one won and gave me my first pretty winner banner. =D I can't believe it happened with characters I'd never thought I'd write together. *squee*

Ron's secret

Have you noticed that most stories begin when they are ending? Yeah, I did. Fairy tales, for example. Just when the prince gets the princess, the story ends with a stupid "and they lived happily ever after". Nobody lives "happily ever after". You can have a happy life, yes, but there are ups and downs in it. Just like in everything. Don't tell me the prince never fought with the princess. Or that the princess never wanted to strangle her husband whenever he left his socks scattered on the floor... Okay, maybe that didn't happen, but you get the idea.

I discovered that something like that happened to me. Well, not to me...I kept living my life after the end of the War. But one person didn't. I know someone whose story begun the day their life ended. Snape died, and not even an hour later, someone (besides Dumbledore) discovered he was innocent. Harry saw his memories and realized that the evil, greasy-haired Potions Professor wasn't so bad after all.

Now, after eight years, everyone that matters knows he was a good bloke. He meant well. He made his fair share of mistakes, like we all have, but he was good. He wasn't a Death Eater. Well, he was...but just in appearance. I'm just sorry he couldn't live his life while everyone knew who he really was. And, don't tell anyone, but I regret having hated him so much during my school years.

Why am I thinking all of this you might wonder? Easy. Harry stole my idea. Okay, he didn't know I had the idea in my head, but still... Only because he is having another boy and he can use the name. Not fair! I wanted to surprise Hermione and everyone else with my maturity... Don't take me wrong. I'm thrilled to have a little girl. She's my princess, who will most definitely have that silly "happily every after" minus the socks and fights. She deserves and will have the best, of course. I'll make sure of that.

But going back to the point, I won't be able to name any of my kids 'Severus' because it'll look like I'm copying Harry. Again, even as a grown man, the sidekick is imitating the hero. Well, no. That won't happen. I'll just have to keep admiring Snape in my head, where nobody will ever know. Unless I look for a similar name...Severin? No. Severino? Nu-uh. Uhmm...Sevilen? Or maybe something like Seymour...